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Appreciation & Gratitude

Appreciation & Gratitude
What is the difference? This is something I have thought about many times … is there a difference between gratitude and appreciation and, if so, what is it?
It has been something that has always stuck with me … this feeling that they are so similar, yet different. As I tuned in and asked Spirit for guidance, I understood what the difference was for me. I FEEL appreciation more than I do gratitude. I am sure, because I am clairsentient (a feeler), that it makes it different for me than for someone who is Clairvoyant (a seer) or Clairaudient (a hearer). I always knew appreciation “felt” different … deeper to me, but I wasn’t sure why.
So, I did a check. According to the dictionary, the definitions of the two words are:
The state of being grateful; warm and friendly feeling toward a benefactor; kindness awakened by a favor received; thankfulness.
Recognition of the quality, value, significance, or magnitude of people and things; A rise in value; — opposed to depreciation; Accurate perception; true estimation; as, an appreciation of the difficulties before us; an appreciation of colors.
This helped me to understand too, that for me gratitude feels like something I do or have after something is received. I have gratitude for that gift or gesture. Appreciation is something I feel, whether something is received or not. I appreciate the stars in the sky, I appreciate the beauty of the world. It doesn’t have to be given to me, in order for me to appreciate it.
I feel like I can be grateful for something in my life without really appreciating it. Like there is this very subtle shift from gratitude to appreciation … I believe the shift is in presence. When we are more aware in the present moment we then begin to generate the feelings of appreciation.
For example, I can be grateful for the salad I am eating for dinner. However, I could go even further into presence and appreciate its value through its aroma, taste, nutrition, and preparation. If you pay close attention, you’ll feel a very subtle difference between being grateful, and being thankful or appreciative.
To me, the difference is subtle, but to the universe I think the difference is obvious. Gratitude is felt after you get what you want … however, you have appreciation for what you have been given … even if it’s not what you asked for.
Can you appreciate something that you didn’t ask for? Some kind of life experience that feels like an overwhelming situation … like the loss of a marriage, the sickness of a close friend or the death of a loved one?
I know it’s hard … we all have things happen that we don’t want. I believe the key is to be present in the moment to truly find appreciation … and in that, you will also find forgiveness. You just have to stay connected to the source within you (the God of your understanding). We didn’t ask for the challenges to happen, not consciously anyway. Yet, if we can appreciate them as opportunities to learn and evolve as spiritual beings, then we can move forward in greater appreciation of all that we are. Appreciation appreciates everything it touches.
Envy-is-a-symptom-of-lack-of-appreciation-of-our-uniqueness-and-self-worthHow does appreciation and gratitude feel to you, are they the same, different… I’d love to hear your comments. Please share below – SDJ
In Appreciation for all that you are and gratitude that you and I have crossed paths on this beautiful journey we call life 🙂 🙂 🙂
– Sunny Dawn Johnston
PS: I’d love to share with you a great message on gratitude vs. appreciation. Not that you have to pick one … they are both fabulous … this just might bring into clarity what I am trying to say with written words.
Enjoy –
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