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192 thoughts on “FREE Intuitive Readings – Ask your question now!”

  1. I just got off birth control & trying to get pregnant with my love & the hardest part is knowing if I’m fertile or not. Will it take months or years for me to concieve again ? Or could I be expecting now. ? Im just anxious to know & so is he .. Thanks in advance

  2. i have my falling apart career and life….i cant just seem to focus on one thing…distracted alot…even no love life….kindly let me know how to focus?

  3. I scream in at night blood curdling screams. Most of the time I have no memory of it. This can be so thematic that I have lost my voice and limits my comfort in traveling. Why is this happening ? Please and thank you for your time.

  4. I have been praying to angel Raphael to assist in helping me sell my house – do you know when this will come about? And which angel can I pray to for help in finding a job quickly at my new location (and will I find a job quickly)? 🙂 Thank you. 🙂

  5. What needs to happen for reconnection with my brother and his family to take place, since the crash changed everything? Will we ever reconnect?

  6. Hi I had a Near-Death Experience in 1983, I was with no pulse for 15 Min. I remember arriving on the other side but was told I had to come back. I know that I experienced information while I was their but I would like to know if you could tell me about that missing information? I have tried hypnosis to recover the information but would pull myself out right before I would find what it was I wanted to know. Can you help me to discover that missing time information?

  7. man i so missed this……but will ask anyways….the person that keeps coming and going from my life, is he my twin flame…i cannot even articulate our connection, but he keeps running away, but he just cannot let me go, and i have never ever felt the devastion and loss, when he does go,…its like i just die inside….and if it was anyone else i would not put up with the crap….and i battle with myself, as logic and everyone around me tells me this is soooooo bad…yet i am drawn back…i just cannot articulate or explain….and i hate it…

  8. Can you give me a time frame as to when I’m to meet someone and have a relationship? Thank you and your guides for offering your time and services.

  9. Feeling a lot disheartened with my marriage. Images of my husband & his past lover on his laptop have shakened me. Where am I going with this?

  10. Cheryl Loudenback-Baker

    I am not sure if i am too late, but, i figured i would try anyway. It is so gracious of you to offer this to people. Thank you, whether i am too late or not. My husband was laid off from his job in December (he is a consultant in the oilfields and I retired 6 years ago to help raise two of my children, because of the death of their father. Neither of us have been able to find a job and we are losing everything, including our home animals. Are we going to be able to get back on our feet and be okay?

  11. Not sure if I’m too late to ask… Lately I’ve been feeling so strongly that my mother is around me and trying to communicate with me regarding her death and the circumstances. I’m feeling very stuck… can’t seem to make peace with it all. Can you advise? Thank you so much.

  12. I have suffered a tragic loss with someone I loved deeply and have neve had good luck in relationships prior. This was the one. It was a love the only very few experience. It has been a couple of years and I just want to know…. Will I ever find a true deep love like that again? Thank you so much

  13. What’s causing my health issue (female health problem) it’s been over 10 yrs
    Just want to know how to heal it. Thank you Sunny

  14. Will we mend the relationship with our new neighbors and learn to send blessings to him and move beyond the anger?

  15. What are my next steps regarding my career … or is there a love interest this summer? whatever one comes up…? Thanks! <3 <3

  16. Am I on the right path in regards to school or should I go to the more expensive school for hypnotherapy?

  17. Sunny thank you for being generous with your gift and energ. Anything you pIck up for me is welcomed. <3

  18. Currently, I’m struggling with a Romantic relationship that has been on and off for 3 years. I am trying to slow down and listen to my heart and body. Wondering if you can give any guidance to my situation?
    Thank you for your conservation!

  19. Susan Anderson Sgarlatti

    My baby girl would have turned 30 in a few weeks. How can I send my love and thanks and blessings to her?

  20. Computer froze! Lol was asking if so is there anything we can do to stop it or change the outcome to something positive. Thank you!

