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Excuse #4 for Lack of Self-Care

Lack of self-worth is a silent pandemic that we’ve all suffered from on some level. One of the biggest symptoms of this disease is the lack of self-care that follows suit from wrong believing.


Excuse #4 for Lack of Self-Care: I don’t feel worthy

When you don’t feel worthy, you wave your white flag when it comes to self-care. It becomes hard to muster up the strength to put yourself first because you become indifferent to your own health; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The underlying problem is lack of perceived value.


Think about it this way- is there ever an area in your life where you would dedicate your time and energy to something if you believed that it wouldn’t yield anything positive or valuable?

Absolutely not!

  • Why make the emotional investment in a relationship if you believed the other person wasn’t worth your time or wouldn’t reciprocate the care, affection and loyalty?
  • Why work out consistently if you believed that you wouldn’t really get anywhere with it?
  • Why be committed to a career if you believed that it was a monotonous interim distraction till you figured out your real passion?

In the same vein, a lack of perceived value of our own self-worth leads to a lack of motivation to truly care for ourselves and respect our own needs.


Where does the lack of self-worth come from?

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact source of this wrong believing to just one event or perspective. Typically you don’t feel worthy because of a culmination of various events, beliefs and relationships you’ve had over your lifetime.

The belief may have come from societal, cultural or religious norms that you’ve encountered in the past. And while there may not have been any explicit teaching that tore down the value of Self, there have been many that extol the value of Others.

While this perspective isn’t wrong, it can be a stumbling block to individuals if they aren’t careful not to lose sight of their own innate value while upholding the value of others.

The trap is, when we’ve been taught that the needs of others are important but have our blinders on with our own value, we become indentured servants to those we’re in service to and cast off our own inviolable rights and sense of worth.

Whether we’re in service to our spouse,

Our kids,

Our friends,

Our boss and colleagues,

Our social group or community,

Or our country,

If we don’t consider our needs EQUALLY as important as that of others, we’re in for dire times.

If our self-worth isn’t on an EQUAL, LEVEL playing field as that of others, it doesn’t matter how much we serve others, because we’re doing the greatest disservice to ourselves.


One great point this article on TED lists is that while there have been external circumstances that have shaped and molded the tragic belief of self-unworthiness, ultimately, we’ve got to be accountable for what we do with the inner critic–

Do we continue helplessly listening to it and feeding it power?


Do we stand strong and silence it when it has the nerve to feed us garbage?

SPOILER ALERT – there’s only one right answer 😉


I share more about this pervasive excuse on my Instagram here. What I’ve found from working with my community is that out of all the 5 Excuses, this is the one that hits home for a LOT of us!

And friend, if you’re struggling with your self-worth and you don’t have a loving, supportive community around you to propel you to truth, I highly recommend you find one STAT! As you likely know, I have an amazing community and if you are reading this and you don’t feel connected to one… come and join ours! We are here for you!

Tight-knit communities like ours have so many benefits, including the ones I’ve listed here, and it’s imperative you get plugged in so you can make strong, sturdy strides toward growth in self-love! 🙌

If you have found a healthy community or are a part of ours, I’d love for you to share your story with us about how it has helped build your own self-belief and self-worth, which eventually helped with taking your self-care seriously! Share with me below!


All my love,
Sunny Dawn Johnston ❤️

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