Which angel are you guided to today?

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Click on the image to see it completely first:)

If you were just picking by color, which angel do you feel guided to today?

I pick Archangel Gabriel, the angel of communication.

I ask him to guide my words, so that I communicate my intention from a heart space. And so it is!

Please share which angel YOU pick today in the comments section below.  – SDJ


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Comments 17

  1. Archangel Michael….for guidance and protection. I have a decision to make. I’m not feeling particularly guided one way or the other. UGG….. so protection, that the decision I do make is a good one.

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  2. Archangel Gabriel, for communication and expression, which is what I have prayed for, to help guide me this week. This was perfectly timed, Sunny, thank you. My prayer was answered, and I feel guided and protected today.

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  3. Archangel Michael- we are leaving on a trip this week and I always ask Archangel Michael to watch over us and our home while we are away.

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  4. Chamuel…… I needed help today to feel worthy of LOVE….. Nice to know it’s unconditional….. <3

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