Do many of you do automatic writing?

Some people call it channeling … some may refer to spirit guided writing – where you feel like you are being guided, rather than it actually being your words. Today, I’d like to talk a little bit about that.

Automatic writing is something that I think gets misunderstood a lot.

I think that a lot of people think it’s kinda creepy – and the reality of it is people are doing it all the time. There have been many, many, many – I think more than what people know – singer / songwriters that have written their songs and they have done automatic writing. Channeled them. Paul McCartney will has said, numerous times, that he, I don’t think he used the word channeled, but that he was guided to the words of his song, Let It Be. You know … Let it be, let it be, and then mother Mary comes to me. I think a lot of us think of Mother Mary … but his mother was Mary. So, his mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be.

Carol King channeled much of her music. There are so many singers and songwriters and poets and writers that are channeling. The Course in Miracles is a channel. It is a book that was automatically written and the person that wrote it was an atheist. She just literally got out of the way and let the information come to her. Stevie Nicks channels her songs.

So automatic writing / channeling – same thing. Semantics, right? So, when we think about automatic writing though, I think it is a little bit of a negative energy because people get freaked out when they think about channeling. “Ooh, I don’t want something to come through me and I don’t know what that is.” Here’s the thing: your deceased loved ones, your angels, and your guides … they’re around you all the time. Whether you like it or not, they’re there; you might not access them, and you might. I hope you do. It may be more familiar than you think!

Automatic writing – we can do this a lot of different ways – but what I found when I first started doing automatic writing is, I didn’t actually know that’s what I was doing. And I wasn’t doing it intentionally. There’s no particular right or wrong way to do it, because it’s really more about just doing it.

When I do classes in person, oftentimes I actually have people do automatic writing without them really even knowing what they’re doing. And it’s always amazing to everyone how many hits they get when they just get out of the way, or when they think it’s just doing it for fun, instead of being so serious about it. So that ego, that mind, that says, “okay, I can’t mess up. I gotta do it right, etc.” gets in the way.

So, here’s the general format and you’re going to be like, “seriously Sunny, that’s it?” Yeah. We make things a lot harder than they are. We make them a lot harder than they have to be, especially when it comes to the Spirit world. We have this idea that somehow the Spirit world is separate from us.

We are this Spirit in the world, embodied. We are the Spirit embodied into this body; yours into your body. And then there are spirits that are not bodied. And all of us make up the Spirit world. Spirit world isn’t up there or down there. It is, period. Here. Everywhere. And we are part of the Spirit world. We just happen to be the physical, alive ones right now. Okay?

So Number One – first thing I always suggest – get a notebook / piece of paper, pen, all your things … light a candle, if you want … and then I always suggest that you do some kind of an invocation / prayer to help you to hold your own energy – to maintain your own energy so that you don’t absorb any other energies – so that you stay clear and connected and pure and true to the highest, greatest good for you.

So, I always start there – as an energy channel of light and love. From there, there is a variety of different ways you could begin.

You can literally just ask in your mind, “Spirit, what is it that I need to know?” And then you just start writing whatever you hear, or whatever you feel, or whatever you see, or whatever.

You could actually ask a specific question, and then start writing whatever you hear, whatever you feel, whatever you see, or whatever comes to you.

You could focus on a message for someone else you know, or the world, or a family member. Maybe you know John is having a challenging time. Is there any guidance for him? And then you just write what’s coming to you and through you, what you are seeing and feeling.  

Often, what happens when you start writing is that generally, in the beginning of the writing, it is totally you. So, it’s you answering the questions. It is you writing, because it’s the part of us that feels like we’ve got to have something we want to be in control of. We know the answer. We write the words. So usually at the very beginning, it’s you writing that, whatever it is it’s coming through.

But what happens is then as you settle into the energy and you continue to invite Spirit to come to you and through you to share the message, then a lot of times the writing changes … the handwriting changes … the language of the words that you use changes. For me, my automatic writings have somewhere in them the term “dear one.” It might be “we love you, dear one.” “We’re with you, dear one.” “Dear one, please ….” It’s always, “dear one.” And you will never hear me say that in a conversation. That’s just not Sunny’s language, right? So, the languaging, like the style of language that you would use oftentimes shows up differently. The format that it comes in may change. Sometimes it will be just words. Sometimes it will be repeated words, or repeated sentences over and over and over again. Sometimes it’s in story form. Sometimes it’s just paragraphs. Sometimes just a sentence … and then another sentence … and a sentence, and then a sentence. And so each and any can be ways that they come through. It’s not right. It’s not wrong. It just is. And the formats are always different for everyone.

The other thing you will notice after you kind of get out of your head is generally the handwriting starts to change. Like literally, you might be writing in kind of your normal writing, whatever that is … and then all the sudden it shifts. It slants differently. It’s bigger, or smaller. It’s tighter, or more spacious. Whichever it may be, the handwriting takes on a different look.

And sometimes you can feel it, like you feel the change happen. So, those are some of the ways that you start to know that you are actually channeling a message versus just responding to the message.

I think probably the most important piece is the beginning: Doing an intention and calling in Archangel Michael, for instance, to set the intention for having clear energy; being connected to Spirit and Source, and you’re not pulling in any lower vibrations. That is number one, most important.

Number two, when you were doing the automatic writing, it doesn’t have to be for 25 minutes. It can just be for four or five minutes. That is totally fine. When you’re writing though, what I want you to think about is that when you’re writing, you are wanting to bring energy to you and through you, and out through the paper. So, I would prefer you doing it with your hand – like writing with your hand, versus doing it on the computer. You can do it on the computer (and if you won’t do it at all, then doing it on the computer is better than not doing it at all.) But I prefer to have you do it through your hands … so it’s moving energy through you … moving the energy through you.

And finally, if I’ve got this energy moving through me, right? And I’ve got the initial impressions coming and I am writing them down now … and then oftentimes what’s going to happen is you’re going to stop because you don’t have another thought coming. This is the final piece. This is the secret.

Keep your pen moving.

You keep the energy moving … you keep the energy moving. So, if you do little scribbles or little doodles – it doesn’t matter to me – but you keep the pen on the paper, keep it moving. So that energy stays activated … and then what will happen is when you get into that flow of the energy, then more words will come.

But the secret is to keep the pen to paper and keep it moving so you are not starting and stopping the process. You don’t want to find yourself checking in here in your head, and then it’s hard to drop back. It’s hard to go back and forth. I don’t want you to drop it.

I want you to stay focused on letting the energy move through you.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with Automatic Writing. Give it a try my friend and let the messages flow to you and through you! And leave me a comment below and let me know how that felt for you!

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1 thought on “Automatic Writing”

  1. This really resonates with me! I knew that my artwork and poetry were not mine, but didn’t realize that I was channeling!
    When ever I have a vision of a sketch, I see it’s creation from beginning to end. Sometimes I argue and say, That’s too beautiful! I can’t do that!”. But then will keep having the visions until I put pencil to paper and once I start I cannot stop until finished. Then once completed, I ask, “What do you wish people to reflect on when they look at your work?” That’s when the poetry flows! Most time so fast that I have to say, “Slow down, I don’t want to miss anything!” It’s not my artwork, I’m just an instrument. The sketches and poetry are always very spiritual and at a level beyond my own.

    Also when supporting others in writing it flows in poetic form.

    I wonder if these are automatic/channel writings ? What do you think/feel?

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