Numerology Report – Allowing Abundance – The Gift of August’s 8 Vibration

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Allowing Abundance –The Gift of August’s 8 Vibration

When you hear (or read) the word Abundance, what immediately comes to mind for you? Close your eyes for a moment and allow your imagination to conjure images of abundance for you.

What pops in? Maybe it flows like the waterfall in the picture, or appears like a treasure chest. Just be aware of what things your mind connects with the concept of abundance.

Now close your eyes again and take a nice deep relaxing breath. When you think about the word Abundance, how do you feel?

Do you feel expansive, relaxed, and light? Or maybe you feel constricted or nervous or anxious in some way. Just notice what comes up for you. No judgement.

And speaking of judgment, when you hear, read, or even think about abundance, what judgments jump in for you, muddying the true essence of the word?

The word “Abundance” is steeped in rich layers of meaning.

The dictionary defines is as a large or great quantity. Other words that describe parts of its essence are: profusion, plenty, richness, plethora, excess, lavish, copious, prosperity, fortune, wealth.

Its opposite is lack and scarcity.

Can you live a simple and abundant life? Yes.

Can you be fabulously wealthy and live a life of scarcity instead of abundance? Yes.

Sometimes when we think of abundance – or being abundant – we respond physically with involuntary constriction. This is coming from that place of lack inside of you that may not trust, feel you deserve, or be willing to receive abundance for any number of reasons.

If you responded in this way, that’s great, because you have just identified a place where judgement is blocking your flow. And that judgment has created a self-imposed limit on your ability to receive more abundance. Besides, now that you know it is there you can begin to do something about changing it!

So clearly there is more to Abundance than just material acquisition.

What does this word mean for you?

For me it is a state of being as well as a mindset. An energy thing. A vibration thing. A coming together of heaven and earth. Spiritual plus Material.

And that is the essence of the 8 vibration we are in for the month of August.

This month my guides tell me the 8 vibration is encouraging you to allow more abundance into your life.

The 8 vibration is about Abundance, Power, Appreciation, Wealth, Prosperity, Fame, Recognition, Leadership, Success, Problem-solving, Organizing, Potential, and Material Mastery.

When you look at the 8 on its side, you’ll notice it is an infinity symbol. Anything and everything is possible. The 8 brings together the resources of heaven (spirit plane) and earth (material plane).

The 8 teaches that true success and an abundant life comes when you allow yourself to be guided by spirit.

Back to the whole “allowing” piece.

We live in an abundant Universe, on an abundant planet… yet we struggle to make ends meet. We fear there are not enough resources to go around. We might excel at making money, but suck at having money. (Yeah, the “having” piece of it trips many people up… it comes in and goes out, in and out, in and out, like the tide! What if you could have a reservoir?)

What if the only thing standing between you and what you desire is your ability to believe it is possible and be willing to actually receive it?

I know. I know. I get tripped up by this as well.

Law of Attraction says you must be a vibrational match for what you desire.

  1. So what does that actually mean?

No one gives you a catalog with all the items you want with an actual vibrational frequency listed by each one instead of a price. Might be cool though…

I haven’t mastered this yet. (Which pisses me off to no end, btw.) However, I do know that your frequency becomes more attractive to the things you desire when you are in any of these 3 vibrational states:

  1. Joy
  2. Appreciation
  3. Gratitude

And the things you desire drift further away when you focus all your energy on vibrational zapping things like:

  • Wanting the thing
  • Thinking and talking about what you don’t have
  • Complaining, bitching, moaning, and woe-is-me-ing
  • Getting or trying to get something (this includes the insidious “giving to get” behavior)

There are probably a few more in each category, yet I think this gets the point across.


A word about want and wanting…

Want and desire are two different things. The older meaning and primary energetic essence of the word “want” means to lack.

If you want money and focus on wanting more money, well the Universe interprets this as you are lacking money and you desire to lack even more money. Arrrgghhh! So unexpected bills show up, things break down, and debt piles up.

And this I know from my own experience.

Right now I am playing with “having money” instead of wanting money.  Having money assumes you already have it, so it can grow. Wanting money assumes you lack money and that lack grows.

This is one way vibrations of desire and receiving line up.

In order to allow more abundance in your life, you might have to explore what beliefs are getting in the way of you having this. It might be simply redirecting your focus away from the buzz-killing energy-deflating behaviors mentioned above.

What might your life be like if you refrained from dwelling in those mental and emotional states, and behaviors?

Happier? Probably.

More abundant? Quite possibly.

I invite you to give it a try.

Every time you find yourself slipping into the complaining, wanting, don’t have-ness zone, immediately start naming things you are grateful for. Start with 5 things. Continue on if you dare.

Then think about what you appreciate. Feel that appreciation. Express that appreciation… out loud and often!

And maybe allow yourself some fun and play times to stimulate joy. For me creating puts me in a state of joy. For you it might be seeing kitten or puppy videos, cooking a delicious meal, or playing with a child.

Start allowing more and more goodness into your life. Allow yourself to see all the abundance already in your life and all that is out there in the world. Appreciate it.


If you are interested, here are a few other attributes of the 8 vibration…

The Light Side of the 8 radiates: fame, power, fortune, personal power, wealth, prosperity, charitable, wise, abundant, success, leadership, executive ability, spiritual, kind, considerate, courageous, helpful, humanitarian, perceptive, charming, ambitious, reliable, expanding, inspiring, creating systems/order, prioritizing, organizing, problem-solving, potential and potency.

The Shadow Side of the 8 is steeped in: impatience (for self & others) and is easily knocked off balance, which is especially true this year, since the shadow of 2018’s 2 vibration also includes impatience and imbalance!

The frustrated 8 shadow gets very indignant, bossy, stubborn, over-indulgent, and may succumb to manipulation, depression, vanity, jealousy, deception, and total chaos. Just trying to get its way.

The darkest shadow of the 8 is the control freak who gives the driver seat to ego and materialistic pursuits… at any cost.

And the most common shadow element of the 8 is financial instability. The money roller-coaster.


Public Service Announcement… Mercury is Retrograde

  • Mercury went Retrograde on July 26th
  • It will end on August 18th.
  • But… there is still the shadow effect in play until September 2nd.
  • And we still have a whole bunch of planets in retrograde adding to the intensity

So find time to just be… only start things that were hold-overs from the past. Nothing brand spanking new until September… ok?!


This month, appreciate the abundance in and around you. Play with energy enhancing activities… practice them until they become new habits

May you be blessed with Abundance this August (and every month!)

With Love and Appreciation,


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