Friends of Tim Nolan – Please watch and read…

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The weekend Tim and I met – Hospice Training

My dear friend Tim Nolan is getting ready to go home.. For as long as I have known him, he has wanted to go home… He’s tried many times.. he’s luckier than a cat with 9 lives.. I told him today.. his angels are exhausted. He has had them working overtime most of his life… Tim has always been intrigued by Spirit, for as long as I have known him… a wise man in a bikers body, helping so many people through the journey of transition via hospice volunteer work. An amazing soul. Today, I want to help him.
If you know Tim, in any way, please share a few words here about the man that he is, the being that he was to you and or what you learned and/or experienced because of him. Maybe share a short story about him – there;s gotta be some good ones as Tim is a character 😉  I believe this will help him to let go with grace and ease.
Robin and I visiting with Tim today 1/8/2016

I so appreciate your support as we experience another of our Sunlight Community members moving forward in their new journey – Blessings and LOVE – SDJ

UPDATE: Tim graduated (went home) at approximately 1 am on 1/9/16. His beloved wife Teri read these beautiful messages of love to him, and soon after he released his body – Fly high with the Angels my friend – SDJ

Please share your comments and Love for Tim in the blog below. I’ve asked his amazing wife Teri to share these messages with him so that he can hear them NOW, while he is HERE in physical form. In appreciation and gratitude  – SDJ
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29 thoughts on “Friends of Tim Nolan – Please watch and read…”

  1. Tim,
    Although we have not met here on Earth, I’d like to thank you for your unselfish service to others. From the sounds of it, you have more than earned your wings and your peaceful journey home. My heatfelt thoughts and Prayers go out to both you and your wife. God Bless you both. ✨

  2. Janice Smith Klingler

    Thank you Tim for your love and devotion to your hospice patients and everyone you touched and inspired. Including me!. It is because of you I know about spiritualism and meditation. Ever since your first meditation you did at our volunteer meeting through Hospice of Arizona, I was intrigued and drawn in to learn more. Your soothing voice completely drew me in to really picture what you were saying and describing. You were so dedicated and beyond compassionate to all our patients. I am so glad I was your volunteer coordinator and had the pleasure to work with you and know you better. Thank you for all your inspirational emails, videos and Facebook posts to continue to teach all of us and continue to spread peace into this world. You are such a gentle kind loving soul. I am beyond blessed to have met you and know you my friend. Sending you love peace and comfort in your transition.

  3. Uncle Tim! I loved you more then words! & I know you loved me to… you were my favorite! Lol… you always new exactly what to say when I was having a ruff time! I’m really going to miss you! Say hi to my daddy for me! See you later! Love you uncle Tim!!!!

  4. Gwyn Powell Bowen

    I met Tim over 20 years ago. He has always been a gentle giant or a big teddy bear (what great hugs). We met looking for GOLD we found some of that but we found so much more. We found a great friend and family. I loved watching Tim grow his spirit, it was a joy to see. He started taking classes with Frank B (Baronowski not sure of the spelling) He got me to a couple of his classes also. He then started his Rikki classes (again not sure of the spelling), and he became a Rikki Master. I remember my husband and I getting him a table so he could work at home and his pipe. Tim you have been a great friend & teacher with everything that you have done the last 20 years. You will be missed on this side. You & yours will always be part of our family. I know you have waited along time for this, so have a great trip home. I know you will get to meet up with many old friends and family that are waiting for you on the other side. Enjoy a trip with Max on a motorcycle, and if you go out camping over there DO NOT talk to the bull like you did when you, Teri, Greg and I want camping looking for GOLD, he did not like what you had to say (what fun we had). Tim, Teri & the rest of your family – I send my love and all the blue light I can to help you all at this time.
    Love to you all

  5. I met Tim in one of Sunny’s classes many, many, many years ago. Yes the big scary biker dude were my first thoughts … (a big lesson learned about judgment) He quickly became the big teddy bear man and I LOVED and looked ever so forward to his hugs every week! In one class, we were to listen for a small message and write it down…later we were to take that note to the person we felt guided to. His note was for me. “tell her to stop feeling so lonely…We are here! (guides)” That note touched my sole. I have kept this message on my fridg all these years and have cherished it with all my heart. I will now frame this little piece of treasure to ensure it lasts forever. It will be moved to a very special space in my home Tim, you will always be in my heart. I have been honored and blessed to know you! Thank you dear sweet Tim,.. I have no doubt that your new journey will be filled with love and adventure. <3 <3 <3 Laurie

