Lately, I’ve been watching different people to observe kind of the process of what they do to connect, and how they post and all that kind of stuff … and one of the things that I have noticed is that a lot of them – not all of them, but lots of them – they always have like perfect skin … not a mark on their face … no age spots or wrinkles. I’m not complaining …  I’m just saying: not everybody could have perfect skin. I know this sounds crazy. I know a lot of people use filters … I’m not telling you anything you don’t know. But it was new to me.

So that got me to looking at things through a different lens. And what I was noticing was how many images were out there with filters. Hmmmm … we put so many masks up in our daily lives … and in social media, a lot of people say our lives are shared in its “Facebook version” – all the things that are great that are happening out here. And then there are all the shitty things that happen in some aspects of the rest of our world, and we don’t share those.

I’ve never been one to feel that way. I feel like whatever’s happening is happening. And I want to share with you where I’m at, what’s happening, whether it’s good, bad, or otherwise. I also have a Mastermind group- a beautiful group of women that are really learning and working on vulnerability and authenticity and showing up. So, it kinda shocks me that there are so many people that go to social media and look at or listen to accounts of people that really aren’t being authentic, but then compare themselves to it. They compare themselves to the people that are using all these filters and making everything look like it’s perfect when it really just isn’t perfect … and then they are feeling bad about themselves and the buttons that it pushes and the triggers that that brings up.

Do any of you ever do that? Are you taking in content of some type and you feel worse afterwards than you did before? I think you’ve got to ask the question: Why am I on this page? Why am I listening to this?

We want things that are going to lift us up, things that are going to expand us. So maybe it doesn’t always lift us up in the sense of, “Ooh, I feel airy fairy and lovey and light.” Maybe it’s like, shit, I got some work to do. That’s okay. But if it’s ever gets you to a place where you are comparing, comparing, comparing … if you are feeling worse about yourself, based on them being better than you – whether that’s because of the way they look, whether it’s because they have so many more followers, whether it’s whatever – whatever it is that you’re comparing – you can never get out of comparison and feel good. Anytime you are comparing, you’re either finding something wrong with you, or something wrong with the other person. And neither one of those will ever feel good, because we’re all connected. We are all one. So, if we’re all connected and we put somebody else down … that doesn’t feel good. If we put ourselves down, that doesn’t feel good either.

So, authenticity is what came to me. And I think it’s so critical to just be who you are.

I want to read to you how the word authentic is defined. It says: Not false or copied, genuine, real, representing one’s true nature or beliefs, true to oneself or to the person that’s being identified.

Authenticity … it’s about presence. And it’s about being in the moment. And it’s about confidence and it’s about connection. It’s about vulnerability and it’s about love. And when you are an authentic person or when you’re around people that are authentic, generally, it’s gonna put you at ease. It’s going to cause you to feel more comfortable in your own skin. Not because they’re doing something to you, but oftentimes when we show up one particular way, we automatically support, allow, and encourage others to be able to show up in that way as well.

Authenticity. It is, in this day and age I think, it is the thing that is so needed.

Here’s a few thoughts/ideas that I had about what being authentic means … what authenticity is … and how you can be more authentic, for yourself and in the world.

Here we go: Qualities of Being Authentic.

Number one: Somebody who is just themself. They are true to themselves; they honor themselves. They listen to themselves. They listen to that inner guidance, regardless of who’s around.

Number two: Somebody that is authentic, I believe, is open-minded. They are fair to other people. They see a variety of different perspectives. The way that they see the world is not closed, with everything having to be a particular way. They are someone who allows new ways of seeing things and new ways of doing things. They don’t look for the differences but look for the similarities.  An authentic person is someone, I believe, that in their open-mindedness, it reminds or triggers in the people they’re around to step into their ability to be open-minded too. It reminds others to show up in that open-minded space.

Number three: Authentic people live in the moment. They’re present; paying attention. They’re there, they’re open, they’re connected, but they are present. They’re living in the moment and they are hearing you. They are expressing themselves in this moment. They’re not just stuck in the future. They’re not stuck in the past. They’re in this present moment experiencing life.

Number four: Being kind. Most people that are authentic are kind and respectful to others most of the time because they’ve already gone through that challenge for themselves … meaning they’ve experienced people being unkind. They’ve experienced the lack of respect because they might feel different or be different.  So, they are kind. They talk kindly to people and they walk their talk. They tend to be more positive in their perspective of things … and with that positivity, it kind of exudes this gentle, kind heart.

