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Big Changes and the loss and gain that comes with them

Have you ever made a BIG change, like a life altering change? One that scares the hell out of you but its a must to your Spirit? It can be scary right?
I know that feeling, I’ve made a lot of them, both in my personal life and in my biz. The thing is, what I knew that was even stronger than the fear of change, was the fear of not changing. The fear of not moving forward. The fear of staying in the “comfort” of the cycle forever.
For me personally, I prefer change to the energy of “stuckness”. The part that is hard, or harder than the change, is the fact that some people just won’t come along, aren’t ready for change, don’t want the change, think that things are absolutely fine or..Β  they are simple unaware of just how necessary that change is for you.
The process that has worked for me is to recognize, that it is OK, if people don’t come along. Actually, it might even be better.I know, it can be hard to see in the moment, because it feels like such loss, but just knowing that the Universe is on your side, and that the changes you are making are for the higher good, whether people come along with you or not….is priceless.
Trust your intuition, trust your guidance,trust your heart…and listen. If you put your hand in your heart, you will know if it is best to stay comfortable, or if it is time to move forward… with or without someone.
I remember when I first started my biz. I had a friend that just couldn’t “go there” with me. She wasn’t willing to see me as the person I had grown into. It had been several years from the last time we really spent any time together and she was use to to insecure, questioning, fear based person that I was. She noticed I was “different”… and I was. I didn’t know it at the time, but I think that she was afraid of losing me as I began to grow and heal and expand.Β  Unfortunately… or fortunately, that did happen, she did lose me.. or we lost each other. Not because I grew, but because she wasn’t willing to come along with me and I wasn’t willing to stay stuck in the energy of who I had been. I was no longer willing to play the role of victim. I wasn’t interested in the drama, chaos, etc. I had learned a new way… and I was moving forward.
The truth is, that was much of our connection… our pain. Yes, we had some good times, yes we were great friends at a time when we really needed each other and I never could have lived through some of my life without her. However, when I got to a place where I was moving forward, she wasn’t.. at least not in the direction I was…

AND THAT IS OK!!!!!!!!

It didn’t feel that way at the time. I spent a lot of hours questioning why???? Eventually, I simply realized, I am changing, and I was… a lot. And.. I liked who I was changing into. Some people aren’t going to like the new me…. but I DO. Some people aren’t going to be able to see me in a new light.. but I DO. And some people just aren’t willing to take a step with me, and I am not willing to NOT step! It’s important to sate here also, that there is nothing wrong with not taking that step. She was simply walking her journey the way she felt guided… our paths simply were not longer aligned. That is all.
So, as you are changing and growing… Please… don’t make it about anyone else. Don’t stop short simply because other people are uncomfortable and at the same time, don’t force your NEW ways onto anyone. The universe has a way of naturally shifting these relationships. No one has to have done anything wrong, it is just time for a change.
One of the last times I saw my friend, I had invited her and her new husband to a talk I was doing at the library on Positive Affirmations and how they can change your life… She popped in, a little late, and I was sooooo happy to see her there. I thought it might open a new door for us. Instead, that is when it began to close completely.
Was it Coincidence, Synchronicity? The Universe at large?
I still think about her, from time to time. She popped up the other day in my heart…. and I sent her love… as I always do. She taught me so muchΒ  and was such a good friend during our time together. I honor our own individual journeys and recognize, that sometimes, for no “wrong” reason, BIG change is meant to happen, and not everyone comes along….





OK πŸ™‚

18 thoughts on “Big Changes and the loss and gain that comes with them”

  1. Sunny,
    This so resonates with me right now! Its exactly what I needed to see and read. Coincidence?
    Thank you for all you do!

  2. I’m catching up on your posts. So many are resonating with me right now, especially this one. I’ve said goodbye to a handful of friends since I was at the MBS class. Some of which have been around 20 years. This is reminding me that I don’t need to continue questioning myself and decisions being made. I love where I’m heading and I thank you for your no BS style as well as your ability to be so transparent. You truly are an inspiration to me in that no matter where you’ve been and what you have seen, the possibilities are endless.

  3. Perfect timing! I recently experienced rejection from a group of women I had joined together with to open a healing center. My vibrational energy changed much like yours did and no longer matched theirs. What you wrote here has helped me more than you can imagine! Thank you so much!

  4. Perfect timing in my life for this article! You always seem to know when I need to hear these certain things. Thank you soooo much Sunny for all you do!

  5. I am experiencing HUGE, significant, positive and necessary changes in my life and in my way of thinking. I understand that in order to manifest my dreams and be all that I can be and be who I truly am, I need to experience and go through all of this. For when I come out through the other end, I will be a much better person and will truly be happy. I understand that other people may not be able to comprehend my new level of consciosness, and that’s okay. They don’t need to come along for the ride. They, too, have a role to play and serve a higher purpose right where they’re at.

  6. I remember a few years ago when i was going thru some of the same and you shared this and also the fact that if you chose to.stay where you were that you would where you helping people..we all have.choices even those we love… listen to your souls calling and choose wisely

  7. Another message in sync with what is currently going on in my life at this time, Sunny. Thank you for helping me to see the journey and pathways, and for former friends to be able to travel their way and I travel my way. We met up at a time for a reason, and served each other well during that time frame. Once I moved on, I also have said prayers and sent them well wishes, but glad I moved on when I did. Changes do happen for a reason. It allows us to grow further into who we truly are, which is a spirit of love. Angel blessings to you and everyone, as you help us see the reasons for certain things happening in our lives, Sunny.

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