FREE Mini READING Monday with Sunny - Ask a question on my blog! - Sunny Dawn Johnston

FREE Mini READING Monday with Sunny – Ask a question on my blog!

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I’ve been guided to offer some FREE readings today.
Ask your questions NOW!!!! And then…
Starting at 6pm Pacific time..
I’ll chose 10+ questions to answer right here in my blog. Ask your question in the comments below, right here in this blog… not on facebook, but in the comments section below.
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and then come back after 5 to see if your question was answered.
Please note, I am offering my time because I was guided to. I will not be answering everyone’s question. My angels and guides will guide me to the questions that are for everyone’s highest good. Thank you for understanding and honoring this request in advance. Also, please do not message me via facebook or email me for more information.
Again, you must ask your question on this blog, in the comments below:)
Thanks and I’ll see you this evening:) ~ Sunny Dawn Johnston

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125 thoughts on “FREE Mini READING Monday with Sunny – Ask a question on my blog!”

  1. Good Evening, Thank you for this opportunity. I feel that I am growing in my intuitive abilities. I am reading, writing, and meditating. What do I do next to gain and grow with more spirituality? Suzi Have a great week.

  2. Sunny I’m ready for a new dog. I’m looking at two recue dogs — a female German Shepherd 2 years old and a Golden male mix about 1.5 years old. Any thoughts which is a better fit for me.
    Thanks, love!! Gabby

  3. Misty Thompson

    I’m feeling a little drained. It feels like those close to me are getting distant. I don’t understand them and vice versa. I’m sure there are things I can do but feel it should be a two way street. I don’t want to put effort into anyone who doesn’t want to put any effort into me. Lately I’ve been talked down to, used and looked at like I’m an idiot.
    Any guidance from you is appreciated.

  4. My bus an was killed five years ago. I started dating about a year ago. I met someone recently. Should I pursue this relationship?

  5. Yessenia Martinez

    Hi Sunny, I’ve been feeling very unhappy and depressed lately and I’m not sure if it’s work my marriage or all the above I’m unhappy with. Please help!

  6. Hi Sunny, do you see me and a man that I have been on and off with for the past 6 years finally coming together for good? We know we are the lives of our lives but there is so much involved. Thanks!

  7. Are the spirits trying to tell me to move back to Utah, with sending all the “utah” messages via subtle clues? Pictures, words, license plates, etc. or is it me wishing for something too hard?

  8. Robin Hubbard

    Hello, why at 50 years old am I more confused about life and my purpose here then I was when I was young. Also, I am feeling a great spiritual tugging but I dont know in which direction to go with it. Thank you for your time:)

  9. Tracie Wilson

    Who is the spirit that visits me at night? sometimes I get a Utica glimps but then I think it is my mind playing tricks on me

  10. I have so many things I want to do/become. I feel there is a block or something in my way of being successful. Is it all mindset? What is the common obstacle? Best thing to do to get past that? I have done clearings etc but feel I’m missing something! Thank you so very much! I need a change to become the person I am meant to be!

  11. I always miss this post somehow! Ha ha. Maybe I’m not too late?! I feel my mom come and go around me… maybe she’s there. I don’t know. What does she need me to know?

  12. I’m extremely emotional today, just a jumble of lots of emotions but having trouble sorting through it. I’m struggling. Do you have any advice on how to get clear about things?

  13. Hello…I had emailed about a reading awhile back but guess I am scared of what the answers could be…my son….I need to know if he’s still with me if he knows I’m sorry and if he knows how much I think about him…I need to know he’s ok….

  14. I am at a point of great confusion in my life. Mostly emotionally. I know I am being guided by my angels but fail to see the signs. Please help point me in the right direction


    Hi Sunny. I feel stuck with my career and know it’s time to move on. Will I find something I like closer to home that will be financially supportive? Thanks!

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      Not nearly as much as your head will make of it.. Stay focused, forgive yourself and move on..The more energy you out into thinking about it, the more it will affect you:)

  16. Hi Sunny, feel guided to move out of the city but don’t have finances currently to do so – is there something else I need to do to earn more?
    Thank you for doing this

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      I feel you staying for about a year.. then leaving for new opportunity. Learning is part of it, but not just school.

