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Do you need to take your power back?

Please enjoy this video about power.. taking it back, maintaining it.. and ultimately releasing the need to give it away over and over with others…. People don’t take your power, you give it. Learn how to stop giving your power away and be comfortable in holding it, owning and and BEING a powerful loving person. I’d love to hear your comments on the video too. Please share below – SDJ
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2 thoughts on “Do you need to take your power back?”

  1. Such a great reminder for me, as I reflect upon relationships past and present.
    After all, we all do need to be aware of maintaining our power, as we sure don’t want the “light” to go out!
    We can radiate out love but we don’t have to remove all of it from ourselves to do that.
    Thank you, Sunny. Time to unplug and put the bubble of protection around me now.

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