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There are no words for what I have gained from your call tonight. I have started in my spiritual path many years ago with learning about the Angels, becoming a reiki II practitioner, and becoming a certified angel card reading but my monkey brain and fears and anxiety have always blocked me from believing anything is possible. I have done so much for so many, being used and abused in the process. I am a big believer in law of attraction but I would always wind up back into old habits. I would help so many people with positive affirmations but never could believe them myself. Despite all the hard times I have faced in the past 30 of my 44 years, I always get back up, dust myself off, and keep in trying to move forward. I have been through an abusive relationship, almost lost my dad and husband in same year and have so many medical problems that would probably stop the average person but I refuse to stop trying. I refuse to give in. I love the words you spoke, how you spoke them and the message of hope it gave me. I will try very hard to stop my stinkin’-thinkin’. I am tired of living paycheck to paycheck stealing from Peter to pay Paul. I am going to try to manifest the finances to live comfortable and not worry about my bills or the kids needing anything or anything. I will find those feelings when I figure what those feeling are. I will do this. I am very motivated by you to do this. When I do get to this manifestation, I would love to be part of Soul Food with Sunny because I believe I was guided to your video earlier today while I was at work and it was the greatest thing I can ask for. This can be life-changing for me and my family. So many thanks. I need to locate your calendar to see what’s in store for next month.
~ Deana Mazzella Lagana

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this call tonight. I have felt stuck and afraid of moving forward with my new business venture and overwhelmed. Thank you for the kick-in-the-ass. Definitely doing the writing and starting the work tonight. I had no idea this could be so powerful. I am thrilled at where this will go and look forward to the journey. Thank you again!!!! Lots of love to you!
~ Laura Whalen

Thank for the great call tonight! I needed a swift kick in the butt or mind 😜in my case! I have been making little shifts to change some things, but I realized I really am sitting in some major stinkin-thinkin more often than not with major areas in my life that I want to flourish positively! My boyfriend and I are going to do the “process” on Saturday night together! I am very excited for him and for me! Blessings my friend
~ Theresa Falvey