Numerology Report – Love Is The Answer… The Gift of June’s 6 Vibration

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Love Is The Answer… The Gift of June’s 6 Vibration

May was a bit of a rough and unpredictable ride for many, me included. We said goodbye to a beloved companion, Spike, an orange Maine Coon cat, on the 8th. Although he was an old man in cat years (18+ years), he still had spunk in him. Hearts heavy, it took most of the month for our household (humans and kitties) to come to a new sense of normalcy.

That 5 vibration of change was showing up in all kinds of ways throughout May. My hope is June’s loving energy calms the waters down a bit!

June is a 6 vibration which is all about Love, Harmony, Responsibility, Acceptance, Community, Service, Beauty, Creativity, Peace and Money.

Love is always a big component of the 6 vibration. Especially love on a broader scale: family, community, humanity.

My guides told me that the theme this month is “Love is the Answer.”

The answer to what you might ask…

The answer to just about every question you have going on in your mind right now.

What does it mean “Love is the Answer?”

Simply, it is asking you to drop out of your head and into heart on issues and questions that are unsettling you and confusing you. The answer is not in your beautiful brain. The answer can be accessed through your heart and through applying love to the situation.

What do I mean by applying love to a situation?

Curiously part of May’s message is useful here: change your perspective. Instead of looking at the issue in your usual way, flip it around.

  • What part of you feels out of alignment with the situation?
  • Where are you attached to an outcome or expectation?
  • What part of you feels like you are getting a raw deal?
  • What part of you feels ignored, disrespected, or dismissed?

Then sit with that a moment. Become aware of what is it you need (emotionally, physically, or spiritually) to feel better about things? What can you do to show that part of you some love? Without having to have someone else do it for you!

As Sunny Dawn Johnston teaches, ask yourself: What Would Love Do?

If you are basing your well-being and happiness on what others will or won’t do for you, you are placing yourself in a miserable no-win zone. Show yourself some love. Your happiness does not depend on what others think, do or say.


Most acting out stems from a deep seated need for feeling loved and accepted/acceptable. At its heart, some of the harshest behavior is a cry for love, twisted by self-loathing and despair.

Love is the Answer.

Are you open to receive love?

Are you willing to love the “unlovable bits of you” that you judge as wrong, bad, broken, not enough?

Spiritual teacher, Matt Kahn, says “Whatever arises, love that.”

Give love to the pain, love to the state of lack you are in, love to every sticky situation and piece of confusion that drives you bananas.

Make it a game. Experiment. See what shifts if you start applying heaping doses of love to every situation in your life. And if that seems daunting, well pick 1 or 2 to immerse in love.


If someone else appears to be the bane of your existence, such as a family member, coworker, or friend, flip it around.

  • What might be going on with them?
  • What is the struggle really about?
  • Do you both need to be right?
  • What would love do in this situation?
  • How can you come from a place of love in this?

Drop into your heart space and ask.

Is it easy? No. It isn’t. You have to be willing to let go of your attachment to thinking of things in a specific way. Maybe there is no hard fast right or wrong. It could just be a case of different beliefs and points-of-view. And it could be misunderstanding and miscommunication leading to jockeying for the power position.


Here’s another flip it: go to the mirror.

What is this situation or person mirroring for you about you? It is often about something you dislike or judge about yourself… or fear you might secretly be like “Uncle Jim” or “Aunt Agnes” and that’s just unacceptable. So you reject that aspect of yourself. You withdraw your love or willingness to love that part of you. And your outside world starts reflecting more of that back at you. Yuck.

And again, the answer is love.

How can you love that part of you? How can you give love to the shame, the anger, the rigid beliefs, and the critical voice in your head?

Practice giving and showing love to the parts of you that you dislike. Yeah. Really.

Make it a daily practice. Instead of engaging these upstarts with resistance or hostility, try sending love to those bits of you that make you feel uncomfortable or less-than.  Notice what starts to happen, both in your inner world and your outer world.


One way to show yourself and a situation love is to accept it “as is.”

When you can accept it, you are no longer fighting it. (Note: acceptance is not, I repeat, is NOT approval!) Acceptance just says you acknowledge this is what is. Even if it isn’t what you want or the way you want it, it still is whatever it is; it still happened in whatever way it happened. You can’t change that. Stop trying!

When you reach acceptance, you regain power. You can now diffuse the resistance and the attachment to what you want it to be. This is not giving up. This is coming to presence, to the place where you can now choose a different path forward.


Part of June’s energy will be drawing your attention to where you are out of alignment with the energy of love. This is a gift, believe it or not! It shines a spotlight on these areas so you can become aware of it and begin to shift it.

Are you willing to Love what arises? Are you willing to show more love to yourself and especially the less than favorable aspects of you?

I call on Archangel Chamuel to assist you (and me!) in this process. And I invite you to request a daily dose of love and acceptance from Archangel Chamuel as well!


Other areas that might light up this month:

If you are a people pleaser or over-giver, you may experience people being more demanding so you can learn to stop a behavior that undermines your self-esteem and begin to show yourself more love and respect.

If you take responsibility for everything, you might experience people blaming you for their problems or people wanting you to take on even more responsibility.

This is a wakeup call from the Universe, showing you that you need boundaries and nudging you to say enough is enough!

This month I invite you to explore giving and receiving more love in your life. Shower yourself with small acts of love.

Look at ways to bring more beauty, creativity and peace into your life.

Every little bit helps. Even if they are small steps, small gestures, it will make a difference.

Create a beautiful month filled with love, peace and harmony!

With Love and Appreciation,


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