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We are all Intuitive… or Psychic! ALL OF US!!!! In this 11 DAY Intuition Camp, we will focus on developing those inherent gifts that you were born with. We are all intuitive! Some people are more aware of their gifts than others, but everyone has the gift of intuition. If you have a Spirit – which you do – you are intuitive! Join Sunny in this 11 day HIGHLY IN INTERACTIVE and EXPERIENTIAL Intuition Camp as she helps you understand and develop those inherent gifts that you were born with. Learn how to:

  • Gain confidence in yourself & your intuitive abilities
  • Have fun developing your natural gifts
  • Use the gift of discernment to create a life that flows.
  • Understand energy and the role it plays in your life.
  • Develop the daily patterns that lead to a higher consciousness and sense of enlightenment.
  • Develop a stronger understanding of manifestation and desire vs. dream.
  • Get in touch with your Angels and Spirit guides.
  • Connect with like minds and practice your skills
  • Learn how to improve difficult relationships simply by shifting your own energy and thoughts.
  • Understand the laws of the universe and the correct ways to use them.
  • Embrace your feelings
  • Ground yourself and be mindful of your energy
  • Raise your vibration
  • Detach and stay in your heart

Throughout this fun and enlightening experience, Sunny will teach you how to develop your intuitive skills and learn to be open and willing to trust yourself, your guidance and your intuition. As a Psychic Medium and teacher of Intuition for over 18 years, Sunny knows that Trust is a big thing for many… and without it, we don’t receive the help and support from the Spirit World. Not because they aren’t there supporting us, but because we don’t trust our INTERPRETATION of the messages. So, in this 11 day LIVE Intuition Camp, Sunny will help you learn to TRUST yourself and the messages you are getting.

During Intuition Camp, you will do many experiential exercises to develop your spiritual gifts. We will cover many forms of intuitive development. You will have the opportunity to try your hand at a variety of Intuitive exercises that will teach you where your strengths and weakness are.. therefore, helping you to know what to practice even more. This camp will also help you to be aware of the messages Spirit is communicating to you and teach you how to discern their true meaning!

It is said that we are given 1000 messages a day from the Spirit world. How many do you receive???? Join us to find out how you can be more open and receptive to the Spirit world and their messages. The sky is the limit once you understand how spirit is speaking to you… This opens the door to understanding who you are and what you can truly do… This class is for everyone, beginners to advance, to practice and develop their skills. All that is needed is a desire to LISTEN to and DEVELOP your Intuitive gifts!!!

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