Lesson 1

Lesson 1

DETOX Your Life with Sunny Dawn Johnston

Day 1 – Detox TopicNot maintaining your energy

I Let Go Of:
Feeling everyone’s “stuff” – Not maintaining my energy consistently.

I have always been sensitive. I feel everyone’s everything. I get overwhelmed by people’s pain and emotions and sometimes I stay away from them just so I don’t have to feel it any more. Sometimes I get angry that I feel it at all … and sometimes I push the emotion I feel down with food or drink … HOWEVER, I know I am a strong, capable person and I can maintain my own energy and not absorb the energy of everyone I come in contact with.

“I have the ability to be a witness to other people’s experiences.”

Today, I will invite Archangel Michael into my day. I will ask him to help me surround and protect myself so that I do not take on the weight of the world, not absorb the lower energetic vibrations and to help me be an observer of other people’s pain. I will visualize a blue light of energy around me, helping me to hold my own energy in. I will stand as an observer throughout the day, noting how different it is than being an absorber. I will do this as many times today as I feel necessary. I know I can do this!

Personal Experience:
Every time I walk into a room … I FEEL everything. I am a great absorber of other people’s emotions. They often leave feeling great – and I leave feeling drained. When the phone rings, I sometimes get that “oh my … I can’t talk to that person now” feeling. I know they suck up my energy … or do I take on their energy? No one can give me their energy without my permission. I see that I am not very good at maintaining my own energy, but I am great at sucking up others’ energy. I have never realized how important it is to be extremely consistent in this process. I realize when I have taken on others’ energy, I usually end up stuffing myself with food, or drinking too much. I also end of retreating into the quiet and isolation, till I feel more normal. It has been my way of recharging myself and I know it is an extremely unhealthy pattern that keeps me stuck in many ways.

Journal Questions:
What does maintaining your own energy mean to you?

How easy is it for you to observe other people’s experiences?

Are you aware of the moment when you take on someone else’s energy?

Are there people in your life you avoid because they drain your energy?

How can you incorporate maintaining your own energy into your DAILY life?

**** I encourage you to share your Detox experiences as you feel guided. There is a very active Detox Facebook group , as well as community participation in the comments on my Detox blog. I have also created many in-the-moment videos to support you as you are walking through this Detox. Simply go to the Detox Facebook group and you can watch additional Detox support videos right there.

Audio and Video Clips:

Day 1 Periscope audio (12:29)

Maintaining Your Energy (3:07)
Bonus Support Materials:
Daily Detox Challenge – printable PDF link: Detox Day 1
Daily Affirmation Printout link: Affirmation Sheet Day 1
Archangel Michael Meditation (4:26):

I hope you were able to start your day off connecting with Archangel Michael. Have you noticed a difference in your energy? It does take some time and attention to really become more and more aware … so be patient with yourself. I would encourage you to invite him in every day, as I believe it is one thing you can do today, this minute … that can change your life for the better.

Above is a link to my Archangel Michael meditation that you can listen to right now.

This is the exact meditation I use myself, to help me maintain my own energy and to not take on the energy of others. It truly works, especially when you are committed and consistent.

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