Numerology Report – Change Your Perspective … the Gift of May’s 5 Vibration

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Change Your Perspective … the Gift of May’s 5 Vibration

May ushers in the season for change and adventure, thanks to the fabulous 5 vibration. The number 5 pokes and teases and playfully encourages you to change things up a bit. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, this month’s energy can help you break free. It will require that you make a change of some kind. Big or small.

My guides tell me that the major theme for this May is “Change your perspective.” You can even change your life by changing your perspective! Really!

In numerology, May is a 5 vibration month. The number 5 resonates with the following characteristics: change, adaptability, flexibility, versatility, dramatic, adventurous, exciting, energetic, interesting, flamboyant, physical, enthusiastic, freethinking, futuristic, humorous, curious, free-spirited, creative, inventive, freedom, travel, and communication of all kinds.

Remember, we are in a 2 vibration year for 2018. So it makes sense that the theme would be tied to seeing things from a different perspective. (Change is a big part of the 5 vibration and a major component of the 2 vibration is duality and different points of view, different perspectives).

Along with perspectives and points of view, the 2 vibration is also focused on relationships, collaboration, partnerships, balance and peace. So you can expect the 5 vibration of May will be stirring the pot to shake things up a bit in one or more of these areas.

The 5 wants to play, have an adventure, travel, have more romance, and feel free and unencumbered. The 5 energy teaches you flexibility and adaptability.

The 5 vibration can “go squirrel” and chase down one bright shiny object after another. If you are bored, uncertain or scared of whatever your next step is to be, well the 5 vibration may take you down one rabbit hole after the other to distract you from staying on task and on target.

Of course your personal numerology will factor into this, but generally speaking, for all of May pay attention to what needs to change in the following areas:

  • Your relationships (personal and professional)
  • The way you show up for yourself
  • Expectations (What beliefs and outcomes are you attached to, what are you expecting from others, or yourself, that frustrates the crap outta you because it never seems to work out the way you wanted or hoped it would?!)
  • Your beliefs and view of the world and how it works (or doesn’t)
  • Your relationship with yourself, your body, your self-expression, your creativity, your spirit

Awareness is great. Identify what no longer feels like a good fit for you and then make a plan to change it. Sometimes changing how you react and interact in these areas will shift the whole thing back into alignment.

Other times, a more major change is required, such as walking away from a harsh relationship, leaving a soul-sucking job, or letting go of something or someone that isn’t working out no matter how much effort you put into it.

Changing your perspective requires changing the way you see things and being open to different possibilities. Looking at things with “fresh” eyes.

When you always view things or believe things to be a certain way, it’s sort of like looking through a tiny hole in a piece of paper and believing that what you see is all that exists. If you put down the paper and looked out a large window, you now have a broader perspective of what is out there. And if you were flying on the back of a huge Eagle, you’d see the world in new and wondrous ways. And if you were orbiting the Earth in the Space Station, you’d let go of many of your fixed beliefs and begin to open to the miracles that are present every moment of every day.

It’s all in your perspective. Change your perspective, change your life. Simple. Ahh, yes, simple, and not always so easy to do.

A shift in your perspective could also reveal the truth to what is holding you back or keeping feeling stuck and confused. And being willing to let go of it having to be a certain way could open the door to the clarity and solution you seek.

One way you can playfully start shifting your perspective is to invite childlike wonder into your life to help you see things in a different way and look at familiar objects as if seeing them for the first time. I like doing this in nature. It is very nurturing and expansive!  You begin to see things you never realized were there before as you look closely at petals of a flower or blades of grass. It starts to fill you with wonder and delight.

Each change you make from your normal routine starts opening new possibilities for you. Play with going to work a different way, switch up the order of your daily rituals, and experiment with eating at different restaurants or ordering foods you’ve not tasted before.

I invite you to change your perspective on one thing in your life. Then notice what happens!

In addition to changing your perspective and opening up to other points of view, there might be a couple of other changes brewing in your life.  Your Soul might be whispering to you, inspiring you to make changes that are in alignment with your spirit and resonates with your soul.

So … What change or changes do you feel you need to make?

What changes is your heart calling you to make?

What changes will slide you back into alignment with your authentic self?

Once you identify something that you’d like to change, use the power of curiosity (another 5 vibration trait) to help you get clarity. I like to ask one or more of these illuminating questions:

  • “I wonder why I feel this way …”
  • “I wonder what this might really be about …”
  • “I wonder what my life would be like if I make this change …”
  • “I wonder what this might be trying to teach me …”
  • “I wonder why I am still holding on to this … what is it I want from this in order to be willing to finally let it go …

These wonderings are not to be answered by your beautiful and logical brain! Instead, you allow intuition, hunches and gut feelings to fill in some of the blanks and notice what ideas pop into your mind, perhaps prompted by a song, or something you read or see, that sheds new light on the old situation.

Now let’s take a brief look at the flip side of the fabulous 5

The shadow-side of the 5 Vibration includes the following:

  • Boredom, restlessness, and jealousy
  • Distractions, bright-shiny-object syndrome, fickleness and inability to focus
  • Impulsiveness, being temperamental and throwing your hands in the air and walking away from everything
  • And because we’re in a 2-year, impatience, over-sensitivity, illusion and confusion are also potential shadow dancers

Before throwing a tantrum or tossing in the towel, take a few centering breaths and do an internal check-in to see what is really going on. What change might you require, what tweaks could you do to begin restoring your balance and sense of direction again … and adding fun to the mix helps with this too!

Remember, Change is how the Universe and everything in it grows and evolves. Take inventory … do an internal and external check on what needs to change in order for you to enjoy your life more and feel better about yourself.

Play more, laugh more, get creative, and practice seeing things and approaching things from a different perspective. Go on an adventure!

Create a month that delights you!

With love and appreciation for you,


Karen M. Winkelman

Intuitive Consultant for Your Life, Career and Business, Speaker, Writer, Numerologist, and Past Life Guide



Karen works with her “Celestial Spirit Posse” and yours, blending intuition, wisdom and spiritual teachings with practical guidance, compassion and a wickedly playful sense of humor. She’s a creative with a strong business background in marketing. She empowers other creatives and heart-centered professionals to find clarity and direction, gain insight, bust through blocks, get unstuck, take back their power, and shift the shit that gets in the way of owning their gifts, stepping out and thriving. She has helped many people face their fears, heal old wounds and transform their life. Karen is on a mission to help others to learn to love and accept themselves, exactly as they are. She is available for private sessions and speaking engagements.

If you’d like to know your personal numerology forecast for 2018 or if you’d like some support with making some changes in your life, I’d love to work with you if we’re a fit. Let’s connect: and

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