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Dr. Wayne Dyer left his music for us all to enjoy – What a gift to the world!

Yesterday afternoon, I was taking a break from working on a new project when I decided to scroll through Facebook. So much has been happening in the world, so much goodness, yet so much sadness… more than normal in my observation. Of course we were in the full moon energy too, so that usually heightens it all, a Super moon at that.
I read the news of two clients who lost family members, another whose dog was attacked, and several having serious health issues. As I read through them, I commented and sent love and light to each one… Sending them love, seeing them in their light and asking for their highest good. I always stop and take that moment to offer my love energy to their situation. It’s the one thing I can do… 
After scrolling through a few pages, I saw a post that said that Wayne Dyer had passed away. It had been posted 9 minutes earlier. My head said NO, it’s not true… but my spirit knew it was. I read the post on his page, that his family wrote and I immediately felt the feeling. You know the one… when the wind has just been taken out of your sails, that sinking feeling in your heart, that air of heaviness that comes over you when you hear something you don’t want to be true. Yup, that was the feeling. Not Wayne… he is such a light in the world… not him too.
cyl2005 005I met Wayne Dyer about 15 years ago at an event and was inspired by his talk. He was authentic, kind and funny as hell. A few years later, I was blessed to be his assistant at Celebrate your Life. I found him to be the same person on stage as he was off. Down to earth, caring, truly present in our conversations. If you read all the posts on Facebook, everything everyone has said about his character, I would agree with.. He was… simply put… an amazing guy. He would call himself ordinary. All who knew him would call him extraordinary. That is why we all loved him. At least that is one of the reasons…
I have many many reasons to love this man and all he stood for. The one that I keep close to my heart, and has had the greatest impact on me, is the way he was with the audience members and event participants. This man was a guru to many. People looked up to him, followed him across the country, read everyone one of his books, literally idolized him and felt like he was their best friend… but to him, everyone was an equal. I LOVED this about him. It echoes my own beliefs around teachers, guides and gurus. We are all equal. No better, no worse…. equal.
As his assistant at Celebrate your Life, I had the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time with Wayne throughout the weekend. I got to know some of his family and his dear friend and assistant. It was a gift for me to witness him privately, because I saw no difference between the man on stage and the man behind closed doors, which was heartwarming for me. It was a reminder to me of who I wanted to be in my life. How I wanted to show up in the world. How I wanted to be in my own budding speaking and teaching career.
With his fans, he was open, loving and interested in every interaction that I witnessed. He taught me how to be a gracious, kind, present author. He was a humble and loving teacher & speaker. He had no idea, and neither did I, that just 2 years later, I would be speaking on the same stages as he had… and that everything I learned, just from witnessing him, would become my intention. His impact on me that weekend was life changing. Not because of something he said, or something he wrote, or something he taught and he said a lot of amazing things… but just by being him.
One thing I remember so clearly from that weekend was that he had a ballroom full of people at his keynote speech. I don’t know the exact number but lets say 2,000 people. When it was over, he signed books and things, as most authors do. The line was at least 1000 people deep. People waited hours… with books in hand for him to sign, cameras to take pictures with him, notebooks of memories and things to show him, stories sitting on the tip of their tongue to share with him.. and they waited patiently. People simply wanted to THANK HIM for changing their lives. This went on for hours… and I know it has likely been repeated in every venue, in every city, at every event he has spoken at. That wasn’t the amazing part. What was amazing was he insisted that he stay until every single person had the opportunity to have a few moments with him. This was hours and hours of his time. He didn’t have to do that. It wasn’t required contractually… or maybe it was. Maybe his spirit signed up, contracted, to be one of the greatest teachers this world has ever seen… just by being who he truly was. Yup… I think that is it!!!!

That experience changed my life forever. He taught me about dedication, commitment, humility, kindness, integrity, and love. There is so much more I could share, but I will end with this.. As Dr. Wayne Dyer once said:

“Don’t die with the music still inside you. Listen to that intuitive voice and find what passion stirs your soul.”

Love and Light to you Wayne Dyer. A new bright star now shines in the sky instead of on the earth. Thank you for sharing your music and teachings for us all, so that we too can shine our lights brighter and brighter each day. – Sunny Dawn Johnston
I’ve shared some of my favorite quotes by Dr. Wayne Dyer below. I’d love for you to share your memories of him in the comments below… or your favorite quotes. – SDJ
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30 thoughts on “Dr. Wayne Dyer left his music for us all to enjoy – What a gift to the world!”

  1. In the 80’s, I would listen to Wayne on a cassette player in my car. Who knew he and I would one day share the same publisher. He was always at Louise Hays’ birthday parties and so kind to anyone who approached him. The word I use to describe him is–genuine. Not a fake bone in his body. Oh how I’m going to miss him!