  17. Hi Sunny, wondering what’s in store for my 25 year old son? He’s trying to find himself. Thank you so much!!

  18. In my work…what is my highest good/the road to best help my clients and most importantly, to feel fulfilled in the work I do and create abundance in all areas?

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      They are there, present.. three… your head is so full, you can;t hear the guidance.. Go outside, breathe, get some clarity by asking what you need to know in any given moment with your hand on your heart… and get quiet to listen. Your head is very full and all over. you must be very focused right now.. VERY!

  19. April Carroll

    My husband and I feel we need to move. We are uncertain if Atlanta or Savannah or Bluffton area would be the best place to raise our son and still be able to have great employment opportunities. Thank you!

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      The direction is where the emptiness lives… Fill it up.. Love, love, love sweetie.. You need to love you… Bring joy back in..even in little ways. Once you are a bit fuller, you will receive direction, but right now, you have to start here…

  20. Hello, and thank you for the opportunity! I am currently facing some rather difficult contract dispute with my partners. Will this set of very challenging circumstances work out favorably for me? I will probably wind up having to move as a result of the dispute. Which direction will I be heading, North or South? Any other guidance you have for me would be deeply appreciated.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      south! Favorable in the sense that you will be out of a very toxic unhealthy situation in many ways.. Free to begin again:)

  21. Sunny, is it time for me to sell the stuff and go to So America? I feel like it is. Thank you for your reply!!!

  22. Hey Sunny! I lost my sweet friend Tommy to suicide 3 years ago. He spent the day with my husband and I at our home just four days before he passed. We had the best day together talking, laughing and eating pizza. As Tommy said goodbye and walked out our front door, a voice in my head told me-this is the last time you will see him. I didn’t understand why I was receiving this message at the time because Tommy showed no signs of anything being wrong. After he left I told my husband the message that I had just heard. My husband and me began calling Tommy on his phone. Tommy said he was fine and that he would come over our house that Satuday to visit. He never showed up and was a missing person for two days until he was found dead by police in a wooded area. I play this over and over in my head, why I couldn’t help him. I pray Tommy willstep forward and say that he is okay and knows that he is very much loved. Thank you Sunny, I send you much love and light!!!!

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      He is safe..and yes, better than ok.. He struggled in many ways, internally. You saw glimpses, but could never know. He wouldn’t share. Kept secrets i hear.
      You had an amazing day so that you focus on that .. instead of the day he left. You have many great memories, stay with those… and, I see that he comes to you in your dreams…
      He is peaceful. and home.

      1. He visits me in my dreams alot (and they are wonderful) My heart is smiling because he is safe. Thank you again Sunny!!

  23. Thank you Sunny. I would love some guidance on my career as I am unemployed. I am so ready to be of service to the Universe and have the financial means to help others, but can’t seem to find a position. Is it timing or something I need to work on to make it happen?

  24. Debbie Labinski

    Hi sunny! Thank you for this.
    When I first met you I was looking for my life purpose. Now I would just like to know what field of jobs I should look into and be happy with?

  25. Hi Sunny, you are a gift! I am looking for guidance on my own spiritual journey. What steps should I take (classes, mentor, etc) to help me be the best me I can and to grow my intuition? Thank you!

  26. Hi Sunny. I’m reading one of your books now for the first time. I’m loving every second of it. Thanks so much for your guidance through your books and blogs. I’m looking for direction with my spiritual path if you are guided to do so. 🙂

  27. Sunny thank you for sharing your gift!! I am concerned about my daughter (4-8-91). She has been with her boyfriend (1-7-90) for over 9yrs. They have always talked about marriage and children and their future together. I found out the past few months she has been talking to a 41yr old married man she used to work with. He has PTSD from when he was in the military. She is now talking about leaving the relationship she always cherished. Do you see her staying or going for the greener grass? Thank you!

