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BE the LIGHT!!!!!!!!! A spiritual perspective on the Orlando shootings

I offer this open and raw video as a way… not the right way.. simply one way… my way… to help shift the energy around this and other tragedies that are happening in our world today. We are all in this together… Love is the answer!
If you align with the message, please share. Sending love to all – SDJ

17 thoughts on “BE the LIGHT!!!!!!!!! A spiritual perspective on the Orlando shootings”

  1. thank you so much….Focusing on…Love..and trusting..we are all..Evolving…into a and compassion..for everything..and everyone…on this planet…trying my best to be Neutral…to all the News…Media..ect..and trusting..holding my space..ALWAYS..LOVE..

  2. As soon as I heard what happened, I prayed and asked for Archangel Michael’s assistance with this situation. I also asked all the angels to bring Love and Compassion to bring everyone’s vibration higher, and be the light of the world rather than turn to the dark. Thank you, Sunny. I really appreciate you speaking out today. We truly need peace in the world.

  3. This morning I started crying and I didn’t know why. I usually don’t get up in the morning and start crying for no reason. So in exploring my feelings I felt judgement and persecution by others and how horrible the world is to allow all this pain. I am not a stranger to those feelings so I thought they were mine, but why come up out of the blue. An hour later I heard about the shooting and watched your video and you said you felt it too. Maybe I am not a mess just sensitive to what’s going on.
    Thank you for this video it was very helpful. Your right we cannot stay in these feelings. Sometimes I stay in them too long just trying to understand why and it is not doing anyone any good by doing that. Love is what changes things.

  4. Hector Dequevedo

    RMann this is nonsense these poeple get away with murder we need to close these borders like D Donald TRUMP says

  5. Thank you so much for speaking to this today. Your words are spot on. Thank you for the reminder that We Are One and that the best response we can put forth is one of Love and Light and Connection and Comfort and Compassion for everyone. I just cannot thank you enough! Bless you! 🙂

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