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Let’s Celebrate Brave Heart’s Day, April 28

Heart - Brave Heart's Day

Let’s Celebrate Brave Heart’s Day – Calling All Brave Hearts!

Place your hand on your heart, close your eyes, and feel the love that emanates from your heart. Tune into that feeling of affection and joy that is always there for you. The HEART is the primary symbol that we all recognize for love. Seeing a heart instantly reminds us that we are loved and loveable, even if we don’t always feel that way.

Heart is a great reminder of the SACRED love that is available to all of us anytime, anywhere … all we have to do is tap into it. We express love through the many RELATIONSHIPS we have in life. While some relationships remind us of a lack of love, they can be an important lesson for us to get back to the heart. For in the heart, we find our CENTER, our anchor where our Spirit lives and with whom we always have access to when we choose to tune in. And by tuning into our heart daily, we find the eternal LOVE that is deservedly and always ours.
Let the love in, so you can let the love flow!

Your Multi-Dimensional Sister,

Sunny Dawn Johnston

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate Brave Heart’s Day, April 28”

  1. I love this blog post. How could I not love it. Topic is heart, heart is love and as you know and have heard and read ever since the beginning of COVID and our relationship. As you and I both wore our diamond rings in the shape of a heart…collecting hearts (oi so many crystal hearts, finding things in heart shape even the center of my radish and my sushi all in one week! I worked for a cardiologist for 10 years so the heart is always in my path/life. My children crushed me. Crushed and broke my heart so deeply. A reason for everything…really well I’ll never ever know the reason for this one. Perhaps I never taught them respect. Or just settle for they are their father’s children. They have my ex’s DNA and my PMS I guess. Well my heart is no longer broken. Being a Nanny before COVID helped immensely with the hugs and giggles and having the little ones sleep on my chest. I was truly in heaven. My heart was mending with pink Play-Doh. But now meeting and knowing you and your community has taken me leaps and bounds. I am now in the now. Sunny when I tell you I tried so hard to clear my head and GET OUT OF IT!!! Every a.m. I would wake up and the voices would start. The kids criticism, the hurt all over again and again until I thought I’d go out of my mind. Getting on FB live started to really help me big time. I wanted to share the positive that I was being taught whether at 1:11 or an affirmation I ran across. I may even include meditations. It’s not a business, I don’t need a website. I went that route years ago and lost so much money along with confidence. The intuition class last night was so great. I loved it so much. It’s all making so much sense that I heard my dear Bubbie Fannie this a.m. from the other side. And to know I’m not going crazy. I’m going somewhere and thank God, the Angels and YOU it’s UP. Oh and I wanted to let you know how it is that I cleared my head finally. You won’t believe this BUT I watched /streamed a t.v. series on Netflix the other night. Title was “Outlander” love story from back in time period piece much like “Braveheart” movie I saw many years ago. I began to watch at dinner time and I could not stop until noon the next day. Never tired. I thought for sure next day I would crash at about 3 p.m. but no, never happened. Instead my head was clear!!! No more insults, no more whimpering should I call them? Will I see them Mother’s Day and what about my grandchild? No, my thoughts were with the movie and getting back to it a.s.a.p I still haven’t finished. I know you are not into television but omg whatever works and it did!!! I almost cancelled my counseling appointment but I wanted to share this with her. And yesterday Judy Carter (author of “Comedy Bible”) told me on her Facebook live yesterday she wants my contact info and she’s sending me a gift. She said, “Mindy Lipton” you are sooo funny” I want you to write for me. I’ll see where this goes with an open heart no longer broken.

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      Sending you love and support as you follow your heart sister! Thank you for sharing <3

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