Angel Story By Jodie Harvala

Long ago at one of my first psychic readings I was told that one of my guardian angels was Gabriel, that he stood to the left of me and was always there to help me. At this point I was very new to this work and although I felt comfort I was still a little skeptical. I remember leaving and being excited about the reading and what was shared but also wondering about this guide I was told about. I went back to my office and the phone rang. I answered my typical “Hello”, and who I was, the person asked to talk to my co-worker Renae, and I said “sure can I let her know who this is?”” Yes”.. long pause… This is Gabriel! WHAT? Who is this??? I almost fell off my chair. This is not a common name where I live and in fact I had never heard the name before in my office at the time. “Jodie, This is Gabriel”, he said. I put him on hold and let my co-worker answer her call and sat in shock for at least an hour at what a direct sign that had been. That has stayed with me for over 15 years. I can still feel him at my side.

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