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      hold the light, be the love, be the change…, don’t get caught up in the chaos… stay focused on your truth and vision and love

  21. Why do you always ask for someone’s first name and their birthdate before making a reading/connection?

  22. I am struggling to find my higher calling. I have a job and I am very grateful for that but i have a longing but I don’t know what it is.

  23. Is there really going to be some reason for major civil unrest soon? I keep reading and seeing all these scenarios that could take place. Military drills, bio, catastrophes, etc etc. If so, is there anything we can

  24. Hi Sunny, My husband is recovering from a back surgery performed earlier this week. What do you feel the results of the surgery may be? Will this help him? Thank you so much!

  25. SUNNY! So many questions, so little time. Lol I’ve been feeling stuck both personally and professionally for some time now, we are also trying to sell our home. Lots of changes lately. What do you see, if anything for me with regards to doors opening, house selling etc. Anything you feel guided to share would be amazing. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      to sell a house, make the price add up to a 9.. like this 333,000 = 9 or 423,000 = 9.. a nine helps release the home… keep this in mind.. it is time to go with the flow, not push back

  26. I have decided to have a baby – question – best month to attempt pregnancy via IUI ?
    Thank you Love You
    In Gratitude

  27. Hi Sunny. I left a corporate job to do my pet sitting business. Did i do the right thing? Not much activity and i’m not sure why…

  28. Hi Sunny! We are starting a new business. I feel it’s going to be an awesome adventure. Which angel should I be talking to the most? What do you see for our business?

  29. I thought my path was to become a nurse, so I could help people heal on multiple levels. I had to take a full time job and put nursing on the back burner. Now I am working towards a Business Administration degree because I can do this online and still work full time. I am curious to know if this will lead to success in a different way for me? I trust in spirit and know if I am here, there must be a reason.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      Sometimes when something like that happens, pour belief and faith fall away..and sometimes they get stronger. If you can look at this as an opportunity to grow and expand, instead of a punishment… that will help. Also, i sense anger… write out your anger, and burn it. You feel as though you have disconnected from the very things that opened the door for you.. so take baby steps back in my dear…

  30. I am feeling like a lost cause. I feel unnecessary and running on empty. I have asked for help to understand, but I am not sure…. I am having trouble to just keep going….. What can the angels tell me???

  31. Sunny, how can I reconcile my religious upbringing versus the topic of reincarnation? I feel that reincarnation is possible and has likely occurred. But does everyone incarnate repeatedly? Or just some have that opportunity? Thank you for your time, sunny.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      I can’t say for sure everyone, but yes, most people reincarnate. I would say that as you grow and expand, so to, do your beliefs.. you now have more information, knowledge and life experience to see the world for a more expansive perspective. Take a minute to read my blog on reincarnation here too, that may answer more questions;)

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      Ungrounded. Do you do anything before you go to bed at night to clear your energy… like we bathe to clear our bodies, you need to do something to clear your energy. just a short meditation, a grounding exercise, writing what is on your mind before you go to sleep.. any of those would help.. also, clear your house.. there is some activity there you are sensitive to.

  32. Julie Rachel Baril

    I have some medium skills since the last 2 years.. I feel and ear some dead person.. I find that very difficult to live with that.. I’m always scared that they will hurt me.. Every night I pray for an easy and quiet sleep.. Do you know what this mean? Will I find peace in my heart and be able to live with that?

  33. I always feel that everybody dies when they are supposed to die and how they died is a lesson for those that are left behind to learn from how do you feel about that do you think that is accurate. Also are there any messages from the other side for me

  34. I have been looking into starting my own business (at least a side job to start with) I am struggling because I feel guided to help parents with their challenging children and I am not sure if I should go back to school to get another certification or use the knowledge and experiences that I have had. Should I go back to school or start my business and slowly add in continuing education classes?

  35. Job insight?!?! I didn’t land a job in counseling as I suspected I would…God ha other plans…I have found a new passion still helping others but in the health industry versus elem school teaching. I currently feel I’m using counseling and teaching in this new field which I like.

