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Body Image Affirmations

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  1. I release my body to accept healing and health.
  2. I am accepting health in my body.
  3. I am releasing my DNA to heal my body and mind.
  4. I am health.
  5. I am attracting people and information that will help me live a healthy life.
  6. I am open to releasing unhealthy thoughts.
  7. I am open to releasing unhealthy behaviors.
  8. I am open to releasing unhealthy people.
  9. I see myself healthy and whole.
  10. I see myself living in health.
  11. I am letting my body heal itself.
  12. My body is healing my being.
  13. I release my past and leave it behind.
  14. I came to this earth equipped to be healthy and live in health.
  15. My DNA is programmed to be healthy.
  16. Being healthy is easy.
  17. Being healthy is fun.
  18. My health is important to me.
  19. I release my body to find its perfect weight, whatever that may be.
  20. I release my body to find its perfect eating plan, whatever that may be.
  21. I release my being to find its perfect healthy lifestyle, whatever that may be.
  22. I am open to learning about healthy activities I would like to be part of.
  23. My body is important to me and I am committed to taking care of it.
  24. My health is a priority.
  25. I release my being to find health gently and lovingly.

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