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Get Out of Your Own Way

Man have I been in my own way before. Like seriously just put the brakes on things that were truly good for me … no, not just good for me, necessary for me to LIVE. So many times? Can you relate?
Why? Why do we do this?
For me, I know now, hindsight being 20/20, that I didn’t feel deserving of good, of love, of ease. But then, I used other people as my excuse for why I couldn’t do something. My boyfriend, my dad, my baby, anything and everything. They were all excuses to keep me stuck in what I thought I deserved … what I began to believe I deserved. Nothing šŸ™
But, one day, something shifted. I can only say that I had felt so down for so long – had been in my way for so long – that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. You know the feeling right? Well, that day I did one simple thing different.

I said something positive about myself.

It wasn’t even something I believed. I said, “I love and accept myself exactly the way that I am.” I didn’t believe it, at all. I actually thought it was bullshit, but, I did it … 100 times that day … and the next … and the next … and the next … And then I added another one: “I am open to receive” … and then another.

It seems simple … sounds easy right? Or maybe not. It wasn’t. It was hard and it was painful and it was soooo important. It was the step that took me out of the depths of the hell I had lived in and created, myself. It was the first step on the road of getting out of my own way. Try it, it makes a difference. You wouldn’t recognize me if you knew me as the person I was 25 years ago. Not that I was bad, I just wasn’t me.
What is or was your first step to change your life? Iā€™d love to hear what you did or are doing now to get out of your own way too. Please share below ā€“ SDJ
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4 thoughts on “Get Out of Your Own Way”

  1. So very true, as I see more clearly what is going on with myself right now. Thank you, Sunny. I find myself saying positive affirmations, but later I find myself thinking negative thoughts about myself, and that brings me down. Dumb hurtful head….instead….time to listen to my helpful heart! Yes, I do believe I AM able to accomplish my life’s purpose! Perfect for today, as always, my dear Sunny!

  2. Lately I have been remembering the days when I would say negative things to myself, as well. The, no, you can’t do that, don’t say that, you can’t do that. As I have gained confidence and awareness, I have been able to stop the negative voices and just live in the moment. Having fun, showing love, and accepting happiness. Understanding the difference between what is in my head and what is in my heart, what I truly feel. Many psychologists are now using positive affirmations for their patients instead of prescription drugs and I think that is fantastic! Thanks Sunny for all you do and being you!

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