"How can you add value to other people's lives?"

I want to ask you a question. A question I ask myself a lot:
“How can you add value to other people’s lives?”
This one question has the ability to guide me in everything that I do. Because if I’m not adding value to other people’s lives then I’m not being of service in the way that I feel guided within to be.
Adding value to someone else’s life takes me beyond myself to selflessness. Not selflessness in a way of not caring about myself, but more about having great concern for humanity in general. Which then allows me to truly do what I am guided to do, with an inner knowing that my purpose is being served… This always feels good and right and true to me.
Adding value can mean a whole variety of things, as we all know …
from a smile that can uplift someone’s day,
to a conversation that allows one to see their own refection,
to a listening ear that can heal a heart,
from a new product that can support someone from a distance,
to a healing space that makes someone feel safe,
from a hug when someone feels unlovable,
to a book or cd that can inspire millions.
So, I am asking you to ask yourself today… and share with me below…
“How can you add value to other people’s lives today?”

2 thoughts on “"How can you add value to other people's lives?"”

  1. I smile and greet everyone I meet on the street whether I know them or not just so they know that someone noticed them today

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