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Please note, I am offering my time because I was guided to. I will not be answering everyone’s question. My angels and guides will guide me to the questions that are for everyone’s highest good. Thank you for understanding and honoring this request in advance. Also, please do not message me via facebook or email me for more information.
Again, you must ask your question on this blog, in the comments below:)
Thanks and I’ll see you this evening:) ~ Sunny Dawn Johnston

109 thoughts on “FREE Mini READING Tuesday with Sunny – Ask a question on my blog!”

  1. my mother pass away on June 08 2014 three days after my birthday what bothers me I could not say my last goodbye to her for various reasons does she votive me for this her name is Rachel. thank you!

    1. Hi Sunny! My Mother passed two years ago. I am wondering if she would come through to you to say anything. I miss her so much and her passing was very sudden. Thank you

  2. Hi Sunny! I was told in a recent reading that I would be getting another position soon and it would include a promotion. I didn’t think to ask at the time if it was for the company I am currently working for, or if it is another place altogether and/or if it is still at Ft Knox… any clarification would be helpful! Thanks. 🙂

  3. Hi sunny—I’ve been looking at homes in Arizona, will I be moving there some day??? Thanks deb☀️

  4. Will I meet the man I will spend the rest of my life with/marry anytime soon? I’ve been single since 2000. It’s unreal. I don’t want to sound like a downer, but really, it’s 15 years now…thanks in advance…

  5. I don’t have a question, I was just wondering if you could tell my husband, Derek, in heaven that I love him. I never got to say goodbye. Bless

  6. Hi Sunny, my relationship with my husband of 16 yrs has been rocky the last 5 or so…things have been better lately but I fear things will slip back to where they were…I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Do you think we’re on stable ground now?? Thank you

  7. I don’t have a question. I just want my husband in heaven to know that I love him. If you can relay that to him, I would be forever grateful. I never got to say goodbye. Bless.

  8. Will I ever have another child with Derek? We have one child now and I was wondering if we’ll ever have another? Thanks

  9. Hi Sunny, I would like to know if I have any messages from any loved ones or my spirit guides Thank you

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      I hear very clearly.. Be string Rosie.. Listen to them… you KNOW what to do… Get back to basics.. Big man, big energy.. LOVES
      you dearly <3

  10. I would like to know if Lon and I will get back with each other again and will our love be much stronger this time around? Thank You.

  11. I asked my angels for help on the drive home today, took a nap and when I woke for some reason this was the place I went. What do you see for me, health, career, love?

  12. Hi Sunny, my angels have guided me to a whole new life, moving to another city and leaving a “safe” 9 to 5 job to live my purpose and basically channel messages from them to people and with this plant a seed in their hearts to start healing. My ego bothers me so much and have me believe I cannot do it although I know I can but I think I am procrastinating now. Any advice? Thank you

  13. How does one decrease emotional super sensitivity? Or at least learn to not allow a super sensitive reaction to what is matter of fact to the masses. There always seems to be a thought of this nature in my mind at all times that distresses me even when a high majority of the people and events in my life are great.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      the best advice I can give you here is to learn to maintain your own energy so that you don’t take on the energy of others. I ask Archangel Michael to surround me.. Whatever you do, it needs to be consistent:)

  14. Hi Sunny! Since our move and with a busy summer, my son’s anxiety is back on high. Any suggestions from the spirit world on how to bring him comfort? We have been Envoking Michael as well as the other angels. What else can I do to make him feel safe?

  15. Hi Sunny, I have a 21 year old son who needs guidance and support for a mistake he made . Will he have a happy life? Will this catastrophe blow over or will it haunt him the rest of his life?
    I pray your angels will guide you to answer, as our family is very distressed and needs lots of support.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      He is blessed to have some support. HE needs it. I feel that he needs outside help as well. Please make sure that he too reaches out to some type of consistent practice of relaxation and self love. it feels as though it is important for him to knwo this doesn’t define who he is… it is something he did… please help him get some real help.. if he doesn’t resonate with the person, it won;t work.

    2. I totally understand as my son had a problem when he was 19. He’s now 25 but his mistake still haunts him. Lucky thing was no one else was involved. He’s figuring life out with a few hiccups along the way. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  16. Brenda Descoteau

    I want to move to Texas, to be with my daughter and grandkids. My husband refuses to move. Will he come around or should I move without him?

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      its a deep heart guided move for you…. i hear to listen to your intuition. it is right on.

  17. Hi Sunny, my name is Ellen and I’m 56. I’ve been alone for a very long time, which had been very good for me! But quite frankly I’m tired and lonely. Any chance I’ll meet someone anytime soon?
    Thank you

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      funny.. i just heard… they can;t find you… where can someone go to meet you..and are you open and approachable? Within two years… sooner if you get on it:)

  18. Once you get past the grief of losing a spouse, is it truly possible to love and trust someone new or do women always feel guilty, like they’re cheating?