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      She is in an escape mode.. and sabotaging herself it feels… My sense is she is not goign to see what she has until it is gone. That can change, but it feels like she is in a downward spiral, looking for something she isn’t quite sure of yet.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      Patterns of fear… I feel a class or book on the vibration of money would be really helpful to you.. I cant recommend one, but it would help:)

  28. Danielle Franzi

    Hi Sunny, I have been dealing with an autoimmune system disease and I have been flaring the past few months. I’ve had Mixed Connective disease and depression and anxiety for the past 20 years. My soul is tired and I just want to go home and I truly mean that. Suicide is not an option but I know this disease can be fatal. Can I will myself to die? I am 40 yrs old but I feel like I am 100! I just want to go home because I know there is no peace and happiness on Earth. Things do not get better, they get progressively worse and my body and soul are exhausted.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      Oh sweetie. I am sending you so much love…
      What I know is that we are here until our ticket is up..and we never know when that is. I truly believe that when your day comes, it comes no matter where you are or what you are doing.. I feel your pain as i read this and hope that you can find some sense of joy to help move you.. tiny little steps, to a new or different feeling. Your mind is very powerful.. if you can, use it to put you in a different place.. your body can follow..and heal. you don’t even have to believe it, just try it:)

      1. Danielle Franzi

        Thank you so so much for these words of wisdom and unconditional love. I am currently reading Invoking the Archangels. I just started reading the book last night and I am going to take every lesson to task. May God Bless you and all the suffering souls in the world

  29. My next possible move is to move into a rental house from an apartment with my partner, however is that the right step for us, financially and respectively in our relationship? Are we ready and connected enough to make it happen?

  30. hi sunny, been asking the same question now… i’m 67, will i ever have a partner in life this lifetime? it would be relieving 2 know the answer is no , so i can finally give that hope up. thnx lin

  31. Hello! Any guidance guarding family, we recently went through a death in the family. My father in law. We are also having family issues with my step sons. Middle one in particular. Coby. 3/15/2002. And of course if you have any feelings on work. I’ve been doing good at manifesting. thank you.

  32. Is it true that those on the other side have the senses of sight, smell, taste…..everything but touch? I would truly love to feel my husband’s arms around me.

  33. Monique Lightner

    Hello Sunny, My daughter in law will be having her baby induced on July 2nd and I would like to know if the baby will have complications and if there will be long term complications after her birth. Thank you, Monique Lightner

  34. Wow! I’ve felt a HUGE shift off and on the past few days. I classify it as “anxiety” but know it is just energy. I feel something big is around the corner for me.. .not sure if it is work or personal. Any insights??

  35. Hi sunny—just found out I may need to move again. I am so unsettled because I have had to move 3 times within the last 4 years. I love where I am now, but monetarily it probably isn’t right. I am at the mercy of someone else because I cannot afford to have my own place. I just really do not know where I belong anymore. Just want to be somewhere to call home that is not ripped away…thank you so much!!! deb

  36. Good morning Sunny,
    I pulled an angel card last night that said pay attention to my dreams which was quite ironic. A friend had just left and said pay attention to your dreams. I had a dream that I was in a car with three children and we drove off the cliff. Can you give me some kind of insight on that?
    Thank you,

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      it feels like you are going to take your children, (one in spirit?) down new roads..not created yet.. but there is fear there.. the interpretation of the cliff to you feels like the new unwritten road to me.

      1. Sunny,
        Thank you dearly for taking your time to allow us to share our questions and concerns. May you be rich in your heart & soul for blessing us all with your gifts.
        Thank you,

  37. Hi Sunny…I wanted to ask if my career path will take me into spiritual healing. I have been guided to write in order to eventually teach others. Thank you so much
    Sending you love and light

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      write and write and write. i see blogs and resource pages ad that leads people to you.. to support and guide and help them 🙂

  38. Hi Sunny
    Thank you for the opportunity. Looking for guidance for immediate new job as the one I am in is extremely unstable. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

  39. Hi sunny, i need guidance as to if my soul wants me to move out on my own (I’m retired and it might be a struggle financially) or does my soul prefer to stay with my partner (we are essentially roommates only) where it is ‘safe and secure’, but a bit stifling. Hoping to hear from you, Sunny

  40. Having a very difficult day, and thought things were getting better, but now very concerned about this person. I feel it all has to do with me, being born, and wonder if my birthday coming up is making this relationship even more tense. Everything seemed fine yesterday. Then, blew up today. Thank you for any guidance.

