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Are You Looking for the Presence?

The Holidays are coming! It is getting cooler outside, and we begin the time of year where we share gifts with those that we love … whether the gift be a present, or our presence, the Holidays are a time that we truly focus on love and joy. The Spirit world also likes to join in on the celebration by giving us gifts. They bring us so many gifts throughout the year that oftentimes we mistake them as coincidence, or we simply ignore them. For example, have you ever wondered if there is any spiritual symbolic significance to always finding ‘dimes’ or ‘pennies’ everywhere?
Finding change around … any kind of change, quarters, dimes, whatever … is a sign from the Spirit world. It is their way of letting us know that they are around. Just a simple “hello” or “I am with you”. Once you come to realize this, you will feel and know their presence more often in your daily lives. Many people have shared with me their stories about finding particular coins over and over again after the transition of a loved one or during a very challenging time in their lives. After recognizing the gift they had received, they felt blessed to know their loved ones were around. Some people have even found piles of change in strange places. Again, a beautiful reminder, a “present” from the Spirit world!
There is also another message that I believe is very important. Finding change is also a way the Universe reminds us to trust. On all currency, it says “In God We Trust”. How are you doing with trust? At the moment that you spot the coins (gifts from heaven) think about where your thoughts are. Are you trusting the universe or are you creating fear and worry with your thoughts? I believe that each time I find a coin, it is Spirit’s way of saying, “Hello! Just checking in to see where you are today. Remember to create out of love! Remember to be Present!”. I usually smile or giggle to myself, pick up the coin, and thank the Universe (Spirit, the Divine, Source Energy, God of your understanding) for the reminder to be “present”!

Presence is the greatest gift we can give … and receive – SDJ♥

During this season of giving, remember to allow yourself to receive as well … the signs, the message, the insights from your loved ones in Spirit … Enjoy the presence of Spirit in YOUR life and the beautiful messages the Universe brings to you daily!
I’d love to hear how Spirit has spoken to you through change. Please share in the comments below 🙂
Wishing you an abundance of awareness of the signs from Spirit … all around you – SDJ

7 thoughts on “Are You Looking for the Presence?”

  1. I worked at McDonnell Douglas Helicopter company as a commercial artist. I was in a large room with about 12 other artists. Every time you into the room you pass a counter. People always standing around. For weeks I eyed the penny in the corner. Nobody picked it up. So finally one day I picked it up. Everyone looked at me like I was cursed. One of the clerks told me that is was heads down and that means bad luck and sure enough the next day I was laid-off.
    I told my husband about this cause he would watch me vacuum around a penny to avoid picking it up. So, he would go around turning pennies over so they would be good luck. After he passed and I had cleaned out the car. I left a heads down penny. When I went back to the car, it was heads up.

  2. I have a collection of coins that have been sent to me over the years. On several occasions I have found 2 pennies together. When that happens, I know it’s my dad. He used to say things like, “that’s my 2 cents” when offering his opinion on something, or he would say, “ you have to put 2 and 2 together.” The day I found 2 cents on the floor of my car, and then 2 cents on the passenger seat was the day I KNEW my dad was looking out for me.

  3. My grandmother taught me to pick up a penny on the ground and that it meant God was watching over me. And had me read the words on them, In God We Trust. Years later I helped get a large fountain into the office where I worked in the banking industry and then would purchase rolls of pennies to give out to customers and their children to make a wish by putting one in the fountain. Those pennies were then gathered and given to the Make A Wish foundation to help others. I also give coins found as gifts to the Salvation Army red buckets, too. It feels good to give and then to receive, too. Thank you for these good memories from reading what you wrote to us all today!

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