Believing is Seeing

Every November, I look forward to speaking at one of my favorite events, Celebrate Your Life. Year after year I have been so very blessed to be a speaker at this amazing conference and connect with people in such deep and humbling ways. It is always amazing and fulfilling. Always. This year, it was a little different. It was retreat style. Instead of being held in Phoenix, Arizona, where it usually is, it was held in Sedona, Arizona … which is one of my favorite places to visit. If you haven’t been there, it is a MUST… for sure!
So, a few of weeks ago, we were blessed again to be in Sedona, Arizona … the vortex capital of the US … amazing red rock as far as the eye can see. So many canyons and cliffs and valleys to explore on foot and mountain biking … although I prefer on foot. The contrast of the rich green trees among the red rock is breathtaking.
So, Kris (my amazing SOUL musician) and I, along with John Holland and Michael Beckwith had the honor of smudging the participants as they entered for the opening event that the AMAZING Denise Linn and Uqualla are hosting. We were so blessed to offer this clearing under the moonlight on the eve of the full moon. So many people with sadness in their heart but light in their eyes … coming to this event to be filled up, connected, and reminded of their value; others coming to receive support and guidance and community. Events like these are always so valuable to me, in so many ways. They fill ME UP just as much as they do the participants.
We had a workshop on Friday afternoon, which was truly inspiring to hear the connections people made as they did some of our experiential exercises. The tears tell the story oftentimes, but man I do love to hear the stories of complete strangers feeling unconditional love in the hearts in a matter of 4 minutes.

It is AMAZING!!!!




Friday night, we had a beautiful dinner and story time with Denise Linn. She shared a great story, and she had so many fun and AWESOME stories that I don’t recall which one specifically, but after it she suggested that everyone pay attention to the signs that Spirit is leaving for us. She gave the example of a white feather. Suggesting to the audience of 350 people that Spirit would show up in the form of signs and perhaps one sign might be a feather. The audience loved her stories. I simply LOVE her!
So, Saturday rolls around, and we are so excited to journey with a group of people to one of my favorite places in Sedona, Buddha Beach at Red Rock Crossing. We are blessed to board the buses with so many people excited to see Oak Creek for the first time, the most perfect view of Cathedral Rock there is, and to experience an invocation with the angels and a cairn building opportunity.
Due to a short delay and a little more mud than we had seen in years, we were about 30 minutes behind schedule … I call that being on Sedona time:) When we finally arrived, we came upon the first powerful vortex energy. All of Sedona is a vortex really, but there are several areas where it is the strongest. This is one of those areas. So, I asked the group to stop here and lay on the red rock to feel the energy and power from this vortex. As they did so, I was guided to walk around for a bit to help them connect, share a few words and then have them sit in silence, tuning into the energy and observing what they felt …

During those quiet moments, I felt called to invoke the archangels. So, as my group sat in silence, I invited the archangels into our space, asking them to allow each person the perfect experience for their highest good. As the group meditated, I took a deep breath, and looked up. This is what I saw.



At the same time that I saw it, a woman in our group looked up and saw it too. I quickly brought everyone back to present moment and asked them to gently look up. Everyone was in awe as they pointed out to each other the miracle in the sky, all of us also remembering what Denise had suggested … that Spirit would show us a sign, in the form of a feather!

It was AMAZING!!!!!

Not unbelievable …




You see … Seeing isn’t believing. Not in my world anyway. I see many things that others don’t see.

Believing is seeing. That’s more like it. When you believe, you will see …

and Oh, my friend, the things you will see. If you only believe!








The rest of the event was amazing and miraculous and so much more … which I will share at a later time. But I wanted to be sure to get this fabulous story to you today … to uplift and inspire you … and hopefully to remind you …  like the great Wayne Dyer would always say …

If you’d like to learn more about some of my upcoming events or traveling with me on retreat in Arizona, Sedona, Cancun or Thailand, check out this link for my calendar of events You can also contact my assistant robin@sunnydawnjohnston.com

21 thoughts on “Believing is Seeing”

  1. Oh, Sunny!
    Thank you for sharing this!
    So often, I have taken photos of my white feather clouds…
    My heart just soars when I see them…
    What a profound experience for all of you at the gathering…
    Believing is seeing!
    Sending you love and light and Angel Hugs,

  2. Sunny!! We love you so much and always love having you at our Celebrate Your Life events. You are truly a divine spiritual teacher and I know when people walk into your workshops that they will be filled with deep insights and life-changing experiences. You Rock!!

  3. Wow! That was incredible! Thank you so much Sunny for sharing!
    A trip to Sedona with you has been on my wish list for years!

  4. I am interested in finding out more information regarding the Thailand trip.
    Please send me dates, cost etc…
    Thank you.

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