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Do we "get" diseases or create them?

I know this can be a very controversial topic… I’ll share my thoughts on it below and I would love to hear your thoughts as well on this statement:

If there is no source of illness, why are there so many sick people? It is because they have found lots of excuses to hold themselves in vibrational discord with wellness. They are not letting it in. And when they don’t let it in, the absence of it looks like sickness. And when enough of them do it you say, “Oh, there must be a source of sickness. In fact, let’s give it a label. Let’s call it cancer. Let’s call it AIDS. Let’s call it all kinds of terrible things, and let’s imply that it jumps into people’s experience.” And we say it never jumps into anybody’s experience. It’s just that people learn through trial and error, and ā€” through banging around with each other ā€” patterns of thought that don’t let it in.

So, they way I see it, and I remember when I first heard this concept, it seemed too far off, not true and I had a lot of resistance to it. However, over the past 20 years I have come to learn, through experience, that it is VERY true. I see it everyday, not only in my own life experience but in that of my clients and students. To simplify it, I would say this…

  • We are vibrational energetic beings.
  • We attract experiences to us based on our own vibration
  • Our constant thoughts and emotions (energy in motion) create our experience
  • Everything happens for a reason (we attract it to us, oftentimes unknowingly)
  • That reason is for our highest good.. to learn thru, grow thru and expand thru
  • Illness is a manifestation of resistance and/or emotion
  • The great thing is, if you created it… you can heal it.
  • If we truly look within, and do the work to release the emotion/resistance/belief around the illness we can discover the true source of our illness, and heal it.
  • Everyone has the power and ability to heal.

What I truly love about this way of believing is that we are not some random number that is assigned an illness or disease. We are powerful beings creating our experiences, sometimes unknowingly. However, do we not also then have the opportunity to learn and grow and expand to greater understandings? Anytime I am sick, hurt or just not 100%, I choose to look within to see what might be going on inside of me. Where my emotions are, what I have been thinking about consistently, what I might be resisting… and generally, with that awareness, the sickness starts to release.. and generally heals quite quickly.
There have also been times where it has taken longer to heal… based on my resistance or unwillingness to truly look at the issue. In those situations, I can usually see afterwards… when I am out of the fear.. what it was I was holding on to or in fear of. How about you?
By the way… having an illness is not a punishment. It is not a measurement of if you are a good or bad person. Please know it is only an external (the diagnosis or awareness of the illness) manifestation of an internal energetic pattern.. and one that can be healed.
They way I work with illness is pretty simple. I say to myself, where is it that I am resisting my natural good? What emotion have I been focused on? What fear am I feeling? Talking about? Observing? My BODY knows and I can never fool my body. So, once I listen, I can then begin the work of healing that pattern.. and becoming healthy again. It’s like once I get really honest with myself… it (the illness) releases from my body.
There are a ton of things I could say about this, and many many personal experiences I could share… but this is the cliff notes version. More to come down the road on this topic. Iā€™d love to hear your comments. Please share below ā€“ SDJ
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11 thoughts on “Do we "get" diseases or create them?”

  1. I believe that we are mind-body-spirit beings. A ‘weakness’ or flaw or deficiency in any one of these three areas can lead to imbalance and create ‘dis’ease. For example, someone who is deficient in iron will need iron to come back into balance, as it is a necessary building block of the body. There may be a spiritual or emotional component that lead to the iron deficiency, or maybe just a lack of iron in the diet, but in some cases, the physical ‘medicine’ is needed for healing. It is fascinating to ponder. I have found that by helping my patients come into nutritional balance, many of their mental, emotional and physical issues resolve. I have also seen many conditions resolve simply by changing thought patterns, incorporating forgiveness, and changing the energy about the condition (using homeopathy, acupuncture, and other ‘energetic’ modalities). There is still so much to learn šŸ™‚

