Do You Learn the Hard Way?

I always learned the hard way. It never occurred to me that there might be another way …
The grace and ease piece is an awareness that I had in a moment where I had yet another opportunity to learn … and I chose the hard way. I had people affirm that I learned the hard way as well.
I would bang my head against the wall. I didn’t choose to learn through easy things. It was hard lessons in life … and those lessons manifested in a lot of ways. I was in my early 30’s and one day I said I’m so sick and tired of learning the hard way. The message that I got from Spirit was that you can learn through grace and ease. I thought, now there’s a concept! … maybe that’s something I should think about.
I set the intention for learning through grace and ease. I had to open myself up to asking for grace and ease instead of believing I had to learn the hard way. Then I had to change my language from oh my gosh I always learn the hard way … to, I learn through grace and ease. That made a huge difference in my life because as I started to affirm it, it became true. It wasn’t that it was true first and then I believed it. It was that I started to say it … and say it … and say it … which then led to having more experience and belief around it … which led to following through and allowing grace and ease.
As you’re facing challenges in life think about what you’re asking the universe for. Are you allowing grace and ease?
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5 thoughts on “Do You Learn the Hard Way?”

  1. This was the perfect message for me. I have lived my life (up until now) doing the opposite of what anyone told me (which has resulted in a lot of tough lessons)–but that changes today! My new mantra is “grace and ease”–it already feels better. The tension in my stomach just released. I’m ready to see what it’s like on “Easy Street.” 🙂 Thank you Sunny!

  2. Perfect timing, as beginning a new job, and receiving patient mentoring as I learn each new step in the process. With the message I have written down, I will begin each day with this new phrase…I learn through grace and ease! Thank you, for your Sunny disposition and view of life!

  3. Thank you Sunny for sharing this story. When we speak to ourselves in loving terms, we bring healing and light in and the positive self talk becomes our new reality, Thank you for this gentle reminder.

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