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Hey my friend…
I just wanted to drop in and say Hi.. and Let you know I am thinking about you!!!
I’ve been hard at work setting up some new systems to serve you better… which has been quite a learning curve with all kinds of twists and turns..
In doing this, I realized though, that I need to stop by and say hello once in a while.. just cuz!
So, here is a little gift for you… A video and pdf download….
On how to get the drama out of your life…
Just cuz!
Get Rid of Drama PDF

12 thoughts on “Drama”

  1. Sunny…timely. Thank you….I realized I often repeat old patterns. So very see/hear and even feel this message!! Your messages are always powerful..and cut right through the ..crap..

  2. Sunny, that was a really, really good advice. I will do my best to applied in my life. God knows I need to change the drama in my life, for my own health and for my love ones. Thank you again. Love.

  3. Thank you for the teaching me how to handle drama issues that have come up, to do my best in each situation, Sunny! Yes, I will use these wonderful helpful ways to raise my vibration, and realize that each person has their own issues. Putting my hand on my heart, and I will review this list often, so that I do my best by lifting my vibration. I do say affirmations when walking outside in nature, asking for Archangel Michael’s blue bubble of protection for me and for our community, and ask for love to shine down on us each and every day, so that joy and happiness begin to radiate outward everywhere. Like you and your name, Sunny Dawn!

  4. My comments are about your Wedding Book…i use if often and really appreciate it.. We spoke once about you perhaps doing a funeral/memorial book. do you think this will be happenijng…

    1. So happy you have enjoyed it.. Yes, I do intend to create a funeral book as well;)
      thanks so much:)

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