  2. I support alot of this. Not all. I know our thoughts create, our emotions and thoughts together..boy howdy look out! If it is out of balance so will our health be. I’ve seen it, we all have. However, I have also pondered on a Soul coming in to experience, teach..a certain , let us call it “illness”. Not my preference, but that is ok. I have also pondered about what may be…a past Soul inheritance/genetically speaking..DNA. Forgive me if I am not making sense, I am trying my best. šŸ™‚ I do know, this, some “challenges”…we must accept…and never give up on LOVE. In saying such, I mean, SELF LOVE. This is my greatest lesson with me, due to what I have had for over 20 years. I have overcome so much. I am at this moment, trying to get Courage up again, to share my story, listen..just listen to those who suffer in silence. Fear of the stigma..”mentally ill”. I see the News..and here goes the label on the perpetrator who was off his most people “assume” those that been diagnosed with this..are ALL the same. This breaks my heart. We are all NOT the same. So to give me peace, I stopped the inner turmoil and I have accepted and agreed that my Soul came in to learn, share, or teach. This is only my conclusion, however I am evolving, we all are, and I am accepting anything, and everything shown to me that resonates love, and perfect health…inner Peace.. I can honestly say, the joy and bliss is soon coming…because I know God knows my true heart..I must release a few little “hang ups”..and continue moving forward. Thank you, Sunny for this sure took courage, and oh to be so challenging..but it is all about Authenticity, so I share . Love to you . Love to all.

  3. All so very true, as have had experiences that made me slow down and stop a moment, which then allowed me to rest and to ask for healing to take place, which did. Holistic and natural methods taught by others have often brought me wonderful relief. Prevention is key, and yet, in our stressful world, knowing how to be still and quiet and give ourselves a break often will allow everything to work itself out…of us.

  4. How do you keep the anger/fear/negative at bay. Once you have identified that you have had one (or all) of these emotions and they are the likely originators of the specific illness you incurred, how do you protect yourself to maintain your health? Is the area of the health problem (stomach, heart, whatever) determined by what emotion you are feeling. In other words, if you are feeling resentful or hurt feelings, does that show up in a particular are of the body? Some emotions were stuffed down for 50 years and there were no health problems. Then last November the appendix ruptured, four days after returning home from the hospital, a gallstone broke loose, tore up the small intestine, resulting in repair surgery and removal of my gallbladder. There had never been appendicitis or gall bladder problems. Once that was healed there were two recurring episodes of supra-ventricular tachycardia (SVT). The ablation surgery in March took care of the SVT permanently and I feel terrific now. Since I’ve had all these “internal renovations”, you can understand why I’m intent on keeping a positive attitude. I’m currently a happy person with a pretty positive attitude. How can you tell the difference between wallowing and sorting out your emotions? Certainly don’t want to hide anything else. Maybe I’m just rambling and I should stop…..

  5. AMEN SUNNY…… In the Therapy that I do (MFR) I am seeing and feeling this more all the time…… It’s what we have been trained to believe….. Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts on this…….

  6. Paulette Porter

    I believe this to be true. My experiences with cancer and fractures have been great lessons, not easy lessons, but after the fact I feel it was and experience that I was presented with to learn.

  7. What you say, dear Sunny, is absolutely correct. I have felt this deep in my soul, for the last several years. If I can make myself this sick and fearful from all the negative things/people in my life right now, I MUST have the power to heal myself. I also agree with Tamie (above) in that it is a journey to figure out how to do it. And that is why I follow you, Sunny. I have watched you on line, read your books, and listen to your CDs. I am feeling stronger every day, and for that, I thank you!!
    My new favorite ( Japanese) saying is, “Fall Down 7 Times, Stand Up 8”. That is me. Thanks for ALL your inspiration, Sunny!!

  8. I believe this to be true but I still have to learn how to apply it in my own life. Thanks for the blog šŸ™‚

  9. So true, in fact I am speaking about this tomorrow. I did this to myself by pushing down and covering up who I was. I denied myself to the point of no longer making enough platelets to support my life. And blood is the source that carries life throughout our bodies. When I flipped that script, I healed. Now I am in the midst of banishing the last signs of that “illness”.
    Never let anyone tell you your story!

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