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      It is common the feel that feeling… until you heal completely.. Opening your heart, and trusting the process is helpful. Many of my clients have found that their deceased spouses actually bring them, through guidance, their new partners and that relieves the guilt… I hope that helps.

  19. Hi Sunny. I have a certain man I know that I rarely see but some how it feels like I’m going to marry him. Sometimes we go weeks without seeing each other. I really care for him but I’m willing to leave it all alone if I am wrong. Is there anything in the future for me and him? I just don’t know how it’s going to work. What do I do? T

      1. Traveling to Ireland to find the Fairies and the beauty if the island. Then on to Switzerland to watch the birth of my first grandchild, it’s a girl! So hoping she will be born on August 11 as this was my mothers birthday, she would have been so pleased if that happens. Thank you thank you thank you for responding. You have a beautiful soul, watched you last year in Arizona at celebrate your life. What wonderful gifts you have!

  20. Thank you for what your do for everyone Sunny. You are truly a blessing. Do you see me changing jobs soon or maybe getting a promotion in my current one?

  21. I have uncovered an environment issue locally and feel that spirit is telling me I need to do something about it. I’m not sure where to start but know I need to. I’m hoping you can help.

  22. We are moving back to Arizona in August. Do you get that our House here in Michigan will sell before we leave?

  23. Sunny ☀️ My amazing son and only child has crossed over. I have no children now or grandchildren. The life I treasured is over. He was my Sunshine. ☀️ Do you have a message for me from him or about my future today? Peace.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      Oh sweetie.. sending you sooo much love. He is visiting with you… in the car.. you notice him out of the corner of your eye.. think it is your mirror or something.. it is him.. He is with you.. I hear he had more to do, the mission was complete here… he loves you to the moon… and will see you there.. but no time soon. You have work to do here in his honor. volunteer of some sort or donating your time or money. something in his name.
      allow yourself to receive support. you have never been good at it he tells me.. and its one lesson you can learn thru this all… he also tells me to tall you not to put up the walls… it keeps the good out too. I hear the rainbow connection as well.. a sign for you from him.

  24. Hi, Sunny! My husband and I are talking about retirement in the near future…any insights as to where we should go (if anywhere else)?

  25. Hi Sunny
    I have been told a few times I am intuitive and have “healing hands”. A part of me believes this to be true but part of me is skeptical (not sure the source was credible). Do you have a sense if this is true and if so any advice on how to grow this gift to help others?

  26. Dear Sunny. With the help of God and Archangel Michael, I’m working my way through spiritual awakening and the wonderous gifts and psychic abilities that have been bestowed. Is it time to take my curiousity and wonder to the next level? Should I actively seek a teacher, a guide now or wait…

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      Absolutely.. you are ready for the next step.. listen to your intuition and watch for the signs from your angels and guides…you will guided you to the who!!

  27. I am feeling drawn to starting a organization to help people meet there needs and then for them to pay it forward. Do I have a spirit guide/angel that I can call by name in prayer to help me with this work? Thank you. I enjoyed seeing you at the Celebrate your Life this weekend.

  28. Hi Sunny! i have been on and off with a man since 2008. We both still call each other the love of our lives. Will we ever be together and stay there? We can’t seem to part ways and yet we aren’t together either. He is in my dreams constantly, even when I’m doing pretty good just living my life, and then sure enough he comes back in after the dreams. I appreciate anything you may have about this. Thank you!! ❤️

  29. Sunny should I be using my intuitive healing abilities as a business or something else? It’s time I get moving on something and have no clear vision for myself (others no problem).

  30. I’m working a corporate America full time 8-5pm job, a part-time relationship marketing business & part-time spiritual practice. When will the 2 part-time businesses match/exceed my full-time job income so that I can financially release the full-time job? Thank you Sunny!

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      stick it out… for no more than 2 months . but, there are some things to learn there so you dont miss the lesson and bring it into the next job.. Ask yourself, what am i learning
      about myself… and once you have learned it, ti is time.

  31. Hi Sunny, after another ‘thanks but no thanks’ email I’m feeling really defeated. Laying on our bed staring at the ceiling with silent tears. I’m trying so hard to stay positive and to only apply to places that I feel I would love and enjoy. I deserve it finally. I don’t want to go back to applying at any and all places just because I need a job. Any advice on why I’m not being hired? :'(

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      you have more fear about repeating the same pattern than you do excitement about the possibilities. too much energy stuck in the past around work experiences… move it to present moment, affirm your desires, listen to your guidance, take a step out… and BE what you desire to DO:)

      1. Makes perfect sense to me! I love that you said to move it to the present moment. That is totally doable and silly enough I hadn’t thought of that 🙂 Thanks so much Sunny! I can do this!

  32. Hi Sunny,
    I’ve been trying to learn more about who my guardian Angels and spirit guides are, I was told to ask them and to expect an answer most likely in a dream. So far the only dream that keeps resonating with me is of seeing a former co-worker. When she hugged me she didn’t look like herself anymore and was suddenly very tall (like at least 7 feet) and she wrapped her arms around me and hugged me. I sense that may have been an angel. Also the name Dan came up… Do you sense anything that may help?
    With gratitude

  33. Hi Sunny, I am trying to fix my house up to sell in Spring 2016 but I feel blocked. Am I being blocked for some reason or am I just impatient?