  2. Heartfelt words and thank you so much for sharing. I had the pleasure of attending Celebrate Your Life in Arizona and was able to listen to him………AWESOME & AMAZING! Love & hugs xxxooo

  3. In my first magazine interview with Wayne back in 1993, he told me that he never refused an interview anywhere because of this: Early on in his career, he was asked to do a radio interview on some obscure station that had nothing to do with self-growth. He really didn’t want to do the interview, but since he’d said he would do it, he followed through. Then a call came into the station right after the interview from a man who had been sitting in a sports stadium. He had been using his radio because he wanted to tune into the game, but he stumbled across Wayne speaking instead. He told Wayne that he was sitting in that stadium contemplating suicide, but Wayne’s message had spoken to him, and had turned him around. Wayne then understood that whenever he was asked to speak anywhere, there was a greater reason for it. He was a great man!

  4. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Wayne Dyer three times for articles I’ve written over the years for Mind, Body, Spirit magazines. The last interview was in late 2014. I was invited, as one of 8 magazine interviewers around the country, to be on a private call with Wayne. We each got to ask him 1 question about his new book, “I Can See Clearly Now”. This was just prior to that book’s release. The transcript of that call was sent to each of the 8 magazine publishers and they each created an article for their magazines. It was my first experience of participating in a group interview like that. Wayne was accessible and deep. I can’t recall my question or his answer. This was a while ago. But he has always been an elegant force of good in this world. I do remember him saying that he was the reincarnation of St. Francis. He tells a story in that book about having brought a group to the chapel for St. Francis of Assisi. A member of his group could not walk the steps up to the top of the chapel. Wayne saw St. Francis look at him, picked up the man, and carried him up the long set of narrow stairs. When Wayne had seen St. Francis appear before him, he was infused with energy, so much so, that he had been able to carry this man effortlessly. It wasn’t until he got to the top of the stairs and had put the man down that he remembered he himself had had a knee injury. But in carrying the man, he felt absolutely no pain. I mourn this loss, too. The world is not the same without Wayne Dyer here.

  5. That was an awesome article Sunny. You are right, he was funny as hell. That balance that he had, in using simple examples from his life to teach something utterly extraordinary, to teach us to see the light of something precious in the ordinary….while also “keeping it real” and giving us a chuckle along that way…. really drew me in. What a gift to the world to teach that way. (I also feel you teach with that balance, thank you). I had the privilege to see him as the keynote speaker at the last 2 “I Can Do It” Denvers. The first year I was walking into the conference, which was attached to the hotel, and there was Wayne, in the convention center, in his bathrobe, just checking out the venue, with a sweet yet goofy smile saying hello to surprised guests. Other than a CD on a talk he gave on “Intention”, I had not yet heard him speak, but I thought to myself…this guy is just himself…I can’t wait to see him tomorrow night. Of course he drew me in, brought tears to my eyes as I stretched my ears and heart to understood the points he was trying to make, had some good belly laughs, and left a changed woman. He was an Alchemist.

  6. Julie Ann Marie Louther

    My initial connection with Wayne was in his book, Your Erroneous Zones. That was in 1977, and reading that book changed my life. I continued on over the years (wow, 38 years!!) with other books, audio tapes and videos. I would re-read, re-listen and re-watch, always feeling uplifted and with a new awareness of potential. And that quote – “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” – has had a big impact for me. And indeed, scientific tests are proving that indeed, the perception of the observer plays into the test outcomes. It was always so interesting to read or hear his latest information, which always reflected his own spiritual shifts and evolution. I remember one of his stories – about when he was at odds with one of his teenaged children – where he went into a meditation and met together with his and her higher selves – to help strengthen their connection and understanding of each other. So powerful. And when he was struggling another time, and met this woman named Diane Behar, and as he kept repeating her name, it became — “die (to the ego) and be here”. I could go on an on, but these come to mind as I am writing.
    I first learned of Deepak Chopra from him, and Deepak has remained one of my most read/listened to people, as well. While I never went to one of his live events, I did get a chance to hear him speak at a John of God event at Omega Institute a few years ago. A humble, soft spoken and yet so engaging of a man. His Light and presence so much just a part of him. Truly, he will be missed, even as he continues to shine that Light from the multi-dimensions.
    Thank you for sharing, Sunny, about your time with him.

