Everyone is born with a Guardian Angel and a Spirit Guide

Do you know your Guardian Angels name? Your Spirit Guides? Do you feel them, see them, hear them or just know? Please share below – SDJ
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2 thoughts on “Everyone is born with a Guardian Angel and a Spirit Guide”

  1. I have heard my spirit guide. Not positive who it is. When I was 16 I woke up in the night to see a person I knew that had passed. It was just for a moment and so clear. From that moment I have been drawn to that person that I hardly really knew to well because they passed when I was between 4 and 6 years of age. I think he may be my spirit guide. Can you have multiple spirit guides?

  2. Many years ago I took a course being taught by a psychic, who told me that I had two spirit guides standing on either side of me, and told me their names. Abraham and Mary. At that time I thought they were my ancestors, but now I believe they are my spirit guides and guardian angels.

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