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Creativity strikes again… in a new way!

I am so excited to share with you my latest project. It has been a couple of months in the works as far as the artwork and creating of it, but years in my minds eye.
No, this is not it!!
For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to create a greeting card line. Even when I was a kid, I would design my own stationary to write my letters on. It’s funny, I just remembered that as I started typing. This red notebook was my journal when I was in 7th grade, an I even had to “pretty” it up! I was also quite a writer when I was young.. mostly writing poetry, letters to my cousin that lived an hour away, notes to various boys I had crushes on, doodling names and images, etc. Writing always seemed easy for me back then.  I loved the pretty paper and was always buying stickers to create my own designs and pretty up plain notebooks.
Back to the greeting cards.. I am not artistic. As a matter of fact, for probably the first 30 years of my life… I’m only 44, so most of my life…. I saw artistic and creative as the same thing. Like one couldn’t go hand in hand without the other, so because I was not artistic, I was not creative. That was absolutely my belief for a long time. I am sure it had something to do with the fact that my dad was a graphic designer and my grandfather was a fantastic painter and billboard artist (you know back in the day when someone actually painted a billboard). “They” were very artistic/creative. So when I compared myself to them, there was no comparison, at all.. and it left me feeling so insecure that I never even tried.
However, over the past 15 years or so, I have realized that I am very creative. I have created several lines of products, written many books and so on… So, yes. I am not artistic, but I am creative!!!
So, when my dear friend Robin gifted me a beautiful Buddha mandala by Lori Farrell… I was inspired. Maybe we could work together on a mandala style archangel greeting card set. I reached out to Lori the next day and tada… here it is. I held the vision all of these years, never really knowing how it all would manifest… CardsIt is a perfect fit! Lori is the designer, Kris Voelker is the creator and I am the producer. Someday, I might add some beautiful poetry or prayers to another set… we will see.I hope this is another reminder for you to hold the vision of your dreams, and stay open to the way they might show up…. You just never know. This all started with a dream so many years ago.
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Let me know what you think in the comments below – SDJ

8 thoughts on “Creativity strikes again… in a new way!”

  1. Yesterday on TV I watched the 1959 movie, The Diary of Anne Frank. That is a movie I watched when ten years old at home on a black and white TV set. I was so impressed I asked for a diary. I, too, wanted to express my thoughts, and write them down in a diary like Anne did. She got things out of her head and onto paper. She said all people were good people, if we would only give everyone the benefit to be themselves, and stop being critical and judging. She stood up for herself and her opinions, while going through the process of growing up, holed up in an attic, during a horrific time of war. That diary and story made a huge impact on my life at that time, and started my process of journaling ever since. Sharing our stories of life experiences help us to understand one another, by getting to know about other generations, other cultures, and other countries. Seeing someone’s handwriting in a diary can often show their feelings. Diaries from decades ago have been passed down to family members, and to see something from before 1900 sure gives a new perspective of daily life. We are to share with others, in many ways, for everyone’s benefit.

  2. They are so beautiful! I can’t wait to receive mine and to gift them to my sister as well. Thank you Lori and Sunny for this awesome collaboration.

  3. About ten years ago, at a reading, you told me I should be doing something creative – you mentioned illustrating a children’s book. And ironically, I have always wanted to create a line of greeting cards – I have been talking about that for 20 years. Last November, I started drawing again (for therapeutic reasons) and it was like something had been awakened within me! Doing these projects with you is like my visions and manifestations coming to fruition. Thank you Sunny for inspiring me to do what makes me truly happy, and for making both of our dreams come true!

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