  6. I am not good at this type of thing, but here we go. I met Tim around 1980. Not sure how or where anymore. When Bob died in 1981 and Bryan and I were 2000 miles away, Tim and others stepped in and took care of things even though they only knew him less than a year. With a heart as big as he is, it proves you can’t judge a person by their looks. You gave more than you took in life, and not everyone can say that. You have showed others how to live and how to move to the next stage with strength and dignity. I truly believe that those who go before us will be there to show the rest of us the way. And I am sure you will be at the front of the line in that regard. Godspeed Tim. I do hope we will all ride again.
    Randy Dreyer

  7. Whilst I have not met you in person Tim, I am touched by all the work you have done over the years for others. People like you are precious and the effects of what have achieved will live on in the hearts and souls of those you have helped here on earth and in spirit.
    Much love
    From the UK xxx

  8. Have a Great Journey…Give Wayne and Max a Big old hug for me.
    Love you Always
    Your old Friend

  9. Tim is who first introduced me to you, Sunny! He brought me to one of your Q&A sessions a few years back (ok, more like 7 years ago). It has been a few years since I have spoken to Tim and/or his family, yet they’ve always held an important spot in my heart. Tim came into my life at one of my most desperate times. I felt like I was losing myself – my sanity, my confidence, my self-worth. While he knows what brought our lives together, I never shared with him how grateful I am. Without going into specifics here, I want to thank Tim for playing a pivotal role in turning around my life and that of my loved ones. I am especially appreciative that you accepted me and my daughter into your life as if we were your own. In addition, you opened my eyes to the spiritual world. The light and clarity you’ve shown have allowed me to do some much needed soul-searching/mending. I love your real, no bullsh*t approach! As I continue to grow, I am sharing the lessons with those around me – and it all started with you as my teacher!
    Tim, because of you, I am a better person and am thankful beyond words. Much love to you, Teri, and the rest of your family.
    Peace and Love always,
    Tina & Kaylee

    1. Sorry just wanted to say how sweet and how he welcomed me and treated me like family and will always remember him for that

  10. Tim, I watched a video you did talking about your time with hospice and your personal journey. I was very rocked by your caring honest words. Blessings to you on your final journey home ❤ Love Tamie

  11. Tim, I only knew through Facebook but your videos & wisdom inspired me. I looked forward to hearing & reading your insight. You are an amazing soul & touched many lives through your love. Have a great journey home. Until we reunite – much love & gratitude – Tara

  12. Staci Darnell Valverde

    Tim is like a father figure to me, even when my own dad wasn’t able to be there. Both he and Teri treated my mom and I like family. Tim, I love you and thank you for all you have done for me and my family. Please give Max and my dad all my love.
    Love you,
    Staci Darnell Valverde

  13. I met Tim years ago at one of Sunnys classes, it may have been a trusting your intuition or something like that. I remember listening to Tims stories and his insights, and his amazing life lessons. At one point on the class we had to pair up and hold something the other person had and tap into our intuition and let that person know what message we received. I was so nervous, I just met Tim and I felt he was way more intuitive then myself. We started talking and I just felt at ease, I just told him whatever came to me, and it just felt natural. From that point on I just admired his soul and what comfort he gave to me. There are certain people you meet and you aren’t sure why but you feel a spiritual connection to an admiration to them. I have followed Tim on fb and received his emails and just feel blessed I got the opportunity to meet him. Tim, thank you for sharing your gifts of truth and honesty and insight. In whatever lifetime we met before in whatever lifetime we meet again, and in this one, thank you so much for all you’ve shared. You touched my life and I’m sure you have touched many. I know you will transition wrapped in the arms of the Angels. With all my love and light I wish you peace:)

  14. He is my great uncle him and my dad were close in age and they were close growing up till life had them part ways as getting older and living in different states I meet him a couple times growing up then came the time I found out his panhead was for sale and I said I’ll take it lol so me and my brother drove from pa out to Phoenix to spend the week and we stayed with Tim and Terry was the best time I ever had I wish I would of gotten to spend a lot more time with him we talked a lot over the Internet all the stories iv heard I wish I would of gotten to grow up with them my dad his nephew passed back in June and I hope they can reunite on the other side and be my angels lol I learned a lot from Tim in just a week iv been in some bad motorcycle accidents and he helped me with guidence and spirit peace we r loosing a amazing soul.

