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Do you know your Guardian Angels name?

I hope you enjoyed this video. Connecting with my Guardian Angel was the first step to changing my life. Do you know your guardian angels name? If not, do you have a sense, but just don’t trust it. Tomorrow, I’ll share with you HOW I discovered my Guardian Angels name.Today, I give you the steps. Let me know what name you get too.
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7 thoughts on “Do you know your Guardian Angels name?”

  1. I follow you religiously. I was at a pool,but was still able to center my spirit. Before I was able to ask my guardian angel’s name,Lester came into my left ear clearly. I laughed and said that can not be true. Tried as I might,he kept saying Lester. I have received 2 affirmations for LESTER of all names!!!!!

  2. While watching this Video, the name Joella pop into my head, then the chills on my lower back began. That is my sign I get from my guardian angels!
    Thank you sooo much!

  3. Thanks for your time & guidence šŸ™‚ when I was listening to your video all I could hear was the name Jim over & over šŸ™‚

  4. Thank you, Sunny. This truly has meaning for I requested and then received an answer, and the answer made me reflect on how that name has helped me so many times in moments throughout my life. With my eyes open, as well as when my eyes have been closed. Good vibrations….isn’t just a song, is it. Grin.

  5. It took me a long time to get his name…….. I meditated and spent time in prayer and spoke out as Sunny has suggested to do over and over. After many months don’t ask me why ( other than the fact I keep him worn out! lol) one night before sleep I mediated and spoke out please I need to know your name? It came to me in a dream or visit I feel it was and telling me his name was “BOAZ” I awoke saying the name aloud and knew I had been visited and his name revealed to me. We are on first name bases at this point……

  6. Actually, I think that the simple things are the true things! So, thank you!!
    My guardian angles name is Grace. I had asked years ago and Patience was her name. Then she “moved” on. I was aware that I had a new presence
    but didn’t feel I was getting a name when I asked. I got a sense of great humor. This time she answered…..Grace
    Thank you!

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