FREE Mini READING Monday with Sunny - Ask a question on my blog! - Sunny Dawn Johnston

FREE Mini READING Monday with Sunny – Ask a question on my blog!

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I’ve been guided to offer some FREE readings today.
Ask your questions NOW!!!! And then…
Starting at 5pm Pacific time..
I’ll chose 10+ questions to answer right here in my blog. Ask your question in the comments below, right here in this blog… not on facebook, but in the comments section below.
share with your friends…
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and then come back after 5 to see if your question was answered.
Please note, I am offering my time because I was guided to. I will not be answering everyone’s question. My angels and guides will guide me to the questions that are for everyone’s highest good. Thank you for understanding and honoring this request in advance. Also, please do not message me via facebook or email me for more information.
Again, you must ask your question on this blog, in the comments below:)
Thanks and I’ll see you this evening:) ~ Sunny Dawn Johnston
WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!! That’s a wrap!
Thank you everyone:) I answered over 15 questions… 10 didn’t seem like enough. If you didn’t get your question answered, please read through the others.. maybe something will speak to you in their answers:) I hope you enjoyed this, if you did, let me know.. maybe I’ll do it again in a week or so… Please also, while you are here, check out my other blogs.. or even sign up to receive them in your inbox by going here:
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Have a fabulous evening my friends 🙂 – Sunny
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199 thoughts on “FREE Mini READING Monday with Sunny – Ask a question on my blog!”

  1. Do you see May 2016 as the month I change my weekly schedule or sooner (2015?) or later in 2016?
    Thank you for any answers.

    1. Hi Sunny!’-I have discovered my true passion through unexpected means. Will I be able to make a livelihood from this or will it be solely for personal pleasure?

  2. Sunny, I am grateful for your mini-readings….both for myself and others. If we draw things to us by our thoughts, does that mean we have drawn the death and destruction from ISIS and politics? Is there something we should be doing or thinking to reverse things? Thanks for anything you can offer.

  3. Hi Sunny. I have a certain man I know that I rarely see but some how it feels like I’m going to marry him. Sometimes we go weeks without seeing each other. I really care for him but I’m willing to leave it all alone if I am wrong. Is there anything in the future for me and him? I just don’t know how it’s going to work. What do I do? Thanks so much.

  4. Sunny, I’m struggling so much because at 64 yrs old I really have no money. I believe money is coming to me very soon, but it seems to keep getting pushed out. Can you give me any reassurance that this IS happening and maybe even approximately when? Thanks

  5. Linda Lee Nelson

    I did read all your answers to their questions, and many rang so true, like a lovely bell, which had me look up and realize, it is a journey, and make the most of every moment. By being aware of the Present Moment, it will allow us to grow and learn and move forward. Thank you so much, Sunny. Teaching us the skills to be our best allows everyone to do and be and feel light and love. Reached out to Spirit and The Angels, and answers forthcoming, as my ears are ringing, which means time for quiet meditation to let it all sink in.

  6. Frank "Paco" Espinoza

    Sunny,I have many unanswered Questions about my life and what it holds for me, I’ve never had the chance to know my true gifts. I had a crystal skull one that helped me see things that came to pass, but it was taken from me, it scared my father, so he took it and I never saw it again, Question, how can I get my gift back and why does it always cost I’m not a rich man, lol or very young, I’m old 66, on the 17 of June. A second question please… will I ever have any money.
    I hope you will grace me with answers and help…Frank “Paco” Espinoza

  7. Good Morning Sunny…hope you doing fabulous. I heard from Peter again, out of the blue, the guy from California and the charity, etc. Should I allow myself to be open to this or is this not a good situation for me to get back into….
    Thanks, my friend.

  8. Jan Breckenridge

    Sunny, We are so blessed that we were chosen for an answer. My little girl was and is the apple of Daddy’s eye! She will be so relieved to hear he is doing well and is safe. She has been upset because when she was about a year and a half old she saw my father at our Thanksgiving meal, during prayer, standing next to my mother. She pointed her finger and said “papa, papa.” He had died two weeks before on his 90th Birthday. She of course, wants to see her dad like that!! Thanks so much!

