Here are the Message time cards that were chosen for you! - Sunny Dawn Johnston

Here are the Message time cards that were chosen for you!

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A few hours ago, I offered you the opportunity to Pick a card out of my basket:)

Here are the cards that were chosen for you:) In order, 1-5. Please share how it fit for you in the comments below- SDJ♥  PS: If you enjoyed this sign up to receive my emails and free goodies here

Card #1

Card #2

Card #3

Card #4

Card #5

PS:  I’d love to hear in the comments below how this card fit for you? Please share in the comments below.. SDJ♥


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11 thoughts on “Here are the Message time cards that were chosen for you!”

  1. the healing card is very true for me. I am just surfacing after 6 years of major loss and change. I am finally ok. . . . .The money is important too, my life savings was stolen and I have had to start completely over. Thank you for these reminders that feed our mind/heart/soul to stay anchored in the good and truth! I am starting a new career. I am seeking and know it is for me to move back to NorCal.

  2. Well sure is a great message for me as I have been painting my suite and cleaning for winter my suite, and I didn’t stop to rest ,the way I should have. I felt so tired at the end of the week, and in study too ,I am taking heed now and resting. thank you very much for the cards, Angel blessings!!

  3. Thank you for the chosen cards, it fits me perfectly. I can feel myself everyday healing inside and I do so much meditation breathing, getting out in the sun. I think my spirituality has grown so much. Thank you and Love and Light to you.

  4. I have been questioning whether being a psychic medium was the best way for me to serve at this time. Your card gave me the answer that I was looking for. I worked with “In-Home Hospice” programs in Flagstaff, AZ for quite some time. When I moved to southern AZ and was able to relax, spirit lined up asking me to give messages to their loved ones.
    At that time from shear exhaustion, I said, “No.”
    I believe now is the time to continue serving in this manner.
    Thank you for the reading, which is significant to any future experiences that I may have in this field.

  5. Renee aydelotte

    I have a habit of pushing myself to the point where my neck can barely hold up my stubborn head… however, lately my Source hasn’t been putting up with my shenanigans and I’ve been unable to resist much-needed Z’sssss 🙂

  6. Well, it fit me perfectly. I recently returned from a 2 week trip to Europe and have been on the go since before I got back… I needed to be reminded that REST is what my body and mind need to recover from such a trip and just in daily life itself. Thank you for the reading… it is greatly appreciated! <3

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