How about those emotions? Have you been feeling some of those lately? What are you  doing with those?

Emotions are the ones that we have to pay attention to the most … cause they’re the sneaky suckers. They’re the ones that get under our skin. They’re the ones that activate these parts of ourselves that we don’t really like / definitely don’t love.

We need to learn how to be able to experience them in a way that honors us: who we are, how we are, where we’ve been and where we are going … so we don’t have to get stuck in the story.

We don’t have to get stuck in the bullshit, but we do need to recognize that when you have unresolved emotions, when you have things that you have not looked at, when you have feelings from the past that have not been felt through / that have not been experienced / that have not been accounted for … that are just sitting in these little pockets throughout your heart and your mind and your spirit and your body … they will get your attention. They will absolutely, without a doubt, they will get your attention. And usually the way our emotions get our attention is one of two ways:

Either we get sick – have a diagnosis – that causes us to have to start paying attention to actually how we feel physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually … and then we do something different.

Or it comes out through a reaction or an overreaction … that then somebody else gives us a reaction back … and there is the loop, in a spiral. And then we look at ourselves and say, “Where did that come from? Why did that happen? What was that? That just came out of my mouth …what is it?”

And one day we start realizing that those emotions have a lot of control over us, that we never realized.

What happens for a lot of us is that we have life experiences … and on some level, whether it’s to family, or friends, or our church, or our school, we learn that the feelings that we had were not allowed or were not acceptable; or we’re not comfortable with while with the people around us. So, we learn how to stuff them. We learn how to distract ourselves with other things. We learn how to hide them. We learn how to cover them up. We learn how to put them in their own pretty little lockers, their own compartments … and just lock them away, lock them away, lock them away, thinking, “Hey, I’ve done a good job. I locked them away.”

And then the shit comes out sideways. You all know that it comes out sideways. So the lockers that are full of the contents that you stuffed there – because you weren’t allowed, because it wasn’t acceptable, because it didn’t match the norms, because it wasn’t the way society is – whatever the thing is … you put it in that little locker and closed the lock or you put the little combination on it and you think good “all done, everybody around here right now in this moment thinks I’m okay and all as well. And I got this put over here and I don’t ever have to deal with it again.”

And then that energy … it just builds, and it gets bigger and it gets bigger and it gets bigger and it starts squeezing out of the locker. It starts squeezing out a little bit here and a little bit there and a little there. And all of a sudden that squeezing out … it starts coming out of your mouth and it starts coming out of your energy. And it starts getting expressed in ways that most of the time you aren’t even aware of until it’s already out.

So, my friends, EMOTION …

When we talk about body, mind, spirit, emotion:

Spirit – that’s the connection – that to me, that’s already there. That’s working. Even if you’re not aware of it, it’s working, correct? It’s divine order, divine time.

The body. Well, it is the vehicle that you’ve chosen to house your soul in, and it is perfect for your journey and it is reacting and responding to the thoughts you think and the way you feel.

So out of body, mind, spirit, and emotions … that leaves us with mind and emotions.

Okay, well, mind … that’s all those thoughts we’re thinking, right? And we’re all over the place a lot of the time. We can – at least if you work hard at it – can at least be aware of what your thoughts are right now. And believe it or not, you can change your thoughts.

You can. I have.

You can change your thoughts. You have to be consistent. You have to be committed. You have to be conscious. You have to be aware … but you can change the way you think about a lot of different things … if you choose to care about how you feel. So, the mind, that’s probably the second most difficult …

But your emotions … your emotions – they’re stored … and see, the emotions affect the mind. The emotions affect the body. The emotions are the things that start to really create the ripple in our lives in either positive way or negative way.

But you can choose.

You can choose how you want to feel.

The problem is most people are not choosing. They’re just on default. They’re just letting whatever emotions come in, and they just accept them. They just push them down. They move them. They put them in the compartments. They don’t deal with them. They fear them.

So, when you are an empath, you have to start learning how to discern between your energy and somebody else’s energy. You have to start taking the steps to separate from other people’s energies. Not because they’re bad. Not because they’re wrong … because it is not your job. It is not your place. I know I’m talking a little bit strong on this, but believe me, I’ve walked this path. I’ve learned this. I still have moments where I learn it. When I kind of step in a little and say “Oh shit. Yeah, that’s not mine.” And I have to come back out. It is not yours.

I get to choose how I feel.

So, here’s one of the things that I do for moving emotion, doesn’t matter what it is. Doesn’t matter how deep it is – whether it is this little surfacey thing, or if it’s something that’s really old, deep stuff ­– whatever the thing is, I write it out.


There are many, many, many, many, many studies that have shown that writing … expressing – so it could be saying or writing – but a lot of people aren’t comfortable talking about it … but talking or writing about experiences that you’ve had and how you feel will move the pain, the energy, the emotion quicker than anything else.

Now, yes, you can drug yourself. Absolutely. You can do that. You have a right.

You can distract yourself with TV and movies and trying to get knowledge on all kinds of different topics.

And you can focus on creating and whatever  … dive into your work too.

You can do whatever you want. You have a right to all of it.

What I want to suggest: Writing and burning is what I suggest.

Write it out, get it out of your body.

So, you take it from within … you write it on this paper, right? You take it from in here and you bring it out onto paper. So, you move it from physical to physical, right? Physical – it’s palpable. You can feel it inside of you. So, taking it from the body and you bring your words onto paper. Now it becomes physical in this form. Then you burn it. When you burn this paper, what happens? It literally transmutes. It turns from paper to ash.

It transmutes the energy. It shifts the energy. It shifts the vibration. And that helps the process to begin. You may need to write and burn three or four or five or 10 or 20 or 30 or 50 or a hundred times. But it’s layer by layer. It starts to move that energy.

And then you’ll probably have a situation where something will come into your awareness. And maybe this time it won’t need to come out sideways. You’ll just feel a feeling and you’ll say, “Oh yeah, I’ve got to look at that.” And when you have the awareness to look at it, then LOOK AT IT.

Look at it … because if you don’t look at it now, it will get bigger. It will turn into disease. It manifests in other ways unless you choose to move it in your way.

So, journaling and burning, my friend. Maintaining your energy is critical. Let’s move those emotions in healthy ways.

Let me know how you are doing with moving those emotions in healthy ways… shoot me an email to or leave me a comment below!

Whatcha Feeling??
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