  9. Shelly Addley

    Sunny, I don’t feel like I belong here. Like I’m from another universe. Confused about why I’m here. Thank you Sunny….much love

  10. Sunny – thanks! I experienced a very Spirit-guided meeting with someone at the end of May and want to know what Spirit sees surrounding it. Thank you and Hugs to you!

  11. Julie Anderson

    Sunny in the last year I have been thinking that I am ready for a dating relationship. Is a significant other going to come into my life soon?

  12. Charmaine Gagnon

    Sunny, thank you sooo much for all of the beautiful readings and inspiration and insights you have offered to all of these people who love and trust you!!!
    Love and light and Angel Hugs to you!!!!

  13. Hi Sunny, thank you for doing this!. Recently my one dog Scooby who is like my child had a seizure I think. Can you please let me know if he is okay. I just want to make sure that there’s nothing majorly wrong with him I absolutely adore both of my dogs! Thanks Gina

  14. (I can’t find my original post.) I sincerely would love to know if my parents, who have passed, have any regrets or if it is possible to have regrets once you pass. I feel like I’m missing an integral part of healing because I didn’t get to really talk to either one before they passed.

  15. Hi Sunny, will I ever get out of this funk I’m in and take care of things that need to be done in order to move forward with my life?

  16. I’m spending money and time and energy into building my business. Am I going to make it big time financially? Sounds funny but I really desire this to happen for me and my family! I make enough but would like to make more than means to get by.

  17. Regina Shakespeare

    What is the type of work I should be doing? I went to SWIHA but haven’t been able to get healing work off the ground. I used to do medical billing. LOST AND AFRAID?!?!?

  18. mary webright

    Sunny… please forgive if my question comes up twice, i dont see my comments with all the others.
    My depression is severe right now, my job might not be secure and i’m scared for so many reason. Can you please help give me some insight??? Xo

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      I feel like you need a reminder of your tools. One thought leads to another leads to another and that is what is happening. there isn’t much space to move. You are a beautiful soul with much love and light to offer the world.. Share it, spread it.. Step out into the world my friend.. You are loved.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      i feel the possibility, but I also feel, more strongly, the fear.. feels like of the unknown to me.. If i weren’t afraid i would _________ start living in that space… taking some of that action.. Don’t leave the job right now, but do the energy work to open up to the new one.. So many possibilities for you… right under your nose i hear.. You just have to step out and trust…. you will feel safer to make that choice in the next three months.

  19. Martha Cheraz

    Why I have never been able to feel my mother who pass away when I was three years old… I am 55 today.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      She has always been with you.. so much so that she feels like a part of you. it is hard to discern a separation, because there truly is now. A string guide of yours today and always.

  20. Puzzled on two incidences I’ve experienced lately. One…a black shadow that turned, looked at me. Second…heard a voice tell me warning. I’ve experienced seeing black shadows before, but this was different. Hearing a voice was something new. What is the message?

  21. Mary Webright

    My depression is severe right now, i don’t know if my job is secure, and i’m scared for so many reasons. I need some help…can you please give me some feedback???

  22. Hi Sunny, I keep seeing 616 almost daily for the past years. Well over the past few weeks it has really been more, 2, 3 times a day. This also happens to be my birthday, 6/16. Can you tell me if there is any changes on my horizon? Possibly a career change? Why is this happening? Thank you!

  23. Gloria Prophet

    Will we stay put where we are and make an home and life and do well where we are? I want to set down roots, I’m tired of not knowing if were moving again or not.

  24. Worring about a family members venture into the music business, do you see him as a producer, or recording artist.

  25. Hi Sunny. Anything that you get from my emissaries would be gratefully received. I’m hurt. I’m sad. I feel like I need guidance. Thank you dear Sunny.

  26. Vivian Felicia

    Divorced after 32 years. Will I find love again… The kind I will feel safe and trust that I won’t be betrayed again?

  27. Since my husband, mother and sister (what was left of my immediate family) all passed within the last 5 years, I was wondering if they can reach me, even if we didn’t set up some type of sign to look for????

