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A short comment on Cecil the Lion… by SDJ

I received an email the day after the news came out about beautiful Cecil the lion. In it, I was asked by a friend and colleague to share a few words, in some way, about seemingly senseless tragedies like the one with Cecil the Lion. She was having a hard time wrapping her head around it.
I meant to address this at the time, but my family had our own personal tragedy a few short days later so I never got around to it. My answer is simple.. and I do believe it wholeheartedly. Although late, I thought I would share with you.. and maybe help you to re-frame as well. Below is our email exchange and my immediate guided response. I’ll be calling my colleague Cathy:)
Cathy’s initial email:
I know you are like me and don’t give attention to the tragedy that goes on in the world knowing it just perpetuates more of it. Normally I’m pretty good at deflecting that as I have Abraham in my head.
However, I’m really having a hard time with Cecil the Lion being killed…this big game hunting makes zero sense to me.
I’m just curious if there is call/webinar or something you could do to help people stay in a space of love when seemingly senseless things happen. I can certainly tell myself that good will come from this tragedy but thought you could say it with more heart and eloquence….because right now I am NOT feeling love to the man who is smiling over this beautiful animal he killed…. having a hard time reframing this one.
My response.. not so eloquent, but simple:
Cecil chose to teach, through this experience, as did the man (unknowingly). Now thousands are coming together to stand up and make a change…
Thanks for that reminder!!
I often use the example that John Walsh’s son being murdered at the age of 10 was horrific and tragic. And yet due to that his father helped create finger printing of kids and creating a database that has certainly saved hundreds if not thousands of kids. I do believe that was Tim’s (his sons) mission this time around.
Thank you Cecil for your service and knowing you are whole and well in this moment.
My response:
Yup.. exactly… souls choose the perfect divine way to leave. Not ego’s way… people forget that.. and they don’t even know how to wrap their head around it..
Well I am grateful your soul chose to teach people through it 🙂 xo
Final comment today –
I wanted to share this with you for two reasons.. One, I was asked to…Two, I think we all need a reminder. All tragedies, from our human experience and perspective are our souls expansion from spirit perspective.
Everything happens for a reason..and we don’t get to pick our everythings. As hard as that can be to trust, I truly believe that. A couple other things I know to be true, for me, even in my own time of sadness and tragedy:

  • Love is always the answer
  • Trust in the process of the Universe.
  • Everything is always happening for your highest and greatest good
  • There are No Mistakes
  • The physical body leaves at divine time… always!
  • You can spend a lifetime to try to understand something that is not understandable from the human perspective. Trust the journey.. it is much less aggravating and detrimental to your mind, body and soul.

All my love my friends. Thank you Cathy, for asking the question:) I’d love to hear your comments. Please share below – SDJ
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25 thoughts on “A short comment on Cecil the Lion… by SDJ”

  1. You’re amazing Sunny and certainly one of my greatest teachers! Just loveeeeeeeeeee your BRIGHT LIGHT and HUGE HEART!!! Feeling blessed to be sharing this planet with you. Namaste

  2. I am struggling with the gun culture, and the daily shootings in the US, as well as the mass shootings. Many have given to show the lesson and there have been some changes, altho few. What will it take?

  3. Thank you Sunny! I too have had a hard time with this even though I know that Cecil chose this experience. Your words help me to remember to see it from the perspective of spirit again and remember the higher lesson as well <3

  4. I have had feelings, on both sides. I used to hunt (not big game) and have not for almost two decades. To me it is not sport….I have the gun. I would rather observe and take pictures anyway. I appreciate the reminder, SDJ, that although I do not have to like what is going on in the world…standing in judgment of it and those involved impedes my ability to acquire the lesson. And, that is truly a tragedy.

  5. As an animal advocate and involved in rescue, I’ve seen my share of horrific situations of animal abuse and senseless killing. As hard as it is wrap my head around someone wanting to kill such a majestic animal for trophy purposes, I agree with Sunny that “Cecil chose to teach through this experience, as did the man”. So when we see such situations as this and are outraged, there can only be a shift to enlightenment and change of what we can do to make a difference. My belief is that the animals are some of our greatest teachers if we take the time to learn from them. They are pure positive energy, they live in the moment. Cecil achieved his calling and the world is listening.

  6. Your blog really resonates with me but i have to admit that I always feel hatred for anyone who is cruel to any animal. Regarding the higher purpose that we can rarely be aware of I recently read a true story called “A Dog Called Dez” the man in it is by his own admission an absolute disaster, he is a thief, an alcoholic, a druggie, and doesn’t really care for anyone but himself. Then overnight he goes blind but strangely this is the making of him. Guide Dogs For The Blind bring him a black Lab named Dez and it is immediate reciprocal love. Now he has someone to care about and boy oh boy does he care for Dez. Today he is a changed man. He cleaned up his act and tours the country lecturing and raising funds for Guide Dogs For the Blind and was finally awarded a Life Changing Award at the Guide Dogs ceremony. So now out of tragedy a man has found his way and his soul is all the richer for it to say nothing of Dez.

  7. The timliness of your email is impecable as I am experiencing an “unwarranted” attack on my character. By your words, I’m assurred that my response is indeed appropriate towards this attack “trusting the process of the universe and journey” is my greatest peace of mind that allows me extend grace, compassion, forgiveness and love.
    •Love is always the answer
    •Trust in the process of the Universe.
    •Everything is always happening for your highest and greatest good
    •There are No Mistakes
    •The physical body leaves at divine time… always!
    •You can spend a lifetime to try to understand something that is not understandable from the human perspective. Trust the journey.. it is much less aggravating and detrimental to your mind, body and soul.

  8. Thank you for taking the time to help us all deal with this issue, and how we can learn and grow and let go of the negative aspects that cloud our minds,
    and instead, put a silver lining on any cloud that comes out and tries to hide the Sun which brings us a joyful new beginning of each and every day.

  9. Thank you, ‘Cathy’, and thank you so much, Sunny, for responding to this! I have been having a difficult time with this, as well, and it is a great reminder that everything happens for a reason and to TRUST in The Divine. How amazing of a soul was Cecil to teach the world so many lessons! So grateful to you, Sunny and to Cecil. I have been swept up in my own anger and judgment of the situation and have learned to not let it consume me and to live and let live. Much love! ~Jewels~

  10. Thank you for the message as I too was having a very hard time dealing with this senseless killing. Even though it has served its purpose by bringing peoples attention to the senseless killing of beautiful animals it is still very very sad and hard to get your head around. Once again thank you for your message.

  11. thank you for this.. yes.. it is all to teach .. there is always a higher purpose in everything.. and all souls are here to teach us.. For our own souls to heal and grow.. learn and expand.. and always with love. We humans forget this sometimes.. We get consumed by fear and anger.. and judgement. We must remember the higher lessons in everything and adjust our course and to trust ourself means we trust GOD that all is well and as it should be .. thank you for being one of the most amazing teachers and for always being here for us even during your own tragedies… much love to you.

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