  36. I know something big is going to happen soon in fulfilling my purpose I feel I am being pulled to a few different career paths. Can you see anything more specific for me?

  37. Hi beautiful Sunny! It feels like something major is going to happen to the financial markets soon, maybe end of August. Will there be something like that happening and what does spirit suggest we do to protect our money? I love you Sunny!

  38. Will I be moving out of state or moving at all any time soon with my children? I’m really really trying to manifest this! Thank you! 😀

  39. most of the last year was filled with turmoil and troubles, secrets, etc. I’m questioning my entire life and what should I put my mind and effort into now (career, school, relationships). Is there a reprieve in sight or any guidance from those above for me?

  40. Wondering if I should continue in business with a new partnership & lease. We’ve been struggling for 4 years and Zi feel we have some serious energy blocks. How can I “unblock” it. Thanks _/_

  41. Do I have a specific purpose to which I need to follow? I feel scattered. My Joy for life is not there & yet I know I have a great life & should feel joyful.

  42. When videoing my cat on my cell phone recently, I captured a large blue orb floating across the camera and have captured it a couple more times since in still pictures. My cat stares at the landing on my stairs which was where my husband, who passed away 3 years ago, frequently rested when he went up or down the stairs. I feel it is him here with me. How do I open myself up to him?

  43. Linda Lee Nelson

    Will I continue doing what I am doing, and do better and add on more duties, and will I continue to live here, where I am so happy? Thank you for any guidance given.

  44. Sunny, I am wondering whats next in my life for love/relationship, whats for my ex and I? And employment as I’m unemployed right now! Thank you!

  45. Lindsey Williams

    Thank you! My question is will i get a more permanent job in herbology/health food/wellness -?

  46. Thank you
    My relationship with my partner has been rocky for months now , we argue , we make up then we argue again He believe,s its my fault & i believe its his fault. I kno abt the rectrograde happenin at the moment , bt i dnt kno if i can hang in ther until mid june or i dnt kno if there,s any point to hang in ther…. I do Love him bt i dnt want the relationship that we have been having lately
    Should i stay or should i go ???
    Thank You ✨✨✨

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      I would never tell you what to do, but can tell you that it feel s like a pattern in the relationship, that unless there is very intense healing on both side will continue. Feels like a roller coaster to me.

  47. What can I do to get away from the depression and anxiety I have had lately. It seems to be worsening and I am not sure what to do to lift the pressure

  48. Is it true Angels etc. are able to override negative astrology start times for projects and forming an LLC? I’m finishing a project that I’m freaked will not be released in time to help those that are meant to be helped. I heard last chance (astrology wise) is September and the project may not be finished before Aug or Sept. The message I got this moring is not to worry – but maybe the message was what I wanted to hear and not what they were really saying? Thank you!

  49. Corrina Cancro

    My daughter is getting married on August 15, 2015. I was wondering how the wedding will turn out?

  50. I’m finding it difficult to attract clients for my coaching and hand-analysis practice. Guidance as to whether I’m on the right track with how to use my skills and gifts to be of great benefit and to support myself in this world with ease.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      You are on the right track, but there is a strong fear around finances n general, lack mentality.It feels as though you need to do some releasing of those fears and open into a state of allowing. your direction is good though:)

  51. I lost my job in 2008, went back to school still no luck finding a job at my age. I have fallen and can’t get up. I have asked for guidance from guides being patient tried my best to maintain balance. Something is happening not sure what I need these numbers are everywhere 629, 926, 1111 and now 1212. I have visions interrupting my dream time and when I close my eyes to relax I see faces of people whom I do not know. My nde years ago changed my entire life home sick the feeling my question > What is going on I can’t seem to move forward?

  52. Why won’t my little sister let me see her so I can hug her to try & make up for all the times I didn’t? Is it because she knows I’d go bat shit crazy telling all our family & friends while scaring them in the process?