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      Yes, they can. I smell smoke, so that is connected to one of them..and I see a picture on a small table. it feels as though when you are looking at that picture they are with you. call them in and ask them to show you a sign. I also see a hose handle of sorts.. not sure what that is about. like the old style ones .

      1. Thank you…I understand the smoke as my husband smoked until a week before his death and my sister was a smoker but quit about 15 years ago, then died of lung cancer 3-18-15. The picture on a small table could be any number of family pictures, but the hose handle has me bumfuzzled. I do have an old brass hose nozzle that I use in the back yard but have no idea what to make of it…

  28. Sunny, I’m wondering how to handle the situation with the covenants on our new home. Any suggestions to help us foster a workable relationship with our new neighbor?

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      A good old fashion heart to heart is what I hear… But before that… set intentions, say affirmations… act as if it is already done.. talk as if it is the way you want it and that they agree to what you desire. Ask archangel Gabriel to guide you in the conversation when you do have it.. and watch for the hothead..whoever that is.

  29. I have an opportunity to be part of a book project. Should I submit to this or not. I am on the fence about it.

  30. Jamie Everett

    The leg issues I’m having does it stem from my eating habits? Do you see anything else related to my leg muscles issues that I need to take care of? I’m lost. Thanks, Jamie

  31. Hi Sunny, Do you see me finding love again ? My greatest desire was to always be married and have a happy family. It al came crashing down when I discovered I was deceived for many years.

  32. The couple who introduced me to my husband Patrick, no longer speak to me but they do him. I had to let go of friendship a few years back in order to continue down the path that was right for me. It’s a long story and one that I want to put behind me, but difficult with my husband’s involvement with them. Can you read the energies behind all this and make any suggestions?

  33. Cheryl Loudenback-Baker

    Hi Sunny. My husband andI are both out of work since December, when the oil prices plummeted. We have had to sell our belongings to get by and now we are losing our home at the end of the month. We have been applying, feverishly, for work and some way to survive. We are pretty scared and losing hope. Both of us are struggling with health issues, from the stress.Will things be okay anytime soon or will these struggles continue?

  34. I could use guidance with my retirement plans. Am I on the right track or should I be more traditional in my thinking?

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      There has been a recent change that is good…. within the past 4 months. Also, pay attention to your body. it is talking to you:)

      1. Thank you! It has been within the past four months that my retirement plans have completely changed to something I never would have thought to do yet seems so right. It’s good to be validated! My body is definitely talking to me. I noticed that today and know I need to make some changes. Blessings to you!!

  35. Any insight on 2 close relationships that have suddenly and unexpectedly ended as a result of me sharing my feelings about a situation that happened.

  36. Sunny, I am so frozen and stuck with everything that has happened in my life. I’m not so sure if I should go on with this marriage to a great guy, but one I feel has held me back from my truest self. I really need what’s next to be for me, I am not sure if I continue with this marriage or end it. I am so ready for a career, a path and a life that’s mine or is there a wonderful life ahead for us together. Our 4 children are grown. I’m empty here… Thanks

  37. Hi Sunny!
    I am in a relationship where when things are going well I am absolutely happy and when we argue, we argue! Some feel I should leave, but in my heart I feel that he needs time to change. After all, he grew up in a negative environment and relationships. He promises change, but others tell me not to fall for his “manipulation”.
    I am desperately wanting guidance so I can reassure my heart or move on and focus on creating a better future for our 2 month old son.
    I guess my question is what do my angels say? I’m just stuck in a runt and need to better our life and do good. I’m just tired of being sick and tired and borderline depressed.
    Thank you in advance if this is chosen!

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      renee…. the first thing i hear for you it is time to make a change.. a decision to let something go has been looming and it is time to speak up or stand up for yourself… Also, i see a lot of yellow and creativity around you. I really encourage you to out your energy there… you are VERY creative <3

  38. Wondering if I should continue trying to make it work with the man I’m dating. Not sure what to do.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      no.. heard it clearly.. you already know but are holding on. How much abuse do you need? i heard that too.. your angels are truly trying to get your attention >3 Listen sweetheart:)