Number five: Authentic people are aware. They are aware of their thoughts. They are aware of the energy that they bring to an environment. They are aware of the intentions that they have. They’re aware of the way that they show up in the world and take responsibility for how they show up in it. They are mindful. They’re aware of the thoughts, of their thinking, of the the intentions they have … which of course, then the ripple effect of that is, that affects everyone in a more positive way.

So those are the little messages that came to me when I thought about being authentic

Do you show up authentically? Do you feel like you have to be somebody different for the people around you? Are you a chameleon? Do you tend to show up one way with one group of people and another way with another group of people? Are you someone who acts like this out here in the world and at home acts completely different?

I want you to think about authenticity and just owning who you are and being okay with it.

And if people are uncomfortable, then they’re uncomfortable and that’s not yours. Because if somebody is feeling a certain way, it’s not because of you that they’re feeling that way – because that’s inside of them, right? So, if you trigger something, that’s inside of them; it’s their issue, not yours.

Authenticity is you showing up and just being you and not changing who you are because of other people’s opinions, other people’s ideas. It’s not always easy. You’re going to have moments where you show up like who you used to be … but the more that you practice it, the better you do, and the more real you become. And the more real you are, the more you automatically inspire others to be real themselves and to be who they are.

Because you know … when you are trying to keep up all these masks, trying to hold on to and keep everybody happy … you can’t be happy yourself. It’s a juggling act and we’ve all done it.

We’ve all done it.

So, time to take the masks off. Time to just step in own your power, be authentic, express your vulnerability in healthy ways.

Take a step today… share with me in the comments below. Let me know your authentic self in your words below. It could be any of these aspects I’ve touched on…

How do you describe authenticity? Is it something that you look for? Do you ever get stuck by focusing on some of these other things and have that sense of not feeling good enough? Do you get into the comparison of you versus them?

Be True to Yourself my friend! Much Love and Blessings to YOU!



9 thoughts on “Authenticity”

  1. I’ve always been different. Perhaps my childhood abuse made me not really care about other people’s options of me…I figure that’s their issue. I’ve had a saying since I was little, “Smile, it’s just me!”. And that’s all I can or want to be.
    I pick up right away if I am not being true to my “self” and correct it even if I am alone. You know like I think something that’s not nice, I will stop and ask myself, “ why?”.

    Although, I do wear many hats. Yet, each one is a part of me. Like me teaching to children is different than when I’m teaching adults.

    I actually feel heartache for those who aren’t true to themselves and aren’t ready to let their true beauty shine. There are so many beautiful people that have no idea yet how beautiful they are, they’re stuck thinking that appearance or status makes them important, accepted, confident, which tends to blind them from their truth.

    Okay, I’m rambling lol

    Smile it’s just me, loving you

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      Thank you for sharing and spreading your light with those in need of love and support! You are a lighthouse!! 🙂

  2. christine l ferreira

    That m
    Thank you for being you. You brought to my attention the way that I have lived my life through being a person pleaser putting others before me. Because I wanted to be loved and felt I wasn’t good enough. Now I understand that I am ok and we are all one.loveing myself for who I am. I’ll connect with Spirf and ask for guidance. I want to be able to share with others my truths without fear of being judged. Love and Light

    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      What others see in you is a reflection from within themselves… good or not so good! You be who you are and those who are in alignment with you will be drawn to your light! Thank you for sharing my friend!

  3. Loved this❤️ I appreciate you and thank you. Being more authentic has been a goal of mine the last couple of years. In fact each am I ask my guardian Angels and those for whom I will encounter that day for help with that. I ask to be authentic with compassion.

    My dislike for conflict and comparing sometimes gets in the way. My social anxiety and social awkwardness have been hard for me over the years but I am learning to embrace my quirks and catch myself when I compare myself to others with more friends or followers. One thing I realize is that as an introvert I prefer a smaller group of friends and too many would be exhausting for me.i am an idealist and although I am quiet I care deeply. Resilience is a strength of my as well as being empathetic.

    Being authentic is not saying yes when u mean no. It is not over explaining or being a pleaser all of which I have done in the past. It is telling the truth even if it turns people away. Being authentic respectful for yourself and others. Being nice but inauthentic is not kind or loving behavior; it is acting out of fear. Being vulnerable is brave and the way to connection.

    Ok that’s my 2 cents.


    1. Sunny Dawn Johnston

      Being who you are, remembering your words have power and using your words to serve the highest good is being authentic and in integrity. Thank you for sharing my friend!

  4. I’m so glad you speak your Truth, which resonates with me very deeply. Spirit keeps drawing me back to you, so at some point I will meet you in person. In the meantime, we are meeting in Spirit and on the same Vibe. Thank you for being your authentic self to model the process for others. Blessings. Amen.

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