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Day 8 – Detox Challenge – Financial worry

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Day 8 – Detox Challenge Financial worry
I Let Go Of: “I never have enough money.” – Financial Fears.
Pivot: Money is Energy – and Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it just changes form. There is an abundance of energy in this world and it is my divine birthright to allow it to flow to me and through me. When I fear money, I will never have it. When I am jealous of what others have, I will never have it. When I appreciate money/energy, it appreciates. One of the best ways to move my money fears is to give some money/energy away.
Affirmation: “I choose to look for the ways that I can appreciate the money/energy I do have.”
Action: Today, I will give money/energy, in any form, to someone or something. I will invest my money/energy into someone that can appreciate it … and in turn, allow that appreciation to come back to me … tenfold.
detox 8Personal Experience: I grew up in a family where there was always concern around money – and never having enough money to buy clothes, groceries, etc. So this belief in scarcity and/or lack came naturally to me from a very early age. I never grew up believing that there was ENOUGH for everyone. So I have had many years of training in lack mentality, specifically around money. If I can just shift my belief to “Money is just Energy”, then I won’t feel so afraid all the time. I tend to hold on tightly to what I do have, which I now know doesn’t allow the energy/money in. Imagine your hands closed tightly, holding on … which also keeps us from letting anything more in. I know I need to allow the feeling of flow and freedom into my mind and heart so that money can come and go. I now choose to develop the mindset that I will always be provided for … will always have food on my table … and a roof over my head. Those old programming messages run deep and I am often driven by them … so I know how important it is to remind myself that it is necessary to give and receive – and that when I do … it will always come back to me.
Journal Questions: What does “money is energy” mean to you? Am I jealous of what others have, or just fearful that I am not worthy of the same things? Do I suffer from a lack mentality? What beliefs did you grow up with around money?
If you’d like to share your insights, Aha’s and awareness with me, I’d love to hear them, just share in the comments below:) –  Enjoy the Journey – SDJ
PS: If you haven’t yet signed up for the detox, you can go to and join us now. You will pick up right where we are:)

1 thought on “Day 8 – Detox Challenge – Financial worry”

  1. Perfect for today, Sunny. I have a very important appointment today, which has been part of my financial future for years. Before reading this, I had finished a monthly budget based on last year’s bills, so I will know how much needed, and am able to handle my financial affairs throughout the year. I loved reading this today, doing the affirmation, and will be taking action today due to that appointment. Now, time to journal, which I look forward to doing! Smiling as I type this, and truly grateful for all you are doing so I move forward along with others dropping away any financial fears!

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