      1. Not the answer I wanted but the answer I needed. Thank you for your love and guidance. It is truely appreciated.

  39. Christy Barhorst

    I just started a juice cleanse, first time . On day 4. Only have fruits and veggies by juicing at home and water :all liquids-no solids.. do you see it helping my health tremendously if I do a 30 day cleanse ?..
    Is part of me choking and losing my breath my health or me absorbing energy?.. Will teddy my puppy that was really sick be okay ?
    Thanks sunny !
    Christy Barhorst

  40. Looking for longer term client options that still allows me the flexibility to grow my coaching business and working from home to help my mom monthly. Any guidance on opportunities

  41. My husband and I will be going to the London job fair in January to find a school for our next overseas teaching position. We would really like to be some place in Europe. I am wondering if this will work out for us. We are open to the majority of the countries in Europe. I am sending out positive energy to the universe. Do you get any vibes?

  42. Diane Voelker

    Hi SDJ: I am really liking my new job even though it is taking awhile to get into everything for which I was hired. Love the hours, love the women’s health teachings, and the people. How do you see me doing in this new position?

  43. Keep seeing a job opening which I do have the qualifications for. It is a 49 mike commun and birth of me so in winter the worst drive and back roads. I have a job which is so so real close to my home and with my older car not an issus. Just wanting to get into some better pay and more into things I am good at rather than just working in a warehouse.
    Any messages on this. Have a 2 job part time too which drains my creative energy, like to drop that one if financially able to.

  44. I retired from my position as Librarian after 28.5 years. Last Friday was my last day. My intention is to grow my essential oil business and do Healing Touch and Raindrop therapy. AND spend more time with my 3 grandsons and my parents and inlaws as they get older. This was a very hard decision for me, but I did it! My body and inner guidance said it was time for me to make the change. I don’t have it all figured out, and some of my family members were not on board with my decision, but I felt this was a decision I needed to make myself. I am 55 years old. I am hoping to not break into my retirement account yet. Any advice or guidance as I move forward. I have been asking for signs from the Universe that I am on the right path.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      Yes, it was a very good choice .. for your body and mind and spirit… you will continue to work, just in different ways, that will have more meaning..something new, you don;t even know about yet will come to you within a year.. a new modality too

  45. Vicki Martinelli

    Hi Sunny-Thank you for you! I feel like I’m on fire with energy. I’m moving mountains. What would you suggest that I do to take a time out? I mediate daily but do I need a break from myself? Hugs & love!

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      Anything outside.. could be a couple hours or could be a day trip… grounding your energy will fuel your fire.. Keep it up sister:)


        Thank you so very much Sunny! I’m about 20 minutes from the ocean and need to give myself permission to do some self care. Love & Hugs 🙂

  46. I’ve been visiting with a special lady who is a spiritual healer. She’s helping me discover my gifts. Any thoughts would be very much appreciated?

  47. Hello Sunny, 20 years ago I ended a relationship with someone that left me devasted. In the last 10 years I run into this person almost every other year in different parts of the state. I have always felt drawn to him and each time I think I am over him he appears again. Some of the times I see him I should have been somewhere else but something like rain happens and I end up at a new location and then he appears. What does this all mean because I have a hard time moving forward in my current relationship?

  48. Hi Sunny.. I’ve been struggling financially all my life. I’m a single mom and I want to be the best mom possible for my son. Will I ever be financially stable to get the freedom my son and I so desperately need?

  49. Shelley Kalin

    Sunny, years ago you taught me that I matter and my life is so wonderful and full of joy. I am being patient in meeting the man of my dreams, but it’s been 8 years and I am very ready. I am told to do things I love and he will find me. I volunteer, I have wonderful friends and family, I find happiness every single day. Any advise? My heart is open and very ready. Love you, Sunny you have made my world a better place 🙂

  50. Hi Sunny. Will moving my 89 year old mother-in-law from the assisted care home she resides at in Michigan to a care home in Phoenix be the best thing for her. She suffers from Alzheimer’s & other issues and we just want to make sure we’re doing the best thing for her.

