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Angel Story By Debra O'Connor

I was at the end of my 29 year only marriage. It had been o.k. for many years in the beginning because I tolerated my husband who had many issues and felt sorry for him in part due to his upbringing. Even though he came from a fairly well off family whose parents had come from very well to do families. He and his siblings had been raised by two only children (their parents) that were very selfish. He was very abusive, not so much physically as he was mentally. He thrived on negative attention and a negative atmosphere. He cared about no one and nothing but himself, very narcissistic. Anyway, enough about him and on to my story. At this point, I was through with life I wanted to die and was considering suicide, really. I was finished as men in general, my entire life, had been a disappointment to me. Parents also but in spite of all of this I had kept a certain strength that got me through and I continued to be true to myself only and a happy person that enjoyed life, very much. Until now, I could not take anymore, I was tired and had lost faith in people. One night I was lying in bed in the guest bedroom where I now slept and I was crying so hard that I thought my chest would burst. As I lay there in the dark with my arms out and my hands turned up, I felt a light touch on the inside of my hand and then as lightly someone held my hand and I heard a gentle swish not really a voice but something soothing. At first I was startled and opened my eyes, looked around, no one in the room but when I looked back up at the ceiling there was a slight light behind something flowing that would be caused from a light wind. I suddenly felt a wave of peace go through me and I went to sleep. After that everything seemed to happen in a rush for me. I was not making much money and had been used to 2 incomes during my entire marriage. I got a new job through a temp agency I was working with that was full-time. I had a large dog and found an apartment that took bigger dogs at a reasonable rate, got approved to move in quickly. I traded my car in on a new one and got enough cash back to move, buy some pieces of furniture that I needed and pay to get movers. Within a month’s time I was laying on my new mattress on the floor of the new apartment I had just moved into looking up at the dark ceiling again. This time I was a little scared as I realized that I was alone and would I be o.k. with my bills and such. Then all of a sudden I was happy for the first time in years knowing that I would be just fine on my own!! I discovered I would be just fine and I did not need to rely on a man or any other person to have a happy life. I could do this as I really always had. I was the one person I could depend on.

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