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How to use Affirmations to raise your Vibration

Affirmations raise your Vibration

People often ask me what I do to keep my vibration high and my energy focused. There are many parts to my spiritual practice, but one of the most simple, effective and life changing, is the use of affirmations!  At 19 years old I was faced with the consequences of unhealthy choices that were manifesting in self doubt, weight issues, lack of self esteem , poverty, self hatred and severe physical illness. I literally nearly did from my negative fear based mind set. Affirmations were the one SIMPLE step I could take to begin to turn my life around…and it worked! All of us have moments, from time to time, where we can use a little vibrational shift– and one of the best things YOU can do is AFFIRMATIONS. Not just say them.. but FEEL THEM!

An affirmation is simply a declaration that something is true. It is as easy, sometimes even easier because of the way we have been trained, to affirm the negative as it is to affirm the positive. Therefore, we must be extremely mindful of what is happening in our mind, and the beliefs, that become thoughts, that create the words, that manifest the energy of those things into our physical lives.
Some of the questions I am asked about using affirmations are:
Is there a right way to create an affirmation? The answer is yes. in the present tense.. I am .. I have…
How often should I use affirmations? It is different for everyone.. but I would always say the more the better. My suggestion.. Go through them, say them, write them and feel them at least once in the am, once in the pm and EVERY TIME YOU GO TO THE BATHROOM repeat them in your mind or out loud 🙂 Seriously, what else are you doing in there?
Should I say my affirmations in my head, write them down, repeat them out loud or record and listen to them? The answer is YES, to all! Based on your strongest spiritual attribute, one sense will be more powerful and create change quicker for you than another. Do it all 🙂
How long should I use my affirmations for? Until you truly feel it and begin to see the evidence that the vibration is shifting.
When you consistently feed your mind with uplifting, positive and insightful information, it sets you up for happiness, peace, joy and success. I know it sounds simple.. and it isn’t… it is TOUGH.. or at least it was for me.. but so was living in the negative stinking thinking head of mine. We have years and years of trained thoughts that need retraining. You can do it! You deserve to Manifest all that you truly desire and deserve!
If you love affirmations, and want to receive them everyday in your inbox, you can. I send out a daily affirmation to help you get started on the positive thought track.. Click here to sign up and receive a daily affirmation from ME:) – Enjoy SDJ♥
PS: I’d love to hear how you use affirmations in your life OR how you are going to start? Please comment below and share this blog if you feel guided:)

7 thoughts on “How to use Affirmations to raise your Vibration”

  1. Sunny,
    Thank you always for all you give in service to your fellow human race. I love these affirmations and will add to my own.

  2. I love receiving your daily affirmations, I’m not practicing as often as I should. Today I’m going to start writing affirmations on cards, and reading them daily, and adding to them daily. Going to start Now ! Thank you Sunny for all the help you give Blessing to you

  3. I still clearly need work but am well aware of the areas I need more work in thanks to you and your teachings. I love your direct no B**S*** approach to the negatives that hold us all back and love your daily affirmations.I have learned so much and continue my journey with help of your Guidance Understanding Knowledge and The Archangel teachings. Thank you so much for being so real<3 I adore you.

  4. Sunny, your daily affirmations have inspired me each & every day with a great deal of feeling in the vibration change…it’s such a wonderful feeling! In mentally absorbing them I am able to pass them on to others as I feel the need in moving things along in a positive way. Thank you Sunny for all that you do!

  5. Thank you, Sunny. Your daily affirmations have helped me greatly to the start of my day. Love reading the ones you have here for us to see today. I also have many daily affirmations I start first thing in the morning that I have in two very special books by my bedside. Got them long ago, and what life changers they were for me, as my life truly changed into a happier one. Yes, every time we take a moment out of our day to affirm that which we truly desire to fulfill our life’s purpose, the stronger we become in following through on our yellow brick road to happiness. After all, the Good Witch from the Wizard Of Oz told Dorothy, You Had The Power All Along, My Dear. Just like you are telling us today, Sunny. Time to click my heels and get going on doing my best today.

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