  51. I am planning on leaving my teaching position to stay home with my kids and I’m not sure if this is the right decision my husband is only somewhat supportive help I’m feeling lost

  52. Hi Sunny, I’d like guidance regarding the possibility of me writing a book about my experience with giving dignity and meaning to Sean’s death experience.
    Thanks. Linda

  53. Are we working with the right mortgage counselors? Will be able to find and move into a new home soon?thank you

  54. Sunny
    I start working at a new school this July… Many changes coming my way… How will I do? Will I be a good fit for this school?
    Love & Light
    Veronica ❤️

  55. jacqueline hoover

    My dad just came thru some major medical issues and wants me to move in with them permenantly, do you see this as a positive choice or would it be best to avoid it?? Thank you!

  56. Sunny, I have been having migraine headaches for awhile now and no answers as to why. Is there ant particular reason for these and is there a better way to treat them that I have missed? I feel like they are trying to show me something but I either can’t or won’t see it. Thanks! Dee

  57. Hi Sunny! I would like to know if my healing work, mentoring,energy work will become my main “work”, my way of earning an income. I have been moving through so many things in the last few years, that I have had to put it all on the back burner…I am finally able to see some light again and I know that I have a gift in this, and a way to help others…if you feel so guided, I would love some insight on this!
    Thank you so much!

  58. Hi Sunny. My husband Don had back surgery recently dealing with this for over 3 years now. Will this latest procedure give him relief from pain?

  59. Hi Sunny you dont know me but i was introduced to who you are through my friend at work. Im reading your book, Living my purpose. My question to you is i feel so empty like my only purpose is to work all the time to cover the bills i pay for all my children. I have so much sadness in my heart. Will I find happiness in life and if so how, where, when, what do i need to do?

  60. I am miserable in my current job. Wondering if it is the manager, the company or my job as an executive assistant that unsettles me. Do you see me getting a new job soon? Thank you.

  61. Blessings Sunny, I am still very heart sick over the loss of my Annie. I would like to know if she forgives me for the choice I had to make. The guilt is overwhelming sometimes and I can’t seem to get over that. I feel as if I have a piece of my soul missing.

  62. Hi Sunny, I’m feeling completely lost. Not sure what I’m here to do. Can you please give me some guidance as to what direction I should go in? Thank You

  63. Hi Sunny, I am having some medical issues that are causing me great anxiety. Any words of wisdom? Thank you as always!

  64. Hi Sunny,
    I have been ending for one time about starting a business. It would entail training and consulting work on behavior challenges for children and their parents. I would also like to tie in nutrition and physical activity somehow. Should I move forward with developing this plan?

  65. Hi Sonny Due to a series of medical issues my husband and I have been struggling financially for sometime. We had to claim bankruptcy last year. We decided to try and keep our house but have recently realized after still struggling financially that it is not affordable. .We are thinking about a relocation to a less expensive state North Carolina .We currently live in New Jersey. I have one Son and grandchildren here in Jersey it’s difficult to leave my grandchildren. I have one Son in North Carolina who is single . The move would mean my husband would have to find employment in North Carolina. Do you see this as a positive move for us? Please help…..

  66. hey! will I get back together with my ex? he is Gabit and I’m Laura. he is aries and im sagittarius? what does he feel towards me? is he my future husband?

  67. I have RDJ on my vision board as symbol of laughter, joy, play, renewal and recovery. How will he (or those symbols) manifest in my reality?

  68. Sunny, I have wrestling with whether I should go back and get my doctorate degree in nursing and I want to be able to do a very important research project for my dissertation that will help humanity but I have not hit on anything specific. Could the angels help me with any ideas or suggestions or whether I should even consider my doctorate? I would really appreciate their and your input. Thank you in advance.

  69. Dear Sunny, I am trying really hard to rid myself of overwhelming anxiety, so I can get on with my life. I am listening to you & Marci Cagen. Will these dreadful feelings (physical and emotional) go away soon?
    Thank you, and no matter what, I will continue to follow you.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      A support group.. both physically and spiritually would benefit you. I also feel like you need to fill your head with positive thoughts.. constantly.. all day every day. Listen to positive messages, read, talk about.. you need all things positive to take over and get you out of your fear.. it is like micromanaging your thoughts my friend.. get some people to help you.. YOU can do this!

