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I don’t have a lot to say today… except..
I am grateful and appreciate today for so many reasons. I wake up with a full heart most days, but today it is overflowing…
Why is today any different?
Well, maybe it’s because I spent a few hours with friends and family celebrating my oldest sons birthday…
Maybe it’s because I got to participate in a Authors success conference and share some of the tings that worked for me – I always love supporting people in their dreams….
Maybe it’s because I had a Friday night all to myself where I did a little work, read a little and went to bed early…
Maybe it’s because I was invited to spend a few hours with my older son Crew, just he and I – I LOVE that tome together and as they grow it gets fewer and farther between…
Maybe it’s because I could feel a shift in awareness for the world after the Bruce Jenner interview…and such freedom for her…
Maybe it’s because I had a beautiful, intellectual, deep and honest conversation with my 17 year old son – which touched my heart…
Maybe it’s because my husband spent the day together cooking food for my sons celebration, talking about  days gone by and enjoying the joyful memories of the past…
Maybe it’s because I got to spend some time with my publisher and his sweet wife, sharing a part of my world with them….
Maybe it’s because I am healthy, happy and vibrant…
Maybe it’s because it was cloudy and cool and different weather than we are use to….
Maybe it’s because I read about the earthquake in Nepal and sent love and healing to them all and in turn deep gratitude for our safety…
Maybe it’s because my business is growing and expanding in new and fun ways…
Maybe it’s because I am optimistic at heart….
But I think what it is…
Is that everyday, great things are happening, if you look for them.. and this morning I woke up, as I do many mornings… looking for them. The difference was I took a little more time to feel them too… To feel my gratitude… Try it out.. you might like it:)
What are you grateful for today? Please share in the comments below. There is always something to be grateful for….
– Love Sunny Dawn Johnston

7 thoughts on “Grateful???”

  1. I am also grateful to be alive, in health and good frame of mind. And for my beautiful wife; recently relocated and things are turning out fine; for my brother’s wedding last weekend; for my blog growth “naijaoptions” and for this article …for the REMINDER to ponder why I am grateful. Thanks.

  2. I am grateful that due to technology I am able to connect with you again Sunny, from Fl. I took a class from you at a book store in AZ. The class was about angels and archangels. I am so glad to see all the ways that you have branched out and grown! (or maybe, I didn’t know that you had all these gifts!) Amazing what 12 years can do!!??

  3. Linda Lee Nelson

    I am also grateful, for things are turning out GREAT for myself, my family, my friends, and I send out prayers of gratitude so others may also experience the great things in life. Thank you for helping me see, hear, and feel what our Spirits are revealing to us.

  4. Grateful for our friendship. Through the miles and your grateful heart
    I’m feing tired today after travels to beautiful Tusvon for a sisters lovely wedding in the Mtns which was so inspiring.especially since they found each other in mid life!
    Grateful for my growing work in spiritual direction/life coaching and teaching, and grateful

  5. Last night I had a lovely dinner with my daughter and son, celebrating his 23rd birthday. I feel so blessed to be in such beautiful, loving company!

  6. I start every day writing in my journal of things I’m grateful for from the previous day. There are so many but if I had to pick just one…. I talked to my daughter Shelby on the phone for over an hour last night.

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