  34. I have a program thats going into the schools this month to teach kids about animals. The program is designed to stop the cycle of abuse through education. The date keeps getting changed by both sides due to conflicting schedules. When will the timing be settled? Thanks Sunny

  35. Hello and thank you for this opportunity Debbie a good frien of mine passed unexpectedly I feel she left and had some things to say any help would be appreciated
    Thanks again

  36. Do you see anything career wise for me? I have been having a lot of disappointment in finding work since being laid off. Don’t know what is wrong. Is anyone from the other side helping me?

  37. Sunny, I have been very depressed and unhappy for the last year or so. I have tried therapy but it doesn’t seem to help. I just don’t seem to care about anything anymore. I rarely leave the house. I need your guidance. Thank you.

  38. I’ve been feeling drawn to move to a sunnier location as it would be highly beneficial for my health. Tired of losing energy, time and momentum due to S.A.D. Wondering if the angels might be able to advise me on the best timing for this move and/or the best location.

  39. Thank you for doing this Sunny! What does Spirit tell you about my grandson Zachary and what is going on with him right now? I am extremely worried about some very recent events! 01/18/2005

  40. Sunny, I would like to know if my son is going to be ok. He moved in with us (his parents) 3 years ago. Since then he has gone into a deep depression and he believes he is bipolar. He knows he needs to make an appointment with a psychiatrist but is unable mentally to do it. He hasn’t worked the whole time he has been home. He is 30 years old. My heart hurts for him. Thank you.

  41. Hi Sunny..hope you’re having an awesome day. Just wondering what Spirit can tell you about Peter…he comes and goes and not sure why or if I should even remain open to a relationship with him. Thanks to you and to Spirit for all you do for all of us. Hugs

  42. Hi, Sunny~ First, I want to say what a blessing it is to have our paths meet at the Celebrate Your Life conference in Chicago this past weekend. I cannot find words to sufficiently express my gratitude for your help in finding courage and release in my “vulnerable spots”. Now that I have this, I am wondering if a move from where I currently live would be good thing for me now and, if so, to where? Thank You! Love & Blessings

  43. Sunny, I’m very worried & stressed out my husband, my adult daughter her 2 children and I have until the 30th of June to find a place & move out we haven’t had any luck on finding a place to live, is my family and I going to be okay

  44. I’m very frustrated and find I get depressed and anxious over money. I should say lack of. Can you please tell me if my situation will changing soon?
    Thanks Dixie 50

  45. Hi Sunny,
    Since the past 2 years I’m capable pf making a contact with dead persons.. I’m always a bit afraid a night..
    A medium told me that if I ear them it is because I should be able to help them.. So far, I was not able to do anything positive with that.. Do you think there is a meaning to that? Do you think I be able to live with that ability in peace?

  46. Hi sunny! I am having trouble focusing on things lately. is there something going on with me?
    thank you so much

  47. At the last retreat you told me I already know what I need to know, I just need to implement it. What is my block with starting?

  48. Renée aydelotte

    I am in a constant tug of war trying to figure out whether my friend is indeed a friend or frienemy.

  49. My husband has an interview tomorrow for a different job within his company. Do you see him getting this particular job? Thank you Sunny! XOXOXO

  50. Another Psychic told me that the children of my father (who is emotionally instable and addicted to drugs) was going to pass. I am no longer with him (the father of my children) but it is really bothering me. can you offer some insight? Fathers name is Ira Jolley Sr. Thank you for your time and work.

  51. Hi Sunny, I am wondering if my spirit guide is helping me find a romantic partner it has been a longtime since I been in a relationship

  52. Hello dear Sunny– I am in an interview process for the job of my dreams, enrolling clients into programs pioneered by a successful heart centered business. I would be having meaningful enrollment conversations with people and I am trained for it and would love it.
    I prayed to Archangel Uriel and saw a big black crow with a brilliant red beak fly by. My dad always comes to me as a crow and the red beak was Uriel, so I have a deep intuitive knowing I got this wonderful job.
    I am a nurse for three decades, have an Internet presence w radio, podcasting, authoring books, and blogging.
    I guess I am a bit jittery about it all and would love your insights into this situation!
    Thanks so much, Sunny.

  53. I do a grounding exercise,clearing exercise,and seal aAA Micheal’s blue light around me and I feel negative,Im usually not like this,any suggestions on what I can do to return my positive vibe back? Ty 😉

  54. We have had a lot of upheavals recently with our daughter, our housing & our pet pig. Sunny do you hear or feel what the outcomes on these will be. I have also been getting several movements around me and out of the corner of my eye.

  55. I would like to know if I am on the right path with my mediumship and helping others. Do my Angels have anything to say about that? Thank you and many blessings

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