  70. Hi Sunny Dawn. My son Riley is undergoing medical tests for his gait pattern. I would appreciate any guidance. Thank you – Bobbi

  71. How can we best support Shanti’s health at this time since her procedure? Currently I surround her with Raphael and use a crystal elixir spray I made specifically for her . We hope should get test results very soon. Thanks Sunny!

  72. I’m asking a question today about my daughter. Is she going to find a good job working at home soon or should be stop looking for at home jobs?

  73. My husband (Darrin) quit his job at the end of January this year as he was very unhappy and I supported him on the decision as being happy is more important than money but he has not secured a job as of yet which is causing financial stress. Just looking for positive vibes and some resolution!! Thanks in advance.

  74. Charmaine Gagnon

    Hi, Sunny!
    I am looking for a new home in Southern Ontario, and I am just not sure where I am supposed to be living.

  75. HELP! Lost my job and don’t wanna lose my house. I believe that everything works out as it should, but I am scared and could use a positive note in my life! Thanks

  76. Hi Sunny I recently visited Scotland for the first time – only 3 days there. Since we left, my heart just hurts when I see pics or think of that beautiful country. I’ve really never been effected like this before. Any insight? Thank you – many blessings

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      TRUST…. something happening right now or right in the immediate future… and this is BIG! Trust yourself <3

  77. Patricia Amor

    Recently lost my job! Trying so hard to stay positive and to know that I am supported-BUT! Very scared. I can’t lose my home!

  78. I would love to know if staying at the current school for my boys is the best decision?
    Thank you sunny! Your the best

  79. sorry if this is a repeat but it is almost impossible to leave a message. Morning Sunny. What do you see me doing next? What is my next step?

  80. Katelynne Sons

    Miss Sunny,
    My mother, Vanessa who is my best friend in the whole entire world, has a feeling that her health may crash and something is wrong. Can you tell me if you see any health turns for the worse with her small or large? Thank you!
    (I have never been to your website, but something today guided me.)

  81. I am floundering. I feel like an angel stuck on earth with no wings. I can help so many others but not myself…what am I missing? I don’t feel like I understand my human identity or body. I get frustrated and self destruct any momentum I get going cause I feel less deserving here. If I commit to my human self I don’t want to invalidate my spirit self.

  82. Kristen Marchus-Hemstad

    Arg… I just changed my business to be cobalt intuitive to resonate with blue, the number 27, etc… now, after the retreat I wish I would have done something with my home. People always get my name wrong by having an I in my first name, missing the H and adding an E in my last names. Should I rename to Kristen MH or something else?

  83. Longing for my soulmate and wondering if there is really “the One” out there for me… if so, how long before I meet them?

  84. Jan Breckenridge

    My husband passed away 3 months ago this Thursday. Did he make it into the light, is he healing or healed (bi-polar)? Has he tried to get in touch with me, his wife or our 8 year old adopted daughter? Does he guide birds or even a bat as a means of communication? God Bless you and Thank you!!!!!!!

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      There are many visitations… I believe the little girl is seeing him in her dreams and that yes, there is symbolism behind the particular kind of birds he is showing look up their meanings. he is in a healing space, so he is beginning the healing process. He hears the prayers..and asks for forgiveness also. that is part of his healing.

  85. Hello!! Just wondering if spirit has anything im not aware of at this time to share with me or maybe I need a push or kick in the ass about? Thank you millions Sunny! Hope your summer is amazing!

  86. How do i differentiate between allowing – not pushing against what is – and accepting and/or settling for a situation.

  87. Hi Sunny , thank you for sharing your gift ! Today is my birthday & wish for nothing more than receiving a message from my son … My son donated his organs if you can’t connect with him can you tell me if I will ever hear from his recents ? Love & light .. Lisa

  88. Marilyn Usselman

    Sunny, I am wondering about my love life. I have been told during a Reiki session that someone is coming. I want a life partner.

