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Don't get on the plane, train or in the automobile without these….

My MUST-haves for traveling  Anywhere…
Having traveled a ton over the past 10 years, teaching, speaking and playing.. I have learned, through everything, what I MUST HAVE in order to travel lightly.. and by lightly I mean joyfully:)
These are in no particular order… as they are all MUST-HAVES for me… maybe they will help you in your packing too:)

1. Tervis MUG – It keeps cold cold and hot hot. It doesn’t sweat in humidity and it doesn’t break. These are the best cups/mugs EVER!!!! I have like 10 of them:) This is my favorite. My Buddha mug 🙂
tea mug
2. Portable tea maker – Believe it or not, some hotels still don’t have a way to make hot water in the room, and I hate to leave the room at 5 am to get my tea. This light weight little thing has been a LIFESAVER for me. I’ve used it to heat up soups and things too when our traveling is limiting our meal times. It is fabulous!
3. Slippers – Ya gotta have a great pair of slippers. The hotel floors are GROSS and I am not a germaphobe! But, ya gotta have something on your feet. Right?? These are my favs.. flip flop slips:)
4- A SMILE – Don’t ever leave home without a smile, inside as well as on your face. When you smile, people want to help you, are nicer to you  and the journey is much more fun! Always remember your smile when traveling. People love a happy traveler too:)
oldpics2016 008
5. LOVE in your heart – Don’t leave home without it – For yourself, your community and each and every person you meet. Be LOVE… it is who you TRULY are. There is a reason you cross paths with every single person you meet. EVERY ONE! So, make sure you bring that love and share that love!
6. IamPower oil
This is a BIG must to keep me from getting anyone else germs. It supports the immune system and helps to maintain your energy as well. I dab this on one or two times during the flight and I NEVER get sick from the hacking and sneezing that is going on around me. This is a LIFESAVER and a healthy MUST for me.
7. A Luggage Scale – I can’t leave home without a luggage scale as I like to push the limits of the 50 pounds we are allowed. And, if you happen to pick up any purchases, you gotta know what you need to stuff in your carry on. A travel scale is SOOOO much easier than using a regular scale and when you are on the road, scales are hard to come by. Invest in one of these, they are life savers:)
I’d love to hear what your favorite traveling items and tips are… there are so many, but these are my top of the top. Let’s hear yours in the comments below:)
Thanks for reading.. Enjoy:) SDJ♥

9 thoughts on “Don't get on the plane, train or in the automobile without these….”

  1. I always pack things in certain travel bags, use special locks approved by airport personnel, always pack comfortable clothing for the specific area where I will be going, and wear or place near me certain crystal stones for protection. Yes, I have special slippers which bring me ease once I have arrived. I also bring along a small version of a book of daily affirmations to read for putting me at ease and at peace. A small diary and good pen for writing down daily events. Plus, a small watercolor paint kit with a small watercolor tablet for painting small pictures when out in nature. A smile on my face and sending love out from my heart helps me connect with people if they so desire, as have met and enjoyed families and small children and people of other countries, and shared our travel experiences which have me excited to get to our destination and perhaps, a future destination. I also have a small teapot I take along, and a cup like yours, Sunny. When very young my parents took my brother and me on vacations, so I began traveling in a car years ago, and have seen many national parks and our nation’s capital, and lakes and oceans. We have great memories of those adventures. A favorite movie of mine seen as a child was How The West Was Won, and then getting to see the places out east to the Midwest to the wild, wild west has been fabulous. Thanks for the suggestions, Sunny, as being comfortable when traveling makes it such a fabulous experience to relive in your memory and in your heart.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      For sure.. i figured that was a given, since we have our phones and computers.. but good reminder.. YES!!!!!!!!

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