I began having conscious experiences with the spirit world as a young teenager.

I had felt them for many years, but I was not really aware of what I was feeling and didn’t really understand it. The experiences were infrequent; I knew I felt a presence, but beyond that I didn’t have a clue.

One of the first experiences I can remember with the spirit world was at age thirteen.

I awoke at one in the morning to a brilliant, glowing being hovering above my bed. But I wasn’t afraid, because the peaceful energy that emanated from this glow felt like pure love. I soaked it up and felt calm and supported as I drifted back to sleep. When I woke in the morning, I thought to myself, “OK, that was not normal. What could that have been?”

I went downstairs and told my mom about the experience, and she told me that it was my guardian angel.

It made sense to me, even though I had never even thought about having a guardian angel. It just felt right. She also went on to share with me that earlier that night she had come into my room and prayed over me. She had asked God and the angels to surround me and protect me as she had been worried about my emotional state. Once she said that, I realized that I had awakened to the manifestation of her prayers. This experience opened my eyes and piqued my curiosity.

I wanted to know more, to experience more. I wanted to feel that serenity and unconditional love again.

It was shortly after that experience that the Lady on the Stairs showed up in my house.

She would turn the TV on and off, change the radio station to a song I was thinking about, and pop movies in and out of the VCR. I thought I was nuts. I had felt her since we had moved into the house earlier that year. There was a presence. I didn’t know what else to call it or how else to describe it. At first it kind of freaked me out, so I didn’t talk about it. And no one else talked about it either, which is why I really did think I was crazy. But then my little brother, five years old at the time, told me about the Lady on the Stairs. Although he was eight years younger than I was, I knew he was telling me this so that I would believe in my connection with the Afterlife.

When I finally asked my mom about this Lady on the Stairs,

she said she believed that the lady I described was the woman who lived in the house many years ago, when it was first built. Although she did not die in the house, she loved that home. It was love that called her back to this home, and it was the memories of love that caused her to choose to spend her time there. Not all of her time, but certainly enough time that we named her the Lady on the Stairs. She was never scary to us, but to others—well, let’s just say the hair on the back of their necks would raise for some unknown reason as they ran up the stairs. We always knew it was the Lady on the stairs.

Now, some thirty plus years later I serve as a bridge between the two worlds,

offering validation through readings and classes that not only does the spirit world exist, but that the soul is eternal and the love never ends. When your physical body dies, the love lives on, not only in the memories you have of your dearly departed, but in your day-today experiences (visits) with their spirits. The love that they have for you is evident in your everyday life, if you can just learn their new language.

Over the years, I have found that many people struggle

to trust their connection with the spirit world. Some were never taught about the spirit world, so they just didn’t know. Others were scared of the unknown and some were taught that it was bad or evil. If you are finding yourself in this same place right now— knowing you have gifts, knowing that your loved ones are with you, seeing the signs, feeling their presence… but you are letting fear hold you back—then I believe I can help you.

I can help you to learn to trust, understand and develop your connection with the spirit world.

You HAVE the gift. We all do. If you have a heart connection with someone in the spirit world, you are the perfect medium to connect with them… if you can get focused enough and still enough to truly BE in the energy with them.

I have done thousands of readings as a psychic medium, taught hundreds of classes on the Afterlife, Mediumship and Psychic Investigation and through them all I have witness miracles time after time after time. One of my greatest joys and challenges emotionally has been doing mediumship readings and working missing person cases in order to offer resolution and healing for people. An even greater gift came when i began teaching people how to do what I do… and witnessing the miracles and excitement in their eyes and hearts when they made the “connection” with their loved ones. Whether you talk to the Afterlife, dream about them, feel them, see them, or hear their messages; YOU are connecting with them. Part of my job… and joy… is to help you consciously connect with them… YOURSELF!!  This is my real PASSION. To teach YOU how to connect with YOUR loved ones in Spirit.

If you are looking for a medium to connect with a deceased loved one for you, Yes, I can help.

And… If you want your questions answered, so as to learn and understand more about the Afterlife, I can help you too. If you are ready to learn how to CONNECT with the Afterlife Yourself. You are ready to learn tools and techniques to see, hear, feel, and know their presence is REALLY there, then my books, courses, classes and mentoring can help you too.