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      its deeper than that..within you. I feel you don’t feel you deserve it.. to see her. Work on loving yourself enough.. that is step 1.. and a very big step. Love yourself enough to do the things that speak to your heart and fill you up..and the energy will shift.

  53. I am restarting my life and just feel like I am a holding pattern as to what to do next in all aspects. Any guidance is welcome.

  54. I’m feeling guided to see clients (I’m a spiritual counseling but have not built a practice for myself) as well as go back to school to be a therapist and yet I’m feeling very afraid and insecure on both how to put myself out there to both do what I feel my spirit is longing for, make a living doing it and fund the eduction. I’m open to any guidance/wisdom that angels have… thank you so much for this sweet gift of support! xo

  55. After a layoff in March, I have been keeping myself busy assisting my mother after her surgery and trying to get my own home/life back in order after years of neglect (mostly due to being a workaholic). I have found a lot of peace in this process but I am now feeling restless at the prospect of finding a new job. I have felt as if I am being nudged by the universe to follow the path of self employment however I have never been interested in being my own boss. The business is in processing a healthy food option for diabetics. Is the universe sending me signals and if so, any insight in to what I can expect or when to expect it?

  56. Will my partner be able to clear his feelings of responsibility for his ex and finally break the toxic ties/control she has over him soon?

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      He is allowing it because he is scared actually. He needs help to do it. It doesn’t feel like he is strong enough to not give into the energy on his own. Talk to him about having a counselor help him ind his power and get his voice back from her.

  57. My job ended last month and I need help figuring out what job I should do next. Can you help me know what my next job will be?

  58. Loss of my parents within 2 1/2 year of each other, loss of myself, the desire to open up spiritually to receive and understand messages delivered to me. Alienated by siblings after death. Pressure on my marriage because of the depression I have suffered. Are my parents ok? Am I making the right choices in life?

  59. I have been going through a very very difficult time the past 16 months will it end soon and will I get my life back?

  60. Hi Sunny, Funny how I just popped in to find this. I had been thinking about contacting you for a reading. Sunny, I went through a devastating divorce 3 years ago. It still affects my self worth to this day (And my 2 sons) Will I ever recover from this and find my true love ?(Since my ex used me to hide from who he really was for 30 years) God bless You.

  61. My family and I have been going through a very rough time recently emotionally and financially, I am wondering if you see a light at the end of the tunnel for us or are we going to continue to struggle?

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      my sense is that it will start to turn a corner in August, and by January, will be better and better.. Stay focused on the blessings you do have. Affirm them, all day long to move the fear energy out and the trust that you are safe energy in.

  62. Hi Sunny! I recently had a lumpectomy. As soon as I found out the lump was cancer I asked the lump “what was it’s message.” I heard “live the life you want!” The life I want is filled with a romantic love. I recently asked for guidance on my soulmate and I heard “found.” I have a big crush on one of my doctors and I feel there is a mutual attraction. I’m unsure about what to do. I really want to tell him how I feel, but there are the whole rules about doctor/patient relationship law and I don’t want to cause any issues at all.
    Thank you in advance.
    Love and Light!

  63. jacqueline hoover

    Will my dad pull thru this serious medical issue and will he be mentally stable/back to normal????

  64. Is my clinical heart ailment related to my empath/spiritual self and soul? What should I be learning from this experience?

  65. Thank you for your time and consideration. I was recently let go from a job for a very unjust reason. I’d like to know if and when I can expect the next opportunity to arise.

  66. Colleen Sargent

    I am looking to buy a MY freinds condo who passed 3 months ago.. and need to know if he would be ok with it. Thank you.

  67. My youngest son is struggling and he needs some guidance that I am not able to give. Does he keep going forward or should he give up on his situation?

  68. Debbie smitley

    Im in a company as a promoter in health and wellness. I’m struggling financially in this and I don’t wanna keep spending $$ to be part of it every month. The products are wonderful, helps us feel great! But I need paying customers! Should I just get out of this or continue to keep trying?

