Angel Stories By Chara Brock

I’ve had many Angel encounters in my lifetime. Many in daily life and many in the vivid dreams I’ve had and have. I’ve had a Angel take me places and show me things in my dreams. One of the most Beautiful vivid dreams was last year when I was taken to the Garden of Memories. I was shown how memories work and how they only collect and save the good memories. We spoke to each other with only our minds. The Garden of Memories was so beautiful. I could actually feel the grass, the trees, the flowers, the water flowing, and the birds, I could even feel the sounds, everything. I could even feel all the beautiful vivid colors. The colors were more rich in color than anything I’ve ever seen here on earth. I was there most all night it seemed. The Angel said I’ve got to take you back, its time. A lot more to this dream and the next but a few details on this one. My mother died March 25th this year and before her death I was thinking, concerned, worried if death was painful. I did not want my mother to be in pain. So one night while sleeping I had a Angel come to me, reached out and got my hand pulled me out of my body, I was sitting up in the bed, I turned around and seen my husband sleeping and could see myself sleeping. And the Angel said, Chara, it’s that easy, no pain at all. So don’t worry anymore about death, now it’s time to lay back down. I’m going to share a real encounter when I was around the age of 5 years old. I’m 54 years old now and I was told as a child I was very important, I had a special gift and I would make a difference in many lives when I grew up. I’m not sure when this will happen because it hasn’t shown up yet or maybe I took the wrong path in life, I really don’t know.
When I was around 5 years old we moved to a country house surrounded by lots of woods. One morning my mother was busy so I decided on my own that I would go into the woods and adventure out. I wandered in the woods for a while when it opened up to a huge beautiful pond. I got so excited because I love being with water. When I would see water I loved laying on my stomach staring into the water at my reflection, it was very relaxing and calming to me and seemed to always take me somewhere in the distance. As I got within steps of the water I seen someone (Now I know it was an Angel) come down, float down, glide down on the other side of the pond. As the Angel glided around the pond to come close to me instead of feeling fearful all I could feel was love, kindness, care and being safe. The Angel came to me as a child or child like, almost as small like me. I’m thinking if it had come as an adult I would have been scared of the stranger. And if it had just popped in looking at me I would have been scared also. But as it slowly glided around the pond towards me she/he was talking to me, with thoughts. I could actually feel the words in me, in my heart and mind. The Angel was telling me how much I was loved, how important I was to this life and the lives of others, how special I was and that I had a very special gift that would make a difference in the lives of others as I grew up. If something ever happened to me it would change the lives of so many people. The Angel had me promise that I would never wander off like that again without my mother or father with me. The Angel told me that my mother at this moment was searching for me and she needed me back home. I had no clue that I was lost or that I was in any danger. I think now that maybe being so young around water I might have been in danger and the Angel saved me. The Angel explained to me that she/he was going to take me to a safe place so I could be found and taken back home. The Angel held my hand and talked to me the whole way. Telling me the importance of my life, the special gift I had, the difference in the lives my life and gift will be to others. The Angel spoke a lot about love and how much I was loved. The Angel took me to the road and had me promise that I would go in the direction they sent me so I could be found. As I walked down the road and would look back I could still see the Angel. Once I got up the hill my mother seen me and came to get me. As I looked back at that moment the Angel was gone.
For some odd reason as a small child I could understand everything the Angel said to me. I could feel all the words spoken to me. I can still feel the colors of the Angel. The Angel had a special glow, light, shine about it when it came down. I can still feel all the love and kindness and the safe feeling of the Angel. I have never forgotten that experience and replay it in my mind often. Actually I was sitting just the other day thinking of that experience with that Angel.
I have had so many experiences in my life with Angels in daily life. Hearing them speak to me and in my dreams. And so many details, feelings. I think I know the gift I had and I’m sure it’s still there somewhere but it was pushed away when I was younger because I didn’t know what it was. Now since I know I’m not sure how to get it back again. But anyways, this is one experience.

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