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Caitlyn Jenner teaches acceptance… thru courage!

I wanted to share this acceptance speech for those of you that may not have seen it. It is beautiful, heartfelt and honest, in my opinion. Truly worth your time to watch it. Many of us can’t imagine, have NO idea, how it would feel to walk in her shoes…We cannot judge anothers journey… EVER!!!!!!
I honor who SHE is, and her willingness, at the age of 65, to be who she is.. to truly show up in the world, and speak up as well. What a journey it had to be to walk that many years in hiding… and what freedom she must experience internally now..  Freedom, something we all deserve to feel.
GEEZ… How many struggle to be who they truly are in their lives?? To share honestly, openly, vulnerably…
The truths?
The lies?
The secrets?
The shame?
There are sooooo many people that struggle to do that… and yet they aren’t in the media spotlight, under a microscope.  I can’t imagine how hard that would be. I wouldn’t even try to imagine it.
I believe it takes true courage. True heart.. and selflessness to stand up, own your shit and speak up… especially when you know that others are standing against you… in her case… millions!! Maybe it is time for all of us to step up, speak up and BE who we truly are? Are you willing?
Acceptance, Love, and Respect!
We are supposed to be different!!!
Thank you Caitlyn Jenner.. You are saving lives and truly living your purpose… I am inspired my your courage and willingness to be seen!
I’d love to hear your comments. You don’t have to agree, but you do have to be respectful. Please share below. Thank you! – SDJ
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7 thoughts on “Caitlyn Jenner teaches acceptance… thru courage!”

  1. Makes me believe that we have all witnessed through Caitlyn’s experience, that by accepting and loving and becoming our true selves we then have the ability to show others to learn to be accepting, compassionate, and loving of all God’s people. This all started with baby steps, and now out there in high heels. Great courage, just like going for the Olympics.

  2. Can’t even imagine the amount of courage needed for the transformation, not to mention being in the public eye the entire time. As difficult as it must be for her family to reconcile with the change….imagine living two lives in one lifetime. Amazing.

  3. I just watched her speech and it was very very good! We must all love and accept one another as this is what God wants for us as well. I am moved by the courage and strength of those who walk this life and be who they TRULY are.

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