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Are you ready to DETOX YOUR LIFE?

Are you ready to DETOX YOUR LIFE? Join me for a 2016 Detox with Sunny Dawn Johnston “Well-Being for the WHOLE Self”
Detox = “A process or period of time in which one abstains or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances.”
Do you have areas in your life that you need to detox, release, or let go?
Join Sunny Dawn Johnston and the Sunlight Community as we Rally Together in Support of Each Other
in an All Encompassing 44-Day Detox Program for Well-Being of the WHOLE Self
Starts Friday January 1, 2016
This will be an opportunity to receive support, encouragement, and connection with like-minded people working towards releasing and replacing toxic habits.
The “deets” for the Detox:
Beginning 1/1/16, you will receive an early morning email with the Detox of the Day.
Each day will be focused on a different area of life.
You will be supported by Sunny, her awesome team and the entire Sunlight community.
There will be a Facebook community page as well as live calls, webcasts and periscopes by SDJ. You will have your very own cheerleaders as you move through the releasing of the things that no longer serve your mind, body and spirit.
PSS: Please tag anyone you think might benefit from knowing about this program right in the comments section. Make sure you register and share:) Our goal is to create a community of 1111 people or moreI’d love to hear your comments. Please share below – SDJ

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