  15. Tim, I met you once a very long time ago but we have been facebook friends for some time now but I feel like I have been friends for a lifetime. I always enjoy your inspiring words and you sense of humor. I do very much enjoy you and want to thank you for your love and kindness. You are a truly lovely man… xo sending you big hugs and lots of love.. see you on the other side my friend!!! xxxooo

  16. I will never forget the day i met Tim and Teri at World Angel Day, my first Sunlight event…brand new at all things metaphysical. There was an instant connection i felt with them and he had the kindest most gentle spirit, a gentle giant. Poor Tim trying to explain orbs to a fascinated newbie ; ) i had all sorts of questions i wanted answers to but we ran out of time as the day ended. Tim, i love your spirit…i love your openness, kindness, compassion, passion for life and helping others like you have. If I could be one tenth of the beautiful soul that you are, i would be a happy gal. I wish we had been able to spend time together so you could school me on life and the other side. Perhaps YOU will help show me the way, i would be so honored to have you walk by my side. All my live to you and Teri!

  17. He’s such a kind and uplifting, warm, positive being. I remember watching his YouTube video about a year ago and it seemed he was getting ready to go home.. Only to see him still active to this time! His strength and survival has taught me how powerful the mind-body-spirit connection truly is, and to never take the doctors word as the ultimate truth as he has proven them wrong a million times! As I’m typing this I see a pink aura. I know it’s his love. Oh, and his photo skills capturing orbs is nothing short of amazing. I’m going to try to continue that and allow him to guide me in attaining that skill as I find it so fun. Thank you Tim for being YOU. You’ve got so much love flowing from you and to you. Have a kick ass time on the other side!!!!

  18. I met Tim many years ago in Sunnys old studio. He always sat by the door up front and I sat across from him. Tim seemed like a gentle giant to me .I was a little nervous in class and he always mad me feel more relaxed with his kind spirit He was never afraid to use the F word haha Thanks for the great memories Tim

  19. I dont know you Tim but want to thank you for your service in Hospice- that service has helped our family when my grandpa died and so much this last year when my mother in law crossed over- and that is a gift to do that work in that way for so many people- so I thank you for that service and wish you a peaceful and beautiful passing and strength and love to your family members that will catch up with you down the road- I have a feeling you and Sunny are just getting started! Much love

  20. One of my dearest friends works with hospice and I so appreciate the gift of compassion, caring, and strength you gave to those you served. Angelic blessings to you as you look forward to going home. Gratitude.

  21. Tim was one of the first fellow students I met when I started attending classes at Sunny’s studio. He was very helpful and assuring about what I was seeing and feeling in her classes. I have always enjoyed his “hugs” when I met him thru the years. Love to him and his family as he moves to the next adventure.

  22. Dear Tim,,,,, Never met you officially, but based on what Sunny has shared about you …. you have been ONE GREAT ANGEL SOUL helping people all these years… THANK YOU so much man… Having lost a life love of mine in Nov… i know how important and how much of a blessing it is to have someone such as yourself to BE THERE for people to comfort & love. You’ve given so much…. and though many people may not have necessarily shared how much they appreciate you… YOU ARE LOVED……. You’ve BEEN A LOVING SOUL that we all need to have met…. I BLESS YOU & release you PEACEFULLY with love, man….. PEACE & enjoy the freedom…. You ARE GREAT ! ! !

  23. Though I did not have the honor of meeting Tim in this Lifetime, I’m sure we know each other in Spirit – as we all do 🙂 I would like to Thank Tim and all Hospice Volunteers for your selfless, Light-Filled work helping our physical BE-ing transition to Spirit for our Journey Home <3 Much Love, Light, & Peace abound for You & Yours }i{

  24. Sending Tim so much love& light you have so much strength from what I read may the angels guide you on your journey thank you

  25. Wishing Tim a wonderful journey “home.” His life review will include many thankful people, due to his service here for others. God bless him and his family, this day and always. Thank you for sharing Tim’s story, Sunny. Sending pink heart-shaped pillows for him to cuddle against during his transition.

  26. I do not know Tim but i was inspired reading about Tim..What a beautiful soul..sending peace and love to you and your family.

  27. I don’t know Tim, but as a Hospice patient volunteer myself I would like to thank Tim for his work here on earth. Tim, know that you are LOVED and many blessings to you Teri.

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