  89. hi sunny, 1st thought u were superb in rehoboth. hope u stop by again sometime.
    my ques.: i’m 67, youthful, attrac tive & educated. will i ever have a loving partner to share my life with or am i going 2 remain single this time around? thank you & thank the angels. i’m ready to accept a “no.” answer. Lin

  90. Kačka Ben Bryanová

    Hi Sunny,
    I feel very exhausted. Succesfuly finished the first year of university, taking care of a very sick dog, living with husband with a manic depressive disorder (who is not capable of giving me any kind of support), having lost a job… I have an experience with a suicide in our family (my younger son), so I would prefer not to do such a thing to my living son, but I sometimes feel like doing it. Is there any light in the tunnel for me?
    Kačka, Czech Republic

  91. Hi! I am great at my job but I feel like I should be doing more with health and healing. Some guidance please and thank you!

  92. My mother has Alzheimer’s, shes 90 and dad passed in sept. I’m really struggling with moving ger into Asst.Living. I’ve been taking care of both of them fir 6 yrs. I just can’t do I it anymore,, I need some directions please. God Bless. Cindy

  93. Rosie Schueller

    I am excited to be traveling to Lombard to the conference you are speaking at. My family situation is not ideal how can I regain harmony or create the changes needed to feel fufilled?

  94. I suspects teenage daughter is in an emotionally abusive relationship with her boyfriend. I don’t know whether to chill out or take action. Camilla 7-17-00

  95. Kateřina Ben Bryanová

    Hi Sunny! I´m waving at you across the ocean. I live in Europe, the Czech Republic… 5 years ago I lost my soul-mate, beloved son Ben, who was sunny kind of person, musician and very open-hearted person. He went to UK, when he was 22 and after few months there he comitted suicide. I´m still blaming myself for my ignorance of not helping him, not asking enough despite the fact he definitely was sending some sort of SOS signals, but I wasn´t listening… I miss him every day… and I have no idea what happened then… maybe that´s not that important I know. Maybe I just “need” some message he is happy now in a better place… Thank you! (your article about your friend who committed suicide helped me a lot)

  96. I just found out that my friend has Multiple Sclerosis and I’ve read that there is no cure. Can you ask your angels if there is anything to help him?

  97. How can I overcome and completely heal from the bronchitis I have been struggling with for five weeks? Is it something more serious?

  98. Hi Sunny, can you tell me what you see happening in my persons life? I feel like I am at a cross road on my journey! Thank you!

  99. Hi Sunny,
    I’m frustrated! I cannot seem to hear the answers to my question from my angels. I feel their presence, that of love, and acceptance. Sometimes it’s feels overwhelming. I used to be able to hear them, and it was very comforting. Any suggestions? I want to be able to connect with the Archangels, angels, teachers and guides once again.
    Thank you!
    p.s. I’m doing the 30 day Manifesting with the Archangels.

  100. My husband’s job has been very stressful for quite some time. Do you see this easing up anytime soon or maybe him possibly getting a different job within the company. Thanks Sunny!

  101. melody Martinelli

    Good morning Sunny could you tell me when I will be getting a job and what type of a job it could be thank you

  102. Before my mom passed about 6 years ago, she told me if there’s one thing she can do when she goes to the other side that she would take my seizures away,she did! What a miracle! My question to you is will I be able to drive? I still worry about havin!g a seizure while driving

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      I feel her sitting next to you in the car, supporting you.the worry is old fear and she says yippee 🙂
      Of course, always confirm with a doc, but it feels like a cleared issue to me.

  103. Hi Sunny! a man that I have loved since 2008 and I have been going back and forth for years. We both still believe we are the love of our lives but we continue to do this. Will we reunite and come together completely at some point? Thank you!

  104. Finances are not good at the moment. Spoke with the IRS Last week. It was a difficult conversation. Will things start to improve? and will I get back on tract financially soon?

  105. My brother-in-law was in a very serious accident over the weekend and in the ICU. He is having his second surgery and is being well cared for, but I am concerned for his family’s wellfare. Any words of wisdome I could pass on to them would be much appreciated. Thank you so much.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      MOVE.. take action.. Step forward.. You need a kick in the bootie:) ask someone for help to get you moving. you need an accountability partner of sorts:)

  106. Just bought a condo from a dear friend who passed 3 months ago. Need to know if he is ok with me being there. I have been in turmoil over this

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      YES!!!!!!!!!! Just like that… no one else he;d rather have be there.. despite what “they” say.

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