Here comes Mercury Retrograde.. 10 ways to walk through this time with grace and ease

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By now, you have probably heard someone say… “Oh, It’s Mercury retrograde” It has just begun and many people are already “feeling” the effects… possibly without even knowing it. Now, I’m not an expert in Mercury retrograde… nor am I an astrologer. I’m a psychic medium and someone who is sensitive to energy…. just like you. I notice when the energy shifts… especially the strong shifts. As I tune into the energy (and look at the calendar) I usually discover that Mercury is retrograde… and I take a breath, look up how long it will be in retrograde….and then plan to move forward at a slower pace… knowing the it always has something to teach me. Not that I always love this… but, I can either hit my head against the wall, pushing and forcing OR go with the flow of Mercury in retrograde… and embrace it’s teachings. Which do you choose?

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Usually, three or sometimes four times a year, the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards in the sky for a period of approximately 3 weeks. Technically, planets don’t actually move backwards…. they don’t even slow down but as mercury passes the earth in its orbit… it appears to slow down, stop (station) and spin backward (retrograde). Of course, it really isn’t moving backward… it’s an optical illusion, since there is forward movement, like speeding by a slow-moving train — as it recedes, it appears to go backward. In astrology, Mercury rules communication, travel, and technology—so all of these areas can feel out of control during these three weeks.

We are coming into a Mercury retrograde time!  The dates this round are: Dec 19, 2016 to Jan 8, 2017 So this retrograde period will last until January 8th (2017) Woohoo.. Just in time for the Holidays and to see and heal those thing in our family relationships that need attention… Aren’t you excited about this?? It truly is a great opportunity to reassess and release behaviors and patterns that no longer serve you.! It is truly a time to look within and at the whys… within yourself 🙂

Just as an FYI… The next Mercury retrograde dates for 2017 are:

April 9 – May 3, 2017
August 12 – Sept 5, 2017
December 3 – December 22, 2017

You can’t hold your breath until Mercury goes direct… Not gonna happen! So… here are some reminders and suggestions to walk through Mercury Retrograde with Grace and ease;)

As with anything, I think it is important not to get into fear, but to just have awareness. Pure and simple. Just like when you know you are going to have a serious conversation. Don’t plan on it being confrontational… it’s just conversation until you put your own fears into it. Fear of the conversation  oftentimes creates THE confrontation.. A retro time can be a time of great insight, often helping us to tune into the energy of things left undone, unseen or areas of unawareness. Mercury Retrograde gives us the chance to do things a second time… successfully and in a good way. It allows us to stop, look, listen, and redirect our energies more productively. Mercury also helps us find closure to certain situations. But, we have to be wiling to see it this way… as an opportunity, instead of a punishment or something to fear.

So if you are feeling a bit off right now,  or worrying about whats to come… mercury could have something to do with it… not something to blame.. I repeat.. NOT something to blame. Mercury could be inspiring you to slow down, look deeper and be present in the moment. Get it?? Having been aware of mercury retro for many many years, and doing my best to maintain my energy, focus and senses during this time, I have a few tips that might help you too:)

Sunny’s tips to move through Mercury Retrograde with Awareness, Grace and Ease:

1. Back up all electronics – Data of any kind – It always sucks when things get lost.. so be on the prepared and safe side… you don’t always have to learn the hard way, do you?

2. Be a witness to the events that are showing up from the past… there is still something to learn – If people, issues, or events from your past are coming back into your life, there is still some work to do. Don’t get mad, get clear. Look at the situation with love and listen to your heart. It will guide you.

3. Don’t take things personally – It’s very easy to take things personally during retrograde.. just this awareness can help you shift the energy. Don’t take anything personal 🙂

4. Communicate Clearly – Mercury rules all types of communication. So whether it is writing, speaking, reading, social media or technology that transmits communication… like cell phone and computers.. You want to be clear in your communication. Don’t fire off an angry email. Read and re-read any important messages before you hit send and ask Archangel Gabriel to guide your words when communicating with someone or something that is challenging.

5. Be open to changes in your regular schedule – Realize that this is a time to allow flexibility. It can show you areas in your life where you are very rigid and need to let go of some control. Always fun, right?

6. Pay attention to the repeating patterns that are showing themselves at this time in your life – Truly, take the time to look within and see what patterns are showing up for you.. WITHIN you. Don’t focus on others right now, take an inventory of YOU!

7. Check things off your to-do list – this is a great time to get clarity on what you do want and take action towards it. The retrograde is like a time of review. it’s a time to tie up those loose ends and create a clear vision for the future. Focus on one thing everyday that has been on your to do list for months.. and do it. Taking advantage of this time will put you way ahead of the game when Mercury goes direct… and you will feel better taking action.

8. Don’t sweat the small stuff – You’ve heard this saying before.. now it is time to live it. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and in the big scheme of things, it’s all small stuff.

9. Check and double check travel info – Many people have travel, schedule and itinerary issues during retrograde.. Don’t get a riled up if things change, you are rerouted, late, etc.. Give yourself a little extra space and time, again, to be flexible… knowing that everything is in divine time 🙂 That can be hard around the Holidays, but boy is it important.

10. Breathe – If you begin to feel overwhelmed, out of control or down.. take 15 minutes and focus on your breath. You are alive and breathing and that is reason enough to celebrate.

Again, please remember, don’t get into fear.. get into awareness..

Here are some true, funny and light hearted images about Mercury Retrograde that I found fun and amusing… and sometimes true:) Enjoy 🙂

PS: If you enjoyed this blog, please share with others and comment below. How does Mercury affect you? I’d love to hear from you:) – SDJ♥

PSS: Happy Happy Holidays my friend:)

Click here to watch a video on Mercury Retrograde too:)


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  1. My goodness…thank you for the heads up. My sensitive self appreciates it! Yes, I’m feeling it, especially with Christmas a few short day away, children, grandchildren, nursing home cookies to get out and share and onward! I’m feeling #5, #7 & #8 And I’m wondering why I’m having difficulty keeping it together. …I like your message and the sharing of your wisdom… Go slow. Remember what’s important. Use a checklist, and enjoy it. …I once asked a “Horned Toad” out in the desert what his philosophy on life was and this is what I heard back, “Get them while they’re there. Enjoy them. Then let them go,” as he was eyeing an ant den. He goes about the business of living, while using his natural attributes. Think that’s all I can do with ease and grace, that being to feel my way through it, along with your suggestions. Happy Holidays!

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  2. Always good reminders, which can also be used as good tools for other days, too. Do our best to be our best!
    The photo of the pinkish sweater with what appears to have a human being inside it is hilarious!
    With a smile uplifting our spirits we can accomplish whatever we need to do.

  3. I really enjoyed watching you live today and have you call my name and read the short comment I posted. I haven’t felt this fired up and ready to receive in a very long time. I love everything that has to do with Angels,
    they truly are amazing and evident in my life. Mostly I also like to thank you Sunny for your uplifting prayers and everything you do for us all. May God and the Angels always empower you, because through you miracles in the lives of many are a possibility. Blessed be – And so mote it be !!!

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      That is very kind. thank you for the blessings.. so happy to hear you are fired up! Love it:) stay connected:)

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