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An intuitive reading facilitates communication with your Angels, Guides and Teachers. Their messages are always loving and positive, offering you guidance, inspiration, comfort, and hope. The Angel cards (sometimes used in the reading) confirm in a physical way the messages your Angels have been communicating to you. A reading gives you guidance, comfort and support and is always of love! It is a great way to get validation on feelings, intuitions and emotions that are going on in your present day human experience.

Working with me is different than working with a regular psychic. My purpose is not generally to give “predictions”. Although that is part of my work, I am more interested in assisting in your growth and connecting with your true desires. My belief is that in order to create the life you want you need to go within and find your own answers. I am here to support and guide you along your personal path… to manifest a FANTASTIC life full of Peace, Love and Light!

If you are looking for predictions of the future versus help on your spiritual path then you might want to find another helper. If you are ready to trust your intuition and “do” the work , then let’s go! I suggest that you go within and listen to your intuition and guidance, it won’t steer you wrong. If you feel guided to me or feel that spirit has brought you to me for a reason, then let’s talk. I look forward to working with you…if/when our paths cross.

An appointment can be done over the phone. I will call you for your appointment so you avoid the extra cost of a long distance phone call, unless it is an international call.  Appointment fees are: 15 minute appointment $75, 1/2 hour appointment $125, and a 45 minute appointment is $200.

To set up an appointment, please email or call the office at (602)375-6788 or schedule online 24/7. I have varying hours and appointments are often booked 6 – 12 weeks in advance. My availability is limited to weekday daytime hours, with the last appointment ending by 6:30 pm Arizona time. I don’t see clients on the weekends, unless it is through a, workshop, speaking event, class or retreat.

Due to my extremely busy calendar, if you are a first time client, you must pre-pay in order to confirm your appointment.  Payment options are:

  • Over the phone with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express, simply call the office at 602-375-6788
  • Pay online using Pay Pal. Our PayPal address is or you can pay online here.

If you choose to have a phone reading, it is imperative for payment to be made prior to the appointment to ensure the confirmation of your appointment.