  7. Beautifully written, Sunny. I felt your emotions as I read it. I’m sitting here in my hotel room crying my eyes out. I was lucky to see Wayne talk at the beginning of my spiritual journey and he changed something inside of me. It was like his heart was staring at us all from stage. That’s how much pure love and that’s how genuine he was/is. It was amazing! He didn’t even have to hug you in order to feel that physical feeling of a hug from him… It just emanated from him like an invisible warm blanket. He had so much love to share and was so willing to give that love to everyone. I just remember sitting there thinking what a gift of a human being and I want to be like him. My heart was deeply touched and I walked out of that conference room a different person, with more direction, and a calmness in my heart. I think everyone in the room felt like they mattered to him. Since I’ve been on my journey I’ve looked to him (and you and Gerry Gavin and beautiful others) as a type of Northern Star leading the way as to how this work is done… with love, heart, a humble nature and kindness. Wayne was an example of how to walk in the light and has shown many people, in a beautiful way, how to take the first step. Mr. Dyer was so real and he had this amazing ability to leave one feeling instantly uplifted. He was so inspiring and he was so deeply loved. My heart is broken that he’s not here BUT I know where he is and I hope he’s smiling really big now that he can see literally EVERY single heart he touched and lives he positively changed. Well done, Wayne. Well done. Thank you for writing this, Sunny. It was heart warming to read.

  8. Your beautiful words and willingness to share your personal stories continue to move me, as did Wayne Dyer. I loved listening to him on Hay House Radio and his ability to connect to his audience. The Angels are welcoming such a spiritual man into their midst. May you both continue to spread your light and love into the universe.

  9. Sunny, your words bring tears. Such humble and sweet words to describe one of the most profound and inspiring teachers we were lucky to witness. I too read the post on Facebook so soon after it was posted. It was only 11 minutes after it posted and I smiled at it being a master number when I just happened to be online and read the words that his soul is freely swimming in Spirit now. Although I never got to meet him in person, his effect on me and so many of our spiritual friends still shines through as if I too had been one of the lucky ones to stand in line to say hi. Thank you for sharing your story of your time with him and thank you for all you have shared with all of us as you indeed share Wayne’s same spark as a divine teacher and guide for us all. Bless you Sunny. With love, Lauren Levin

  10. When I was going through my painful divorce – I was sitting in my new therapists office…..waiting…. And on the wall I saw this quote for the first time “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” I can’t tell you how much I needed to read that on that afternoon a few years back. It has stuck with me for years.
    I have been fortunate to see Dr Dyer speak a few times- and was honored to be able to meet him on the beach on Maui- where he lived. I was beside myself with excitement- and what stands out the most for me was just how down to earth and REAL he was…. He asked me a few questions- and he told us a few funny stories- he was so genuine – that moment will remain with me always. Heaven has a new bright shining Angel. Thank you Dr. Dyer for all of the tools you provided me with over the years to become a better ME.

  11. Sunny, what a beautiful and oh so true tribute to DR Dyer…My stomach dropped when I read the posting by Doreen Virtue…Say it isn’t so I thought but then I, of course ,realized his light is shining brightly for all eternity and how lucky we all were to have learned so much from him…I also want to thank you for your light shining so brightly and I love what I have learned from you regarding the angels…Blessings and Love to you .

  12. He had a wonderful way of connecting with people, and I feel so grateful for his inspirational messages, and for reaching out to me to encourage me to continue writing. Sorry he won’t be at conferences here physically, but I know he is with all of us in spirit, so will intuitively be aware of his messages. Several people that followed him years ago have passed away, so I bet they were there to greet him. Thank you for the lovely photo of the two of you together. Helps to ease the pain.

  13. I don’t have any personal memories, but I know that he was very inspiring to me! Thank you Sunny, for sharing your memories of him with us. 🙂

  14. Dr. Wayne Dyer was the first person I heard who opened my eyes to another way of being. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t seen him speak on PBS TV that ignited a spark in me to find out more. You were truly a bright light in this world. You will be missed. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and changing my life.

  15. Thank You Sunny, I was One of many that stood in line to meet Wayne, after one of his presentations at Unity. After his talk on stage, 3 hrs., he was so gracious to meet everyone. I was one of the last, it was a delight to meet him. He was truly a GIFT to us all.

  16. Beautiful description of his humble essence! How wonderful for you to of had that personal time with him, and I’ve seen first hand how you emulate him. Wayne Dyer is an amazing teacher and very inspirational soul. His works will live forever…I believe he will continue to teach us all from the other side.

  17. As I read that I had the same feelings for you when I first saw you and over the years I have gotten to know you a little closer as well- I felt that same sadness and was grateful the earth still has you and many others that you teach to show up in the same way as Wayne Dyer did and still will- I keep hearing as he moved on others move into that space – you are one of them my Mentor and friend – this was beautifully written and so very true

  18. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL TRIBUTE …..THE TWO OF YOU ARE THE REAL DEAL. THANK YOU SUNNY FOR SHARING/SHINING YOUR BRIGHT LIGHT WITH THE WORLD. I can say that the moment I met you (and Wayne too) I too felt like you did, you both made me feel as an equal, just by being who you truly are! xoxo FOREVER GRATEFUL

  19. Heather McCloskey Beck

    What a beautiful acknowledgement of Wayne’s powerful Grace. Thank you, beautiful Sunny. I love you. xo

  20. Amazing Author & very motivational. After I saw the movie The Shift, it changed my way of looking at life. Great Man.

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