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Appreciation Appreciates

Over the past couple of days, I have felt a new sense of appreciation … Deeper, stronger, just more intense.
Why, I wondered?
Nothing has really changed … there is no one thing that I can say is different in my life. I am generally a grateful person, thankful of all that I am, all that I will be, and all that I have in my life …
ABUNDANCE of it all …
The list goes on and on
And, then I realized …
The reason I was feeling more gratitude … more appreciation … was because I was taking the time to intend it more consciously and receive it. I began, in my meditation practice, giving thanks for all I have to appreciate and all that is coming (which I do daily) … and instead of stopping there … I chose to stay in it a bit longer and feel it. Feel appreciative … Feel the energy of appreciation, gratitude and thankfulness.
Appreciation Appreciates 🙂
Join me today in sharing in the comments something you appreciate … it will bring more of it to you …
In Appreciation of you ~ Sunny Dawn Johnston

9 thoughts on “Appreciation Appreciates”

  1. I am grateful every day for my home. It has been a really long time since I have had a place where I feel safe, happy, at peace, secure and free. This home means everything to me and most of all …no one to tell me what to do, how to live or to leave. This will never happen again and for this I give daily thanks. I am filled with appreciation and gratitude for my family, friends, ability to create art, the breath I breathe each day, my pets who love me unconditionally and for the journey I am on to better myself.

  2. I currently epitomize powerlessness which has allowed me to appreciate not only the assistance, prayers, thoughts and love of others but really appreciate the simple things I had taken for granted. Walking, talking and DRIVING to name a few. Although I must say my greatest appreciation would be for my wife Ellen who has never once complained while attending to my every need.

  3. I am so grsteful for the ability to travel to beautuful places and spend time with some amazing people. I am grateful to sunny and her team for willing to share their knowledge and experiences to help all of us. I am very grateful for my family and special friends. Life is so besutiful.

  4. I am full of appreciation for the time I have had to heal and grow spiritually…the last few years have been some of the hardest years in my life but I am probably the most at peace…full of gratitude to everyone and everything that has showed up in my life to be part of the experiences that have brought me to this point!!

  5. Every morning I talk to the Lord and the universe and give thanks for Everything. I then send out love and healing to surround the earth and beyond. I love the vibration/energy that I feel in doing that. That just verifies for me that it is being received…a kind of acknowledgement and I know that I am making a difference. I’m so grateful to be able to serve….WHAT AN HONOR!!!

  6. I am GRATEFUL for my life as it is today, hard lessons have taught me valuable life lessons….. I know choose to learn my life lessons with grace, joy and ease…… LIFE IS GOOD❤️

  7. I too am thankful for the lovely home we live in. I am also appreciative of the knowledge to be able to work with my computer, to still be able to learn new things, and to be accepted for employment.

  8. I am so thankful for my home. While that may sound very materialistic…over the last few years I have had to move a lot. I finally feel as if I have a forever home and i feel gratitude everyday for it. I’m very blessed!!

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