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Happy Halloween, Hallows Eve, Samhain or Tuesday!

Today is 10/31! Halloween! It is referred to by many different names such as Hallows Eve and Samhain.  But, today, October 31st is a Holiday for many. Whether it is a time to dress up in costumes and go trick or treating, a time to honor the souls of our deceased loved ones, or a time to acknowledge the end of the harvest and the beginning of winter … it is a day of celebration in many households. And, maybe it is just Tuesday for you … which is ok too. We can celebrate a Tuesday also 😉
When I was growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah, we dressed up. I wasn’t allowed to dress up into anything gory or bloody, which was just fine for me as I’ve always stayed away from things that felt heavy or dark to my spirit. I was also never really that BIG into Halloween. It was something we did, I liked the candy afterwards, but it wasn’t ever that big of a deal to me. My brother, on the other hand … man!!! He love, loved and still loves Halloween. It is his favorite holiday. He has won several Halloween contests for his creativity. He is in pure joy creating and dressing up in his costumes … and man does he come up with some great ones 🙂
Anyway …
I was going to write about the connection we have with our deceased loved ones … how this is really a spiritual time, and not a scary time, as the media and society has often portrayed it. As a matter of fact, I am often asked to be a guest on many television shows during this time of year … simply to play off of the idea that “being a psychic is spooky or devilish”. They are looking, generally, for pure entertainment instead of wanting to hear that these are natural gifts that everyone has – which of course is always my message.
So, I decided to bag that idea … I wanted to bring in the spirit of fun … So, instead … I am going to share some pictures from my “Halloween Family Album.” Pictures of mostly my brother, me, my hubby and the rest of my family … all dressed up throughout the years. So, you’ll get a little insight into the crazy fun world I live in with all these boys surrounding me 🙂
If you care to share yours, I’d love to see some of your great pics. Please post them in the comments on Facebook 🙂 That would be awesome and fun to see some of your personal family Halloween pics 🙂
PS: If you care to read all about the origin of Halloween, Hallows Eve and more, go here:
Enjoy your day and evening my friends 🙂 Love & Light – SDJ♥

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