  41. Hi Sunny, I am wondering if I should change jobs and move out of state? A part of me wants to move to the coast so desperately, because that’s where I feel at peace; however, I feel like my mate will be coming right around the corner and I feel I should stay here and wait???? Thanks!

  42. Hello. I really need to know if I will be in a relationship with this guy soon and when will my finances ever get any better because it’s so hard for me right now. Thank you so much.

  43. Hi Sunny, thank you for this opportunity to ask you a question. My 18 year old daughter is very intuitive. In fact, she had the same experience that you had…she saw an angel in our house when she was 13. She then began seeing spirits and “knowing” things. I was told that she is an Indigo. She turned it off a few years ago (and doesnt want anything to do with it anymore) and then began having panic attacks. She was hospitalized recently because she was having suicidal thoughts. My question is…can lower energies be causing her emotional instability (are they attracted to the highly evolved Indigos) and can I call on the angels for her (or can she only do this for herself) to assist (remove negativity) and protect her?

  44. Cindy Helback

    Hi Sunny!
    I constantly see animals and people out of the corner of my eye, but when I look they are gone. What do they want me to know?
    Thank you!

  45. Looking to understand why best friend has walked away, I do believe it will be for a brief period of time, but it hard not knowing.

  46. Today would have been my daughters’ 30 birthday. Sunny, could you please tell me if she has a specific message for me.

  47. Today would have been my daughters 30th Birthday. Sunny, could you please tell me if she has a specific message for me.

  48. Renée aydelotte

    I know focusing on my creativity is good for my soul . . do you see it becoming a lucrative business venture as well?

  49. Hi my Dear, my heart is with my husband right now. You know as a wife how we wish only the best for our guys. ☀️ Since the death of our son he has used drinking to numb his pain. He is trying to manage this now. Can you feel if he will find peace and be able to put this aside and experience life again? Do you get any messages about his life’s journey?

  50. My freind who passed came t ok me in a dream Sat . morning the day of his estate till he passed March the dream he was healthy and much younger. he was pushing me towards looking for very specific item. It was not at the estate sale. the lady running the estate sale said she had it at home and would bring it for me the dream was so real and for some reason he really wanted me to have that specific this just me wanting to hear from him. in my dream I could not find it at the estate sale and now the lady who ran the real estate sale said she cannot find it either. thank you for all of your positive blogs. I love reading them.

  51. Hello Sunny, so, we discuss that we chose our parents, but were we our parents in a past life? This is coming from the certainty or knowing what you interpret a ‘mother figure’ or ‘father figure’ to look like in our last life or a past life.

  52. Hello Sunny, 6 1/2 yrs ago I moved to TX for my husband’s career. We divorced 3 years ago, although I remain in TX, I can’t decide if I stay here, move to another area of TX or somewhere else completely. Can you give me any guidance to consider please & thank you.

  53. Hi Sunny! My daughter is currently living in San Antonio, and has been very unhappy in her current job for the past 6 months. She can transfer to another location; however, she doesn’t know if she should switch her career path or just the location… or stay in the same job. She is so wishy-washy in what she wants to do, that I don’t feel I can help her to make a good decision. I only want the best for her… and she is constantly venting to me wondering what she should do that it’s starting to affect my energy. She doesn’t have a lot of money, or else I would just say “follow your dream!”… but I don’t even think she knows exactly what that is….. can you help? Thank you thank you thank you!

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      not choosing is a choice.. which is where she is right now… I feel she needs to do something different.. start with the safest as she has real security and trust issues.. Just a baby step to start.. and then she will get a little more confidence. It is ok to say, mom, that you can;t listen to the same story again… have her tell you a new one.. it is good to do that:)

  54. Deanna petersen

    My husband needs to change jobs to lower his stress level. Do you see this happening soon? Thank you!

  55. Hi Sunny!
    I would like to know how my Mother is and if she has anything she would like to tell me. She passed of Cancer almost two years ago. She kept it from us. I would love to hear from her. Thank you

  56. Hi Sunny, well I am starting a new chapter in my life. I am trying to be more positive and letting go of past hurt & anger, especially with my mom & sister. I am struggling on the mom one. Any help would be appreciated.

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