  69. I’ve been feeling severe anxiety and worry with regards to a new career, my love life, and recent health issues. Will there be any improvement in these areas anytime soon that will help relieve this anxiety?

  70. Sunny, I have had several people in my life cross over recently and I think it’s time that I move on. Are the jobs I’m lining up going to be the ones that let me move to South America and share in their culture?

  71. Hi Sunny, my mom passed in January. I’m feeling ungrounded lately and confused. I’m starting a yoga teacher class in June, hoping this will help me focus and get some direction. Any insights would be great!!

  72. will I ever find the way to lose 100pds of the weight I am carrying? will I ever be happy consistently?

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      Get into some development classes. Reading is not enough for you. You need hands on experience.

  73. Will my relationship with my daughter (my only child) ever get better? She is 24 and for years our relationship has been strained. As hard as I try she pushes me away. I would like to know what I can do to make it better. It breaks my heart! Thanks Sunny.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      this might sound counter intuitive, but love you more, and she will come around…. fill you up, do loving things for yourself… don’t beg or plead. Fulfill yourself…and it will come around.. a little longer than you would like, but it will.. 2 years or so

  74. I’m struggling with the decision to retire from teaching after 42 years in education. Is this the right time for me to do this and will we be able to handle the pay cut? Thank you.

  75. I’ve done a major healing and cleanup job on myself. Healed from 6 years of liver issues and all of my blood work is completely normal. I left a very volatile job working as a youth counselor about 1 month ago. I received a correct diagnosis of PTSD in December and have really been doing the work on myself. I’m experiencing how to live instead of just survive and I’m letting the creativity and joy flow. In the process of specialized therapy for PTSD, I decided to take a step back as a counselor and end that chapter of my life for now. I grieved but ultimately know it’s truly for my highest good. I’m looking to enter the work force again soon and am wondering in what field you see me working in and when? <3

  76. Sunny, thank you for your time. Is there a way to determine whether the thumping in my right ear is a result of my clair-audient or other aspect of connection with my spirit guides?

  77. Hey Dawn! Any insight on how to proceed with my energy healing business? I know there’s another step, I’m to be an emotional healer and im not sure how to proceed. Teacher? Book?

  78. sue barenholtz

    After months of searching for a job i am expecting an offer to be a practice manager for a plastic surgeon. It had been delayed several times and my questions are…is the offer coming and if so when ..a date would be great

  79. Recently a widow at 35 years old. 2 kids-6 and 13. I need to get unstuck. Too many unanswered questions consuming me. I need guidance.

  80. Sunny, thank you so much in advance! Both my son’s were in a car accident last year and my youngest died. We are still waiting to see if the District Attorney decides to prosecute my oldest son who was the driver. I was wondering if you see anything regarding him (Tim) and if you have any messages from Josh.

  81. My mother was killed while cutting trees at a friends place. When one fell on her. May 15th was one year and it still bothers me that she suffered and struggled and I am having a hard time sleeping due to the nightmares of me not capable of helping her. What can I do?

  82. I feel very strongly in my heart and soul that I have a spiritual career I am supposed to pursue. Do you have any guidance for me as to what direction that might be? Thank you❤

  83. Summer is here- does spirit have any insight on how to keep a little harmony between working and bringing in income and enjoying the fun we have planned- 🙂

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      trust yourself that you can do all three. that you have expanded into a new vibration where you are capable of being in true joy.. consistently. I would ask myself every couple of hours.. am i allowing joy in? if not, do something about it:)

  84. What interest will help me make a living after I retire from my mundane job? Not looking for big money, just a living. Thanks and Blessings!

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      write in small doses, give yourself plenty of time and support along the way.Like include some little daybreaks with a friend, etc… i just keep hearing to call in and allow your support;) on all levels… it will flow through you much better if you get out of the way and just write.. edit it all later.. let it flow

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