How Do You Let Go of the Head Chatter?

Head chatter
It’s a problem we all have from time to time … right?
Can’t get to sleep because of it …
Can’t concentrate at work …
Most importantly … it causes you to not be present in your life … would you agree?
I have a very busy head. I am a thinker by nature. I am also an Aries … put the two together, and I really get the head chatter thing.
And …
I have found a way that works for me to give it a voice and release it … for the most part 🙂
What I do every morning as part of my spiritual meditation practice (and sometimes I do it the night before too, especially if I have something big on my mind) is I actually write a list of all of the things that I am thinking about … to get it out of my head.
I have one of those big sticky notes that I put on my desk and I have one beside my bed, as well as notebooks everywhere … so depending on if it is just a few things or a lot, I am ready.
I write down the things that I want to get done … the things  I need to get done … and the things that I am thinking about.
I don’t put them in any particular order, but when I read thru them, I do them in the order that I feel the most pulled to. I do the things on my lists based on how they feel to me, if that makes sense. Not how they “should” be done, but how my spirit guides me. So that way I’m listening to my guidance, my intuition and my heart.
I’ve noticed for myself that being overwhelmed is a waste of time. There are always things to do …
And … if we get it out of our head and onto paper then we can move the energy … and quite possibly get a good night’s sleep and/or feel more organized and focused throughout our day.
So you want to get to a place to recognize when you are spinning … when that head chatter is really activated. Don’t sabotage yourself by ignoring it.
When you don’t put it on physical paper, right in front of you, because “You don’t want to see it” … it’s like telling the Universe … I’m just going to spin instead.
The truth is, it is a much kinder choice to yourself and others … to pull it out of that head of yours … then you don’t have to spend all that energy spinning out.
Do you have a practice to get rid of your head chatter? Other than just covering your ears and screaming? Please share below:)
~Sunny Dawn Johnston

4 thoughts on “How Do You Let Go of the Head Chatter?”

  1. We have a lot in common Robin….thanks for the tips on being in the present moment. And Sunny, as usual you have amazing insight and solutions.
    Since I’ve started this journey I’ve come a long way but have many miles to go of course. Prayer, meditation and lists are my go to’s….when I can remember to look at the lists and remember to meditate, lol! My issue is memory but for the most part, my past is where it belongs…in the past. Finally! Feeling judged and lack are my weaknesses. Again, thank you for everything ❤️

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      We are so glad to hear that as we move along on our journeys it speaks to you and offers you the support you need as well!! Thank you for sharing and we look forward to learning and growing with you!!

  2. The thoughts I have held in my head for the majority of my life have been ones of fear, judgment, criticism and lack! In order to quiet the demons in my head I would look for ways to escape from my thoughts, feelings and emotions by using food, drugs, judgement and comparisons of others, anger and the list goes on!!! Today… I am learning to stay PRESENT and be mindful of the thoughts I allow into my space! Because I can be in my head sooo much and my thoughts can create visions sometimes that aren’t the best for me to explode and for the most part not even true… I use this little technique of focusing on something that is tangible right in front of me to bring me back into the moment. It can be anything!!! The lunch plate that i just ate from… the coldness of the ice in my cup as I put my hands around it… putting my feet in the cool pool water… anything that can pull me back into the present moment!! Once I am back in the present moment I take a couple of nice deep breathes as I gently close my eyes and remember that the past no longer exists and the future is mine to create… I ask the question… am I wanting to move from a place of love, peace and joy… or from fear, anger and judgement? It is in those few moments of time I can see, feel and acknowledge where I want to go and to begin to create from there! Some days I am better at it than others but the important part is I am willing to try and I can truly see the change!! Thank you for giving me a place to share as I love and support myself and to offer that same love and support to others!! Namaste’

  3. At the moment I’m screaming and covering my ears. This could not have come at a better moment. In the past especially at work I always made to do lists. It always made me feel better to cross things off. I felt as though I accomplished something. I never really considered doing that with the small day to day stuff. I feel it would help right now with all the overwhelment I feel. So, first things first: Make a to do list!! And know it’s perfectly okay if I don’t get it all done today. I can add it to tomorrow’s list.

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